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Koupili jste si jednu nebo více letenek od Lufthansa a ocitli jste v nepříjemné situaci: let byl zpožděn, zrušen nebo Vám byl odepřen nástup na palubu? Stále nevíte, jestli máte nárok na odškodnění?

Můžete získat až 600 € od Lufthansa. AirAdvisor Vám usnadní nárok na odškodnění. Jestli se nám podaří zajistit odškodnění, účtujeme si 30% z částky, kterou obdržíte od letecké společnosti.. Nicméně, tento poplatek účtujeme jen při úspěšném získání odškodnění.

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Délka Vaší cesty a doba Lufthansa zpoždění určuje výši kompenzace, kterou můžete požadovat.



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Maddalena z Německo
December 19, 2020, 12:43 pm

I recently flew (or tried to fly) a return trip Turin-Munich and had a number of issues. I am very disappointed with your customer service and your ticketing service, there was one hiccup after the other and I felt very much unwelcome to fly with you. Let’s start from the beginning: I booked an LH ticket via on 07.09, please see attached. Went to airport Turin and the flight had been cancelled. Surprise ! I was not informed and on my Volagratis account the flight still looked confirmed - it seems Lufthansa had not informed the agency and consequently I was also not informed. The person at the Lufthansa counter brushed off the topic saying “it happens” when booking via third party agencies. What a service ! I would like ask for a 250€ refund for this flight cancellation, I had to get a family member to bring me back and forth to the airport and missed an important work meeting. Also had to call the hotline several times. I would like to talk about the experience with the customer service: First call is with the Italian customer service to rebook my flight for the next day; at this point I also decide to move my return flight from the 18th to the 25th October. The person in the phone is very kind and quick to sort out the issue. I do receive a booking confirmation, but after 10 minutes a different person calls me back, literally screaming at me that I could not fly the next day due to the different fare and that I could also not change my return flight. I felt very upset, this was absolutely unprofessional behavior and I was shocked that such behavior is accepted within Lufthansa. The phone connection was lost or that person hang up and I so I called again, talking to another person who confirmed my booking. Later on I tried to check in online and my tickets seemed to be not existent, so I called the check in customer service, where they confirmed I had a ticket but said I needed to check in at the counter. Next day at the counter there also seem to be issues giving me a ticket but all Is sorted and the person at the counter reassures me all is in order to the return flight. Today 25th October I went to the counter in Munich and it seems my ticket shows already flown on the 18th October, so I am asked to book another flight and pay for it myself. The person at the ticket office says “maybe” I will be refunded to this ticket. This is clearly Lufthansa’s mistake, yet I am asked to purchase a 350€ ticket without certainty that I will be refunded, it’s just unbelievable !! I walked away and I am now looking for a solution that does not involve Lufthansa, which so far on this trip has only provided me with incorrect and even rude answers. I would like ask for a 250€ refund for this second flight cancellation, I had to take train and taxi to go back home and need to now find an alternative flight/ train to go back to Turin. On top of the monetary costs, these hiccups have cost me and those close to me a lot of back and forth, wasted time and stress. From a health point of view, two unsuccessful trips to the airport are not ideal in the midst of a pandemic. I hope to receive fast answers from you and that my email contributes to improving your service in the future. Best regards, Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Maddalena

Carlos z Portugalsko
December 2, 2020, 9:35 pm

Just at the arrival at the Frankfurt airport, after going through the security, inform all passengers that the next flight "connection between Frankfurt to Hannover" has been cancelled and needed to wait for the next one available.

Ricardo z Lucembursko
November 7, 2020, 1:05 pm

The bar that connects the push back car and the aircraft broke during taxi and damaged something in the aircraft, we all had to disembark and the solution offered was on the next day, this means we arrived in the final destination around 11 hours late (on the next day we supposed to arrive).

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