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How to Claim a Refund or Compensation When Flight BA767 is Cancelled or Delayed

If you arrive at the Oslo Gardermoen Airport and happen to see your flight BA767 status: Delayed or Cancelled, don’t get upset - we are here to help. Learn your passenger rights below in case your flight BA767 heading to London was disrupted.
British Airways - BA767 (BAW767)
250 €
Oslo Gardermoen Airport (OSL)
London Heathrow Airport (LHR)
United Kingdom
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Last Updated: May 02, 2023

Flight BA767 Delayed: Your Compensation

Let’s say that your flight to London leaving from Oslo Gardermoen Airport encounters an unexpected delay. If that’s the case for your flight BA767, don’t fret. You can submit a compensation claim for a delayed flight with British Airways, provided certain conditions apply. The main stipulation is that flight BA 767 has to be a minimum of 3 hours late landing at LHR Airport. 

AirAdvisor knows the ins and outs of applying the EU 261 / 2004 Regulation to the delay of flight BA767. Try our convenient (and free) British Airways BA 767 flight checker to check your eligibility.


British Airways Flight BA 767 Cancelled: Getting Compensation

Oslo Gardermoen Airport is definitely not a fun place to be stranded due to an British Airways cancellation. What airport is? To make things a little easier after an BA 767 flight cancellation, depending on your situation, you may qualify for reimbursement of up to 250€ from British Airways.

It’s much trickier to make a flight BA767 compensation claim when you go it alone. That’s why AirAdvisor, who is used to dealing with British Airways trip interruptions, is your perfect partner.

 Submit your claim for a delay on British Airways BA767

BA767 Flight Compensation: Passenger Rights and Steps

 My rights for Flight BA 767 by British Airways

Refund Claim Entitlement when Flight BA767 is Cancelled Completely

When you purchase a ticket on British Airways BA767 for a trip from Oslo OSL Airport to London, and the flight is cancelled, British Airways must issue a refund for the cancelled flight. You might also qualify for extra compensation for costs due to the BA767 cancellation, like a hotel room near Oslo Gardermoen Airport.

You’ll find even more refund information.


Flight BA767 via British Airways: Oslo (OSL) to London (LHR) Route Guide

Compensation tips for a disrupted British Airways journey

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About British Airways

British Airways is the flag carrier airline for the UK, having started operations in 1974. Today, it services millions of passengers per year and flies to nearly 200 airports in 80 different countries. It offers a wide range of flights, from budget to luxury, so there's something for all kinds of travellers. British Airways has a strong international presence and continues to be one of the leading global airlines.

Oslo Airport - Description

Oslo Gardermoen Airport, not far from Noway’s capital, is typically bustling with activity and is a Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) hub. Norwegian Air Shuttle and Widerøe also have bases here. In all, up to 65 airlines have routes to Gardermoen. In 2019, Gardermoen transported a record number of passengers - 28.5 million - to nearly 140 destinations spread over more than 40 countries. The airport features one well-equipped terminal loaded with amenities like fantastic restaurants, convenient shopping, and services, such as ATMs, currency exchange, and luggage storage.

Get Acquainted with Heathrow

Heathrow Airport proudly tops the list of the UK’s busiest airports. Located in the suburb of Longford, just 15 miles from the city centre, Heathrow has been a leading international hub since it opened in 1946. Now with four terminal buildings and two efficient runways, the airport is hardly recognizable from its humble beginnings. Annually, Heathrow is known to have 80 million customers visit, heading to, or from popular destinations like New York City, Dubai, Madrid, and New Delhi. It’s safe to say that Heathrow has evolved into one of the most used and most efficient airports, boasting state-of-the-art facilities, amenities, and services. The airport's commitment to innovation and sustainability is apparent in its continuous efforts to minimize environmental impact, enhance the passenger experience, and support local communities. By prioritizing passenger satisfaction, incorporating advanced technology, and maintaining rigorous safety standards, Heathrow sets the benchmark for excellence within the aviation industry.


British Airways BA767 Trip from Oslo to London Compensation: FAQs

What do I do when my BA 767 flight to London from Oslo Gardermoen Airport is delayed?

The minute you step off the British Airways plane in London, ask the airline staff the reason why flight BA767 encountered a delay. After that, submit your risk-free compensation claim with us. AirAdvisor operates on a no-win, no-fee basis, so for your BA 767 trip delay claim, using us is completely risk-free.

What kind of compensation can I get if the British Airways flight BA767 arrived at London Heathrow Airport 2 hours late?

Unless the delay arriving at London Heathrow Airport is at least 3 hours, there is no British Airways compensation requirement. But, if your BA 767 flight arrives 3 hours late or is cancelled and you never leave Oslo Gardermoen Airport, then the potential exists to claim 250€ in compensation.

How much compensation am I owed by British Airways for the delay of flight BA 767 departing from Oslo?

According to the UE 261 Regulation from 2004, you may be entitled to 250€ to compensate you for the inconvenience of the flight BA 767 delay.

What alternate ways is this British Airways flight from Oslo Gardermoen Airport to London referenced?

Look for BA767/BA 767 and BAW767/BAW 767.


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