DL 85 Flight Delayed or Cancelled: Claim Compensation and Refund

If you arrive at the Charles de Gaulle International Airport and happen to see your flight DL 85 status: Delayed or Cancelled, don’t get upset - we are here to help. Learn your passenger rights below in case your flight DL 85 heading to Atlanta was disrupted.
Delta Air Lines - DL85 (DAL85)
600 €
Charles de Gaulle International Airport (CDG)
Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL)
United States (USA)
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DL 85 Flight Delayed: Compensation

If your flight DL 85 Paris to Atlanta was delayed, you might be eligible for flight delay compensation depending on the reasons for delay. EU Regulation 261 is European Union law that provides you with passenger rights to compensation for disrupted flight and inconvenience caused to you.

Your flight DL 85 should be late by 3 hours or more to make you eligible for compensation. The amount of compensation for flight DL 85 delay also depends on distance from Paris to Atlanta.

Tip: If Atlanta is not your final destination, then flight compensation shall be measured by distance to your ultimate final destination, as long as it is the same booking.

To make sure you don’t miss a chance to claim compensation, our system allows you to instantly check your flight DL 85 eligibility and determine the correct amount of compensation due to you. It is free to check your flight.

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DL 85 Flight Cancelled: Compensation

If your flight DL 85 from Paris to Atlanta was cancelled, you might be eligible for flight cancellation compensation which depends on the reasons for cancellation. EU Law provides for compensation of up to 600 EUR for inconvenience caused to you by flight cancellation.

Your flight DL 85 must be delayed by 2 hours or more to cause Delta Air Lines to pay you financial compensation.

Airlines frequently ignore such requests coming directly from the passengers, however that is not the case with our team. You can check your flight DL 85 for free and submit a claim.

We work based on No-Win, No-Fee basis, so there is no risk for you to submit a claim.

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DL 85 Flight Compensation: Passenger Rights and What To Do

What are my rights when a Delta Air Lines flight is delayed?

  • Based on EU law you can claim up to 600 € in compensation
  • Claim amount depends on flight distance from Paris to your final destination
  • Claim amount does not depend on price of ticket or class of travel
  • You can claim compensation for flights up to 3 to 6 years back
  • Early submission leads to higher chances of recovery

What should I do when my flight DL 85 is delayed with Delta Air Lines?

  • Collect proof: photo of your flight DL 85 status
  • Keep receipts for all your expenses
  • Demand airline to provide essentials: food, drinks, hotel stay in case of overnight delay
  • Do not accept vouchers and do not sign anything
  • Exchange contact information with you fellow travellers
  • Ask Delta Air Lines a reason for flight disruption as it helps your claim


DL 85 Flight Cancelled: Refund

Delta Air Lines must provide the passenger with a full refund of the fare and any other costs they incurred as a result of the cancellation. If you had to re-book your flight at your cost or paid for hotel and food, Delta Air Lines must reimburse you for such expenses.

Keep the receipts for any of your expenses and let our professional team sort this out with Delta Air Lines. Airlines take our complaints more seriously than ones submitted by a passenger without expensive legal assistance.

Importantly avoid accepting vouchers instead of refund, as it typically has restrictions and limited validity time. Airlines always try to force passengers to accept vouchers, because Delta Air Lines knows that most of the vouchers will be unused and expired.

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DL 85 Delta Air Lines: Paris to Atlanta route map

Flight DL 85 Compensation Tips:

  1. 84% of Delta Air Lines vouchers expire unused
  2. Making a timely Claim for flight DL 85 increases your chances to get paid by 68%
  3. It takes 3 mins to submit a claim with AirAdvisor against Delta Air Lines
  4. Our fee is withheld from Delta Air Lines pay out
  5. Submit your claim before it expires

You may be eligible for

600 €

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What happened with DL 85 clients

Recent Comments

Elizabeth G from United States (USA) (Delta Air Lines DL 85 Flight cancellation)
August 7, 2022, 9:00 pm

