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We will collect compensation for you for delayed and cancelled flights as well as for other inconveniences caused to your clients, employees or guests during their flights! This includes any flight for the past 3 years.

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We are experts in collecting compensation for disrupted flights.

Our success rate is 98%. More than 10000 customers already trust us!

We do this fast and you don’t need to pay us for this. We are confident that if you have in-house lawyer, then they must be busy. Leave flight compensation cases against airlines for us and you will have no regret!

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  • 380 Airlines



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A win-win (no win no fee) situation lets you claim and receive compensation from airlines, and even sue them if necessary, absolutely free of any expenses.

You don’t need to hire expensive lawyers or take time of your in-house counsel. Our commission is only 25% out of the compensation collected. If the case is rejected, we don’t get paid. Thus, you don’t bear any expense. We save your time and money.

You will also get 24-hours real-time access to your online portal to track the progress and results of your cases in real time.

You can entrust us a portfolio of your cases minimizing your time, money and manpower expenses.

We'll help your clients, employees and partners receive compensation for the past 3 years if their flights were delayed/cancelled or they were denied boarding.

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