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A Delayed FR5432 Flight: Reimbursement

Flight disruptions at either MAD or PMI Airport are never fun. In cases when your FR 5432 journey is delayed arriving in Palma de Mallorca, Germany, by more than 3 hours, Ryanair has a legal obligation, based on the EU261/2004 Regulation, to provide remuneration. You do this for flight FR5432 by filing a compensation claim for a delayed flight with the airline.

If you are unclear about how to get flight delay compensation for FR5432, AirAdvisor has you covered. First, consult our free FR5432 flight checker to start the process. Let us help you deal with the Ryanair red tape to increase the odds of a favourable FR 5432 delay claim outcome.


Compensation Qualification for an FR 5432 Flight Cancellation

Flight cancellations definitely impact your travel plans to Palma de Mallorca. But if you’re stranded at Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport and unable to land at Palma De Mallorca Airport, don’t panic. It’s possible to claim up to 250€ for the disruption from Ryanair to soften the blow. Although there are certain stipulations to this flight FR5432 payout, AirAdvisor makes it easy to sort through the Ryanair cancellation claim process. We can answer all the questions you have relating to how to submit an FR 5432 cancellation claim.

Does my flight FR5432 qualify for reimbursement

Reimbursement for Ryanair FR5432: Passenger’s Rights and Process Summary

Ryanair FR 5432 to Palma de Mallorca Passenger Rights

Ryanair Flight FR5432 is Cancelled: Passengers’ Right to Claim a Refund

In short, Ryanair must cover the cost of your cancelled flight from Madrid Airport (MAD) to Palma De Mallorca Airport (PMI). This is done as an FR5432 flight refund, and Ryanair is also mandated to cover any supplementary costs, like a hotel stay at Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport, that you experience as a direct result of the FR5432 cancellation.


Ryanair FR 5432 Flight Map from Madrid to Palma de Mallorca

FR 5432 flight compensation tips

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The World of Ryanair

Ryanair, the Irish ultra low-cost carrier, has been offering affordable air travel since its founding in 1984. Headquartered in Dublin, Ryanair is Europe's largest budget airline with a fleet of over 540 planes and flying to 225 destinations in over 40 countries. With 19,000 employees, Ryanair has established itself as one of the world’s highest-rated environmental airlines boasting impressive on-time performance, customer satisfaction and load factor results. The airline's 87% on-time performance, 88% customer satisfaction, and 93% load factor as of March 2023 reflect the company's continued commitment to providing exceptional service at an affordable price.

The Facts About Madrid Airport

Madrid’s Adolfo Suárez Barajas Airport, frequently abbreviated as MAD, is the main hub for air travel from the city and its surroundings. The first flight from the airport was in April of 1931, and today it is one of the largest airports on the continent and boasts the highest passenger movement in Spain. In 2022 alone, an incredible 50 million air passengers passed through its gates, making it among the busiest airports in Europe. There are four terminals, and they are the gateway to reach over 60 different countries. The airport is well-connected with a number of regional destinations as well as other cities around the world. From Madrid–Barajas, one can easily travel to places such as Munich, London, Tel Aviv, Boston, or even Shanghai at any time of year. Whether it’s for business or leisure, Madrid Airport has something for everyone.

The Ins and Outs of Palma Airport

Named after its Mallorcan neighbourhood in Spain, Palma-Son Sant Joan Airport resides in the island’s capital city. This busy international airport consistently acts as a major tourism hub for Mallorca and other Balearic Island destinations. One large terminal building is divided into four areas to accommodate the upwards of 25 million holidaymakers that head here annually. Restaurants, shops, bars, and lounges all help passengers pass the time before their flights. Under 10km from central Palma, it’s simple to explore the main tourist areas of the island once you land. Whether you want a car rental, a bus to the city centre, or a taxi, you can get them all here.


Answers to Common Questions Regarding Interruptions to Flight FR5432 from Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport to Palma De Mallorca Airport


Always check with the Ryanair staff on the ground what the specific reason was for the FR5432 delay. Next, you can submit your compensation claim with us totally risk-free.


My flight delay from Madrid to Palma de Mallorca with Ryanair was 2 hours. Can I get any compensation?

Since flight FR5432 didn’t incur the minimum 3-hour delay, in this case, you wouldn’t qualify for any compensation from Ryanair .


How much money can I get when my FR 5432 flight is delayed arriving at Palma de Mallorca Airport?

Remember that the minimum delay required on flight FR5432 is 3 hours. Provided this is the case, the UE 261 Regulation says that Ryanair must pay you 250€, assuming the reason for the delay qualifies.


How else should I expect to see my Ryanair flight FR 5432 referenced?

Typically, this flight from Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport to Palma De Mallorca Airport / Franz Josef Strauß Airport is referenced as FR 5432 or FR5432. You can also see it as RYR5432 and RYR 5432.