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Compensation that Applies when BA909 by British Airways is Delayed

There’s nothing worse than arriving late at London Heathrow Airport when you have a tight travel itinerary. Don’t panic because BA 909 late arrivals can be eligible for compensation for flight delay. In Europe, EU Regulation 261/2004 compels British Airways to compensate travelers who experience a flight delay on BA909, as long as your arrival at LHR is over 3 hours late.

At AirAdvisor, we understand that navigating British Airways flight BA 909 reimbursements can be tricky. It’s important to know your flight delay compensation rights as soon as you arrive in London. We can guide you through the claim process with British Airways as long as you meet certain conditions. To start, use our free tool to check the BA909 flight.


BA909 Flight Cancelled: Your Anticipated Compensation

A cancelled British Airways flight will always impact your travel plans. When you get stuck at Frankfurt am Main International Airport with nowhere to go, you can apply for a refund for a cancelled BA909 flight.

Subject to certain criteria, BA909 flights that never take off from Frankfurt Airport entitle you to 250€ to ease the difficulty that comes with the cancellation. Airlines, including British Airways, can be notoriously hard to deal with concerning a refund in case of FRA Airport flight disruption. The solution is to lean on AirAdvisor to get your BA909 flight cancellation compensation.

Submit a reimbursement claim for a delay at London Airport

Compensation for Flight BA 909: Entitlement and Procedure

 What to do when flight BA909 is Delayed or Cancelled

Your Refund Rights when British Airways BA 909 Experiences a Cancellation

The law makes it obligatory for British Airways to cover the cost of your flight from Frankfurt am Main International Airport (FRA) to London Heathrow Airport (LHR) if your original flight BA909 is cancelled. To help with the disruption, you may also be eligible for other benefits from British Airways, like reimbursement for a hotel.

If you’re unsure of how to get a refund for flight BA909, check out our information on the flight cancellation refund process.

British Airways Flight BA909: Frankfurt to London Route Outline

British Airways Compensation tips for trip disruption

what amount of compensation can I claim for British Airways flight delays or cancellations

Brief Intro About British Airways

Created in 1974 by merging the UK’s two largest airlines, London-based British Airways (BA) is a global leader that welcomes more than 40 million air travellers annually. The company’s impeccable safety record and attentive service make traveling with British Airways to one of their over 200 destinations a breeze. On average, more than 400 BA flights leave Heathrow Airport daily to six continents around the world.

Frankfurt International Airport - The Facts

Frankfurt am Main International Airport is a prominent hub for Germany's international travel. Located in the bustling financial center of Frankfurt, the airport is spread across an impressive 2,300 hectares of land. With two spacious passenger terminals and four runways, the airport has the capacity to accommodate approximately 65 million passengers per year. It is Germany's busiest airport by passenger traffic and the sixth busiest in Europe. In 2017, Frankfurt Airport handled 64.5 million passengers, reflecting its strategic importance in the global air transport industry.

Heathrow - About The Airport

Topping the list of the busiest airports in the UK and second in all of Europe, London Heathrow Airport transports an average of 80 million leisure and business passengers on an annual basis. Opened as a small airfield and used during WWII, Heathrow has since grown to serve London and the UK as a whole and remains a premier airport for international travel. The airport’s four large terminals accommodate flights coming from and going to well over 200 unique and exciting destinations. In all, Heathrow connects travellers to upwards of 80 countries spread across 6 continents.

British Airways BA909 Frankfurt to London Flight Compensation: Typical Questions and Easy Answers


What should I do if my BA909 flight from Frankfurt to London is delayed?

The first step is to inquire with British Airways about the reason for the delay. Do this immediately after you land behind schedule at London Airport. Then, submit your risk-free compensation claim for flight BA909 with us. Only if you receive compensation from British Airways do we charge a fee, so it’s certainly worth a try. You have a much better chance of BA 909 flight delay compensation when you have AirAdvisor by your side.


My flight BA 909 arrived at London Heathrow Airport (LHR) 2 hours late. Can I get reimbursement?

British Airways flights must be delayed a minimum of 3 hours to qualify for BA 909 flight compensation. So if your delay at London Airport is only 2 hours, European Union law doesn’t make compensation by British Airways mandatory. But remember that if your flight from Frankfurt am Main International Airport to London Heathrow Airport is cancelled, you may have the right to claim 250€ of compensation.


When my flight BA 909 is delayed, what compensation can I claim?

The UE Regulation from 2004 says that if your BA 909 flight from Frankfurt am Main International Airport is delayed a minimum of 3 hours arriving at LHR Airport, you are entitled to 250€.


What other ways is flight BA 909 referenced?

BA 909, BA909, BAW 909, and BAW909 are additional ways this Frankfurt Airport (FRA) to London Airport (LHR) British Airways flight is referenced.