I received notification of this flight being cancelled, through an email, at 6:11 am the day of travel. I was in Italy, on my way to the airport to get to Paris. After I arrived in Paris, I rec’d another email saying that my flight had been rescheduled- but with an additional layover of 3/12 hours in London and the flight was rescheduled for the next day. Although I am grateful to have a flight rescheduled, it does present a problem as I am due back into work on Tuesday morning- which I will not be able to do because I will have spent 21 hours in either an airport or on a plane on Monday. I have been in Europe for 5 weeks and extending my leave is inconvenient to myself, my employment and colleagues. I would chalk this up to an unusual occurrence- however this is the second flight that was cancelled this trip. My July 1st flight to Paris was also cancelled and It was rescheduled for the 3rd or 4th. This would have me missing the meet and greet, orientation, and first two days of a class that I was enrolled in and this trip was planned around. I luckily was able to get a flight on the 2nd- but still missed my meet and greet and orientation. To have both my flight to Paris cancelled and then my return flight home from Paris cancelled is quite just an unusual occurrence, frankly it’s unacceptable. I understand that we are in trying times- I am a registered nurse case manager- and I know exactly the how hard things are for hospitals and airlines alike. We’ve been through a really horrendous 21/2 years- and in the hospitals were still dealing with all the people getting sick from the variants. I really needed this diversion and vacation- having my flights cancelled wasn’t helpful to my state of mind. Additionally, this hotel that I’m in, the Moxy, was a 5 minute walk from your ‘shuttle’ (tram would be more correct), and with luggage from a 5 week trip- it was onerous getting to the hotel. I’m not looking forward to repeating that again at 6:30 tomorrow morning. Furthermore, I was put in a room with a toilet that wouldn’t stop running, of which no one had a solution for, and it had a distinctive smell of sewage, and change of room was not offered. The dinner that was provided was also inedible. I wouldn’t recommend putting your passengers in this hotel. I believe that I am entitled to compensation from the airline, for both flights. The reservation number is GXXXXXX. Under the name of Elizabeth D. Hopefully, I will be able to fly home tomorrow, keeping my fingers crossed that the flight isn’t cancelled. I look forward to your reply. Elizabeth

Gabriel from United States (USA) (Delta Air Lines DL 85 Flight cancellation)
July 13, 2022, 8:38 pm

When I was notified the flight was cancelled I saw they had rerouted my original route (Lisbon to Atlanta via Paris) through Sao Paolo, delaying arrival 12+ hours. I was able to call customer service and change the connection flight to a shorter delay (2 hrs, 10 min) still through Paris.

Demetrius from United States (USA) (Delta Air Lines DL 85 Flight cancellation)
April 13, 2022, 7:57 am

They said a part was missing for the plane

AirAdvisor can help youIf your flight was delayed, cancelled or overbooked 3 to 6 year back, you may be eligible for up to €600 in compensation
Check your compensation

When shall Delta Air Lines pay compensation for your flight DL 85 disruption?


Delta Air Lines shall pay compensation

Technical problemsOperational problemsDelta Air Lines employees strikeEconomic problems of Delta Air LinesDelta Air Lines staff shortage or sicknessLate arrival of another flight


Delta Air Lines is not responsible for flight DL 85 disruption

Strike of airport personnelAir Traffic Control problemsSevere storm (not just bad weather)Bird strikeSecurity issuesPassenger visa or covid documents problems

Delta Air Lines DL 85 Paris to Atlanta Flight Compensation: Questions and Answers


What to do if flight DL 85 from Paris to Atlanta is delayed?

Ask the airline for reasons of delay and submit a claim for compensation risk-free. Our team has a lot of experience to help enforce your claim. We work on a No-Win, No-Fee basis (no risk for you).

What to do if flight DL 85 from Charles de Gaulle International Airport to Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport is cancelled?
  • Keep receipts for any expenses you might have.
  • Demand Delta Air Lines to provide food and drinks and hotel stay in case overnight flight delay.
  • Submit a claim risk-free for compensation and refund.
  • Book an alternative flight, if Delta Air Lines failed to provide a replacement flight.

How much compensation can I claim for my flight DL 85 delay?

According to EU Regulation 261 you are entitled to 600 € in compensation if you arrive in Atlanta with a delay of 3 hours or more. Check your eligibility now.

My flight DL 85 arrived late by 2 hours upon arrival at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport, can I get compensation?

Unfortunately, EU law does not provide for compensation for short delays. However, if your flight was cancelled and you arrived 2 hours later, you may be eligible for 600 € in compensation. Check your flight.

My flight DL 85 arrived late by 3 hours, can I get compensation?

Yes, you should be eligible for compensation. Check your compensation now before your claim expires.

My flight DL 85 was late by 4 hours, can I get compensation?

Yes, Delta Air Lines might owe you compensation. Check your flight for free before your claim expires.

Flight DL 85 delayed by 5 hours, can I get compensation or refund?

If your flight DL 85 is delayed for 5 hours or more, you can get a refund for the part of your journey you did not fly. Also, if you arrived late in Atlanta by 3 hours or more, you can submit a claim for up to 600 € in compensation. Check your flight eligibility for free.

What is the airline of DL 85?

The airline of DL 85 is Delta Air Lines.

What is the flight distance from Paris to Atlanta?

The flight distance from Paris to Atlanta is 7051.79 km or 4381.78 miles.

How else can the flight DL 85 be referenced as?

This Delta Air Lines flight can also be referenced as DL85, DAL85, DL 85, DAL 85.

How long is the flight DL 85 from Paris to Atlanta?

The average time from Paris to Atlanta is 9 hour and 15 minutes. Flight distance is 7051.79 km or 4381.78 miles.

How to get a status update for flight DL 85?
  • Contact your airline directly to get the latest update for your flight DL 85 status.
  • While it is helpful to check flight status on Charles de Gaulle International Airport departure screens, it is not always reliable during times of disruptions as flight status can be updated frequently and on a short notice.
  • Track flight status closely through the airline help desk or information telephone line.
  • Remain in close proximity to the correct departure gate.

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