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Missed flight due to late connection on your way to or from the UK or Europe? Don’t worry! In many cases, you may claim for missed connecting flights and get up to €600 (£510). 

If your flight arrives at the final destination with a delay of more than 3 hours, you may receive monetary compensation for missed connections. The good news is that your citizenship and residency do not affect your rights - any affected air passenger can seek protection under European law. 

Read on and learn more about what to do when you miss a flight. AirAdvisor can answer all the questions you may have including, can I cancel my connecting flight? or how much EU flight delay compensation for missed connection can I get?


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Claim for missed connecting flight: when does my flight qualify? 

Man is checking if he can get compensation for missed connection

The trips with connecting flights mean that you have to take two or more flights to reach the final destination. If you have missed a connection, you may be entitled to compensation according to the European Regulation EC 261 2004. 

Here are the criteria that your flight shall meet to qualify for EU flight delay compensation for missed connection:

  • all your flights were purchased within a single booking, and you can provide confirmation of reservation
  • you arrived at your final destination with a 3-hour delay or more
  • the flight departed from the UK or EU airport or was operated by a UK or EU airline
  • you missed a flight due to the fault of the airline, not extraordinary circumstances such as a strike of air traffic control or airport employees, natural disasters, civil riots, etc. 
  • you respected a boarding time, making check-in on time (usually, 45 minutes before departure)
  • you claim for missed connection following the deadline


Missed connection? You might have a right to compensation - up to €600 (£510)Check If I Can Get Compensation For Missed Connection 

Can I cancel my connecting flight?

If you book all your journey as part of one reservation then the whole ticket will be cancelled in case of cancelling a connecting flight. This includes the return trip as well. 

You may have to pay a cancellation fee and an additional airfare difference if you need to cancel a flight to rebook another flight. The rules and amounts are different for each airline, so it is better to get in touch with the airline directly for possible options. 


Missed connections: AirAdvisor can get your compensation

You can claim for missed connecting flight if your case meets all the conditions

At AirAdvisor, we are committed to helping all travellers who experience missed flights due to late connections. We know what to do when you miss a flight.

Most affected air passengers are unaware that they can get compensation in case of flight delay or cancellation. And even if they know and are trying to get paid, airlines are reluctant to respond. We can help you get the EU compensation for a delayed flight due to missed connection that is rightfully yours. 

You just need to fill in your flight information and ... relax. We will oversee the entire process: from verifying your eligibility to participate in a dispute with the airline to defending your case in court. No stress and no extra cost on your part.


Claim with AirAdvisor and get up to €600 (£510) compensation. Find out how much you’re owed today.Check My Flight


EU flight delay compensation for missed connection: how much can I get?

Any air passenger may get up to €600 (£510) in compensation for missed flight due to late connection

Any traveller can claim EU flight compensation for connecting flights ranging between €250 (£210) and €600 (£510). The amount mainly depends on the flight distance to the final destination. 

For example, if you had a disruption on your way from London to New York, the airline will have to pay the maximum of €600 (£510) in compensation. This is because the distance between the airports is over 3500 km. 

Refer to this simple chart to check how much you are owed for missed connections:

Flight Delay to Final Destination

Travel Distance of Your Flight

all flights, less than 1,500km, ex. London - Rome

all internal EU flights, more than 1,500km, ex. London - Canary Islands

all non-internal EU flights, 1,500-3,500km, ex. London - Minsk

all non-internal EU flights, more than 3,500km, ex. London - Tokyo

less than 3 hours

no compensation

3 hours or more

€250 (£210)

€400 (£340)

€400 (£340)

€600 (£510)

never arrived

€250 (£210)

€400 (£340)

€400 (£340)

€600 (£510)


Missed flight due to late connection: my other rights

The airport terminal is busy since the passengers are reaching to their airlines to ask if the can get EU flight delay compensation for missed connection

When you are stuck in the airport due to missed connections, you are entitled to various services, that shall be provided by the airline. 

In light of the amount of time you wait in the airport, you can ask for:

  • two free emails, faxes or phone calls
  • complimentary meals and drinks

Travel Distance of Your Flight

all flights, less than 1,500km

all internal EU flights, more than 1,500km

all non-internal EU flights, 1,500-3,500km

all non-internal EU flights, more than 3,500km

Your Waiting Time in the Airport

2 or more hours

3 or more hours

3 or more hours

4 or more hours

If the flight is delayed overnight, all air passengers shall be offered:

  • free hotel accommodation
  • free transport to and back from the hotel

Under EC 261, for delays over 5 hours or flight cancellation, you can choose between:

  • full flight ticket refund and return flight back to the original departure point, or
  • replacement flight to the final destination at the earliest possible time or at a later time and date

Moreover, for flight delays at the final destination of more than 3 hours, you are entitled to compensation between €250 (£210) and €600 (£510). Your flight, however, shall satisfy the conditions mentioned earlier in the article. 

This is possible to check your eligibility on the AirAdvisor’s website. Simply click on the “Claim For Missed Connecting Flight” button below, and in less than 3 minutes, you will have the answer. 


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What to do when you miss a flight?

On the AirAdvisor's website you can find answers to the questions such as, can I cancel my connecting flight and many others

Have you missed a flight due to a late connection? Do not panic! AirAdvisor prepared a step-by-step guideline on what to do when you miss a flight. Following this guideline, you can significantly increase your chances of getting EU flight delay compensation for missed connections

  1. Talk to the airline team inquiring about the delay reason in written form and your rights according to EU Regulation.
  2. Make a photo of the departure timetable showing flight delays.
  3. If you have to wait in the airport or overnight because of the delayed flight due to missed connection, ask for free food, water, phone calls, hotel room and transportation.
  4. Ask for a ticket refund, or an alternative flight for the flight delayed over 5 hours or cancellation. 
  5. Keep boarding passes and other related documents: they will be useful when applying for your connection compensation. 
  6. Keep the receipts for any incurred expenses related to the disruption (for personal hygiene items, clothing, taxi, etc.).
  7. Contact AirAdvisor right away: we can explain how flight compensation works and what you should do to get your money. 


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