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BA497 Delay: Compensation Entitlement

On occasions when your flight from PMI (Palma De Mallorca Airport) to London Heathrow Airport (LHR) is unexpectedly delayed, British Airways is legally bound to offer compensation, depending on flight BA497’s exact circumstances. This requirement is guided by the EU 261/2004 Regulation.

Flight delay compensation rights for flight BA 497 can be a tricky thing to navigate alone when you arrive at London Heathrow Airport - Franz Josef Strauß. File a compensation claim for a delayed flight against British Airways through AirAdvisor for your best chance at an BA 497 reimbursement. And if you’re not sure whether your BA497 flight from Palma de Mallorca’s PMI Airport to London Airport qualifies, consult our British Airways BA497 flight checker.


BA 497 Cancellation: Do you Qualify for Compensation?

Not many travellers would choose to be stranded at Palma De Mallorca Airport. If this happens because your BA 497 flight was cancelled, it’s possible to qualify for compensation from British Airways in the amount of 250€. This money is meant to ease the burden of the BA497 cancellation. 

Airlines, including British Airways, don’t typically make it easy to claim this payout for flight BA 497. Increase your odds of a positive result for your PMI Airport to LHR Airport cancellation claim by partnering with AirAdvisor.

Compensation information for Flight BA 497 disruptions

BA 497 Compensation: Steps to Take and Passenger Rights

 Passengers’ rights for Flight BA497 by British Airways

Flight BA497 Cancelled by British Airways: Passengers’ Refund Rights

When you can’t travel from Palma de Mallorca Airport to London (LHR) International Airport because your British Airways flight was cancelled, the airline is required to issue an BA 497 refund. Certain conditions apply, and AirAdvisor has lots of information regarding how to claim an British Airways flight refund. You might even qualify for reimbursement for supplementary costs, like a Palma De Mallorca Airport hotel room that’s needed due to the BA497 cancellation.


Flight BA 497 with British Airways: From Palma De Mallorca Airport to London Route Map

Flight compensation tips for British Airways BA497

Convenient AirAdvisor Flight Checker to determine eligibility

British Airways - An Introduction

Often abbreviated to just BA, British Airways is among the largest air carriers in Europe, providing services to 12 domestic and 191 international destinations. Operating roughly 300 flights a day from its central hub at Heathrow, British Airways helps travellers reach business and leisure destinations on every continent except Antarctica. Some of the airline’s most common destinations include Hong Kong, New York City, Tokyo, Los Angeles, and Sydney. BA provides customers with comfortable travel and is so popular that more than 44 million people use the airline for their travel needs.

Getting to Know Palma de Mallorca Airport

Found off the coast of Spain and east of the popular party destination, Ibiza, Mallorca’s only passenger airport transports over 28 million air passengers per year. Open since 1960, Palma Airport has experienced exponential growth and now connects almost 150 cities with the beautiful Mediterranean island. The Spanish airline Air Europa maintains its primary base at Mallorca Airport, and it’s considered a focus airport for many of the top budget airlines, such as Ryanair, Easyjet, and Vueling. Busiest in the summer, Palma de Mallorca (PMI) Airport has direct flights to North America, Africa, Europe, and of course, Spain.

Introduction to London Heathrow

Heathrow Airport is hands down the busiest airport in London and the UK, for that matter. It is located west of London in Longford and serves as a major hub for international travel. The airport has four terminals and handles over 80 airlines, offering flights to over 200 destinations worldwide. Heathrow Airport is known for its state-of-the-art facilities and excellent customer service, making it a popular choice for travellers. Anyone heading to London from another continent is most likely to land here, so it’s an important gateway for passengers around the world to explore the UK and the European continent.


British Airways BA 497 from Palma De Mallorca Airport to London Airport Compensation: FAQs


How do I proceed when flight BA497 from Palma De Mallorca Airport to London Heathrow Airport (LHR) has a delay?

When you enter the terminal in Minuch, ask the British Airways agents for the exact reason BA 497 was delayed. Then, the best thing to do is submit your risk-free compensation claim AirAdvisor. It’s risk-free because if your BA497 claim isn’t successful against British Airways, we don’t charge a fee.


What type of compensation do I get if the British Airways flight BA 497 arrived at London Heathrow Airport 2 hours late?

If your flight BA497 only arrives at London (LHR) Airport 2 hours late, unfortunately, no compensation from British Airways is legally required. On the off chance that your flight from Palma de Mallorca to London arrives 3 hours late or is cancelled altogether, you may be entitled to claim 250€ in compensation.


When my BA497 flight to London with British Airways is delayed, what compensation can I claim?

Based on the EC 261 Regulation, you may qualify for compensation of 250€ for the disruption to your London travel plans due to the BA 497 delay.


What other ways is my British Airways air travel from Palma De Mallorca Airport (PMI) to London Heathrow Airport referenced?

Expect to see this flight listed as BA 497/BA497 or BAW 497/BAW497.