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No matter if you are leaving the UK or arriving in the UK, you may have flight cancellation rights UK. If you flight qualifies you may get UK flights cancelled compensation of up to £510. AirAdvisor would like to help you with all your flight cancellations today UK.

Read on and find out more about how to claim your flight cancellation compensation UK. Don’t worry if you get the notice about flight cancellations tomorrow UK. For any cancelled flight, you are entitled to full ticket refund as stated by flight refund policy UK.


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UK flights cancelled: can I claim compensation?

Experiencing BA flight cancellations today UK? You may have the right for compensation

You may have flight cancellation rights UK, regardless of where you live and what your citizenship is. According to EU Regulation, any traveller can claim flight cancellation compensation UK only if:

  • flight gets cancelled less than 14 days before the departure date
  • flight is operated by a UK or EU airline or was scheduled to depart from the UK or EU airport
  • flight was cancelled due to the airline’s fault. The airline is not responsible for cancellation in case of extraordinary circumstances such as bad weather (severe weather conditions), political unrest, airport staff strikes, etc.
  • you applied for compensation within the deadline (depends on the country where departure airport or the headquarter of the airline is located)
  • you can provide a booking confirmation 


Cancelled flight? You might have a right to compensation - up to £510Check Your Flight 


Flight refund policy UK

You may not always have the right to flight cancellation compensation UK. But, when your flight is cancelled, you always have the right to an alternative flight or ticket refund.

Sometimes, when eligible, you may claim both a refund and compensation. Learn more about your flight cancellation rights UK on AirAdvisor’s website.


Coronavirus: my flight cancellation rights UK 

The couple talks about getting refund of flight tickets for UK flights cancelled due to coronavirus

Flight cancellations tomorrow UK due to coronavirus? Nowadays, many travellers share a common experience. 

A travel ban on travelling to a specific country might be implemented unexpectedly. Some countries allow only essential travel, such as for work, medical visits or funerals. This forces many airlines to cancel their flights.  

Such travel restrictions worldwide can only be executed by the government. That is why coronavirus flight cancellations are considered extraordinary circumstances. As a result, you cannot ask for compensation in such cases. 

However, you can ask the airline for a full ticket refund. According to flight refund policy UK, you can always refund tickets if your flight is cancelled due to coronavirus.


Flight cancellations today UK: what flights qualify for compensation?

woman is happy discovering that she can get compensation for her flight cancellations tomorrow UK

Your flight is covered by UK flights cancelled law only if:

  • it is operated by a UK or EU airline, or
  • it was scheduled to depart from the UK or EU airport

When talking about flight cancellation compensation UK, the EU also comprises Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and 9 outermost regions, besides the UK and other 26 countries of the European Union.

Use this simple table to check the eligibility of your flight:

Flight Journey

UK/EU Airline

non-UK/EU Airline

within UK/EU



UK/EU airport - non-UK/EU airport



non-UK/EU airport - UK/EU airport



outside UK/EU 



Having flight cancellations tomorrow UK? Wonder if you are entitled to compensation? Check possible scenarios: 

  1. Your British Airways flights from Hong Kong to the UK cancelled: yes since your flight is operated by a UK airline
  2. Your flights from Spain to UK cancelled: yes since departure airport is within the EU regardless of the airline you are flying with
  3. Your Virgin Atlantic flights to USA from UK cancelled: yes since your cancelled flight was planned to depart from the UK. It does not matter if the final destination is the United States or that the airline is American
  4. Your flights from UK to Turkey cancelled: yes since the departure airport is within the UK


How to claim flight cancellation compensation UK?

If you have UK flights cancelled, note down the steps suggested by AirAdvisor on how to get compensation

Experiencing flight cancellations today UK? Please, stay calm and follow this guideline on how to claim your flight cancellation rights UK:

  1. Ask the airline crew to provide you written confirmation of the cancellation
  2. Ask for:
    • alternative flight, or
    • full ticket refund and return flight back to the original destination
  3. If you were offered an alternative flight, but it was delayed, ask for:
    • complimentary meals and refreshments for delays over 2 hours
    • free hotel and transportation to and back from the hotel for flight delays till the next day
  4. Keep all your travel documents (ex., boarding pass)
  5. Collect proof of flight cancellation (ex., make a photo of the departure timetable)
  6. Keep all your receipts (if you had extra expenses as a result of the cancellation)
  7. Be careful when accepting vouchers from the airline (often they include a waiver of cash compensation)

Fighting for your rights is always a tiring and stressful process. Some airlines are not members of the alternative dispute resolution bodies (ADR) and might ignore your claim. 

The claiming process is easy with AirAdvisor. Just fill in your flight details on our website. In less than 3 minutes, we can start working on your flight cancellation compensation UK case, free of charge. 


Having flight cancellations tomorrow UK? AirAdvisor can help you!

Travelling is fun when you have support of AirAdvisor in case of UK flights cancelled

We, the AirAdvisor expert team, have been defending the rights of air passengers for 5 years already. Thousands of travellers seek our support in case of various flight disruptions. 

Why AirAdvisor?

  • we know everything about your flight cancellation rights UK
  • we’ve assisted more than 20,000 air passengers from 52 countries
  • we can get compensation for any flight disruption: no matter if the airline delays or cancels your flight, or you are denied boarding
  • you do not have to pay anything: we only take a commission that is deducted from your compensation
  • we will communicate with airlines and will bring them to court if required
  • you will get updates along the whole process: from the comfort of your home

Don’t wait any further. Get in touch with the AirAdvisor team. We will get your UK flights cancelled compensation no matter what it takes. Stress-free and cost-free for you. 


If your flight was delayed, canceled or overbooked within the last 3 years, you could be eligible for up to £510 in compensationCheck Your Flight

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