Claim Compensation and Refund for Flight EW 2529 Delayed or Cancelled

In case you are travelling with Eurowings from Barcelona to Stuttgart and your flight EW 2529 is being unexpectedly delayed or cancelled, try to not stress out too much (even though it can be extremely frustrating). Our team of legal professionals can advise you on your passenger rights in a situation like this, and how AirAdvisor can help you file a claim for compensation and refund from the Eurowings.
Eurowings - EW2529 (EWG2529)
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EW 2529 Flight Delayed: Compensation

If you are experiencing a flight delay with your Eurowings flight EW 2529 flying out of Barcelona en route to Stuttgart, there might be flight delay compensation that you could be entitled to. However you should bear in mind that the eligibility depends on the specific details of the disruption. Regulation EU EC261/ 2004 protects the rights to monetary compensation for every passenger in cases of delay, no matter how much the original ticket cost and whether or not it was purchased by you or by somebody else on your behalf.

That being said, it should be noted that the EU Regulation obliges the Eurowings to pay compensation only in cases where the delay is longer than 3 hours. The amount of time you are delayed is determined by how late you arrive at your final destination, not by how long you wait at the airport. The number of kilometres you have to travel between Stuttgart and Barcelona will be the most determining point in establishing the amount of monetary compensation you could be claiming for your flight EW 2529.

Tip: In cases relating to connecting flight delay compensation when your journey consists of two flights booked under the same reservation number, you can claim compensation for the distance between the Barcelona and the Stuttgart.

Our team at AirAdvisor has developed online services that can help you check if you are eligible for compensation from Eurowings for your flight EW 2529, and how much compensation you are owed. Our free flight checker is very useful and can help you to ensure getting compensated if your circumstances meet the criteria.

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EW 2529 Flight Cancelled: Compensation

Given that the specific circumstances of your case qualify, you might be able to submit a claim of 250 € if your flight EW 2529 departing from Barcelona to Stuttgart ends up being cancelled. Passengers who have their flights cancelled by Eurowings are entitled to claim up to 600€ in compensation. Regulation EC 261/2004 grants this right to alleviate the stress, inconvenience and time loss caused by the cancellation.

The legislation requires that your flight EW 2529 be delayed by at least two hours upon arrival at your final destination, so that you can demand compensation from the Eurowings.

Many of our clients have told us that Eurowings often denies their requests for flight cancellation compensation when they try to handle it themselves, without any professional legal help. Fortunately that isn’t likely to happen with AirAdvisor claims. Use our online tool to check your eligibility for flight EW 2529 compensation and send in a claim request to increase your chances of getting compensated without any extra risks.

AirAdvisor operates on a no-win, no-fee rule, and ensures that there is no financial risk involved for you when entrusting us to process the claim for you.

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EW 2529 Flight Compensation: My Passenger Rights and What To Do

My flight EW 2529 to Stuttgart is delayed: Passenger Rights Highlights

  • Compensation of up to 250 € can be claimed under EU law
  • Amount of compensation is fixed by the law regardless of the ticket price or class of travel
  • Flight distance from Barcelona to Stuttgart determines the amount you can claim
  • The average statute of limitations for such claims is 3 to 6 years
  • Submit your claim early to increase the chances to get compensated

My flight EW 2529 to Stuttgart is delayed: What To Do?

  • Take a photo of flight EW 2529 status
  • Keep original receipts for any any expenses made
  • Eurowings shall provide you food and drink as well as a hotel stay in case of overnight flight delay
  • Do not sign any paperwork requested by Eurowings or accept vouchers
  • Exchange contact info of your co-travellers to file a group claim
  • Ask Eurowings about the reason for flight disruption to help your claim


EW 2529 Flight Cancelled: Right to Claim a Refund

If your flight with Eurowings gets cancelled, they are required by law to satisfy your request for a ticket refund and to reimburse you for any additional expenses that were a direct result of the disruption of your EW 2529 flight. The Eurowings is responsible for reimbursing you for the cost of new tickets if you have to rebook and purchase an alternative flight to your destination. In addition to that, if the disruption causes you to wait for the next flight overnight, the Eurowings must provide you with a budget to pay for a hotel stay.

