Compensation and Refund for Ethiopian Airlines delayed or canceled flights

You bought one or more tickets from Ethiopian Airlines and found yourself in an unpleasant situation: the flight was delayed or canceled or denied boarding? Do you still not know if compensation is due in your case?

You could claim up to €600 from Ethiopian Airlines. AirAdvisor makes claiming compensation easy. If we claim your compensation, we charge a fee of 30% from the amount you receive from the airline. However, we get paid only if we successfully claim your compensation on your behalf.

Amount of compensation from Ethiopian Airlines

The length of your trip and the duration of Ethiopian Airlines delay determine the amount of compensation you can claim.



up to 1500 km



from 1500 km up to 3500 km



from 3500 km

How it works

Submit your claim

It only takes minutes to finish it! That way you’ll find out your preliminary eligibility – and the size of the compensation.

We fight for your rights

Our experts will be checking your eligibility in depth, contacting the airlines, working with the authorities and so on.

Receive your compensation

Once we receive the compensation, we will transfer the money to you, minus our fee. You don’t pay if we don’t win.

What happened with Ethiopian Airlines clients

Recent Comments

Pamela. from United Kingdom (Flight cancellation)
December 3, 2020, 10:37 pm

flight cancelled due to technical problems , has to disembark the plane just before take off, put in a hotel overnight then transferred to a different airport Heathrow the next day for a flight to Harare delayed by 27 hours. Arrived Harare on 31/10/2020 instead of the 30th/10/2020. Final destination which is 5 hours away from Harare, I had to find alternative transport to get me home with all the changes as the initial plans were disrupted.

ABDISAMED from Ireland (Flight cancellation)
December 3, 2020, 5:34 pm

Me and my family 7 passengers booking Departure 20 June 2019 since that I got emails ethiopianairnes saying your flights cancelled planning sorry .until rights now I don't have refund real connection I send emails brand Dublin airport offices

Vimbai from United Kingdom (Flight cancellation)
November 27, 2020, 12:32 am

The flight engine was damaged by the stairs or plane ladder whilst they were trying to remove the it for plane to take off. It was my husband who noticed and noticed the Pilot. They tried to solve the issue but unfortunately it wasn't able to be rectified. As a result our flight was cancelled last minute and we were arranged for the next flight the following day via Heathrow. We were going for the wedding on Saturday and unfortunately we missed the wedding and we were very devastated beyond measure.

We'll help you get compensation for last 3 years, if your flight was delayed, cancelled or if you were denied boarding.

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