Bear in mind that if you would like to claim for any additional expenses, you should keep all of the original receipts and have digital copies of them if possible. Such records would help the lawyers make a stronger compensation case for you. The legal team of AirAdvisor has extensive experience in dealing with such cases against Eurowings. Many airlines may not respond to compensation requests from passengers without legal representation. However, Eurowings is more likely to respond to claims submitted by a company with strong legal expertise and a network of experienced international lawyers, who are willing to take cases to court if necessary.

If you are offered a voucher as compensation for an unused ticket, we strongly recommend that you do not accept it. Vouchers and credits from Eurowings usually have a lot of limitations, including an expiration date, which can prevent passengers from being able to use them at all. The vouchers make it easier for airlines to avoid dealing with delays and cancellations, as they know that many people don't use them.

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EW 2529 Eurowings: Barcelona to Stuttgart route map

EW 2529 Flight Compensation Tips:

  1. Early filing of a claim with Eurowings increases the chances to get compensated by 64%
  2. 81% of Eurowings vouchers expire unused
  3. You pay nothing if we don’t win the case against Eurowings
  4. It takes 3 minutes to submit a claim against Eurowings with AirAdvisor
  5. Statutes of Limitations are short, so file your claim before it expires

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AirAdvisor can help youIf your flight was delayed, cancelled or overbooked 3 to 6 year back, you may be eligible for up to €600 in compensation
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When shall Eurowings pay compensation for your flight EW 2529 disruption?


Eurowings shall pay compensation

Technical problemsEurowings staff shortage or sicknessOperational problemsEurowings economic problemsLate arrival of another flightEurowings employees strike


Eurowings is not responsible for flight EW 2529 disruption

Security issuesAir Traffic Control problemsSevere storm (not just bad weather)Bird strikeStrike of airport personnelProblems with passenger’s travel documents

Eurowings EW 2529 Barcelona to Stuttgart Flight Compensation: Questions and Answers


What to do if flight EW 2529 from Barcelona to Stuttgart is delayed?

Ask the airline for reasons of delay and submit a claim for compensation risk-free. Our team has a lot of experience to help enforce your claim. We work on a No-Win, No-Fee basis (no risk for you).

What to do if flight EW 2529 from Barcelona International Airport to Stuttgart Airport is cancelled?
  • Keep receipts for any expenses you might have.
  • Demand Eurowings to provide food and drinks and hotel stay in case overnight flight delay.
  • Submit a claim risk-free for compensation and refund.
  • Book an alternative flight, if Eurowings failed to provide a replacement flight.

How much compensation can I claim for my flight EW 2529 delay?

According to EU Regulation 261 you are entitled to 250 € in compensation if you arrive in Stuttgart with a delay of 3 hours or more. Check your eligibility now.

My flight EW 2529 arrived late by 2 hours upon arrival at Stuttgart Airport, can I get compensation?

Unfortunately, EU law does not provide for compensation for short delays. However, if your flight was cancelled and you arrived 2 hours later, you may be eligible for 250 € in compensation. Check your flight.

My flight EW 2529 arrived late by 3 hours, can I get compensation?

Yes, you should be eligible for compensation. Check your compensation now before your claim expires.

My flight EW 2529 was late by 4 hours, can I get compensation?

Yes, Eurowings might owe you compensation. Check your flight for free before your claim expires.

Flight EW 2529 delayed by 5 hours, can I get compensation or refund?

If your flight EW 2529 is delayed for 5 hours or more, you can get a refund for the part of your journey you did not fly. Also, if you arrived late in Stuttgart by 3 hours or more, you can submit a claim for up to 250 € in compensation. Check your flight eligibility for free.

What is the airline of EW 2529?

The airline of EW 2529 is Eurowings.

What is the flight distance from Barcelona to Stuttgart?

The flight distance from Barcelona to Stuttgart is 994.101 km or 617.71 miles.

How else can the flight EW 2529 be referenced as?

This Eurowings flight can also be referenced as EW2529, EWG2529, EW 2529, EWG 2529.

How long is the flight EW 2529 from Barcelona to Stuttgart?

The average time from Barcelona to Stuttgart is 2 hour and 5 minutes. Flight distance is 994.101 km or 617.71 miles.

How to get a status update for flight EW 2529?
  • Contact your airline directly to get the latest update for your flight EW 2529 status.
  • While it is helpful to check flight status on Barcelona International Airport departure screens, it is not always reliable during times of disruptions as flight status can be updated frequently and on a short notice.
  • Track flight status closely through the airline help desk or information telephone line.
  • Remain in close proximity to the correct departure gate.

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