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Claiming Compensation or a Refund if Flight LO 642 Encounters an Interruption

If you arrive at the Henri Coandă International Airport and happen to see your flight LO642 status: Delayed or Cancelled, don’t get upset - we are here to help. Learn your passenger rights below in case your flight LO642 heading to Warsaw was disrupted.
LOT Polish Airlines - LO642 (LOT642)
250 €
Henri Coandă International Airport (OTP)
Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW)
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Last Updated: May 26, 2023

Compensation Expectations for an LO642 Flight Delay

Any journey from Bucharest (OTP) Airport to Warsaw (WAW) Airport can be stressful. Add a delay of flight LO 642, resulting in a missed LOT Polish Airlines or other airline connection, and things get worse. If an LO642 delay occurs, you may have options to claim flight delay compensation. This right requiring LOT Polish Airlines to compensate you is dictated by the EU 261/2004 regulation and applies as long as you land at Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW) Airport at least 3 hours behind schedule.

To start the process, use the AirAdvisor LO 642 free flight checker to see if your Warsaw Chopin Airport late arrival qualifies. Then contact us to start your LOT Polish Airlines compensation claim.


Getting Compensation for an Unexpected LO 642 Flight Cancellation

When your flight starting from OTP and going to WAW is outright cancelled, what recourse do you have with LOT Polish Airlines? Depending on a few factors, this LO 642 cancellation may entitle you to 250€ in disruption compensation.

LOT Polish Airlines likely won’t be in a rush to issue this cancelled LO642 compensation, which is why AirAdvisor helps passengers just like you. You’ll have a better chance when you’re stranded at Henri Coandă International Airport using us than if you go it alone.

Submit an LOT Polish Airlines claim for a delayed flight from Henri Coandă International Airport

Flight LO 642 Compensation: Passenger’s Rights and How to Take Action

 Passenger’s Rights for Flight LO 642 to WAW Airport

Your Right to Claim a Refund When There is a Flight LO642 Cancellation

Any airline, including LOT Polish Airlines, is legally obliged to provide a flight LO 642 refund for your Bucharest to Warsaw journey if the flight is cancelled. You can also submit an LOT Polish Airlines compensation claim for additional costs you have to pay while stranded in Bucharest. This includes expenses directly connected with the LO642 cancellation, like a Henri Coandă International Airport hotel stay.


Flight LO 642 by LOT Polish Airlines: Bucharest to Warsaw Route

Flight LO 642 Helpful Compensation Tips

Compensation amounts when flight LO 642 is cancelled or delayed

LOT Polish Airlines – Need to Know

LOT Polish Airlines, founded in 1928, is the pride of Poland as its national flag carrier. A member of IATA and Star Alliance, LOT is one of the 12 oldest airlines in the world with a fleet of around 80 aircraft, making it the 18th largest operator in Europe. Its hub at Warsaw Chopin Airport connects passengers to over 120 destinations. As one of Europe's most traveled carriers, providing great service to its almost 9 million yearly passengers is part of their long-standing tradition.

Bucharest Airport: The Scoop

Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport (OTP) serves as Romania's busiest international airport and is located in Otopeni, approximately 16.5 km from Bucharest. The airport opened its doors on 13 April 1970 with two runways, 104 check-in counters, and 38 boarding gates. OTP has become a base for low-cost airlines such as Ryanair, Wizz Air, Animawings, and Air Bucharest. In 2022, the airport served 12,610,247 passengers with 120,745 aircraft movements. With its modern amenities and easy accessibility, Bucharest Henri Coandă Airport is an excellent starting point for any traveler's adventure.

Get to Know Warsaw’s Chopin Airport

Warsaw Chopin Airport, an international airport founded in 1934, is located 10 km (6.21 mi) from the bustling city centre. As one of the largest airports in Central Europe, it boasts two intersecting runways. The airport handled more than 14 million passengers in 2022 and over 9,000 flights in January 2023, making it a key transportation hub not only in Poland but in Europe as well. Offering flights to 134 destinations with 26 airlines, Warsaw Chopin Airport serves as a gateway for travellers to explore the world. With its modern facilities and passenger flow management, it ensures a smooth airport experience for all its visitors.


LO642 from Henri Coandă International Airport to Warsaw Chopin Airport Flight Compensation: Questions and Simple Answers

My LOT Polish Airlines journey to Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW) from Bucharest was delayed; what should I do?

When you land in Warsaw, ask LOT Polish Airlines exactly why flight LO 642 was delayed. Next, you should submit a risk-free compensation claim using AirAdvisor. We’ve successfully helped many passengers claim with LOT Polish Airlines for flight LO642 disruptions. There’s no fee unless the LO 642 claim outcome is positive.

What compensation can I claim from LOT Polish Airlines when LO642 has a 2-hour delay?

With a two-hour delay on LO642, LOT Polish Airlines is not required to offer any compensation. Only if your flight from Bucharest (OTP) Airport to Warsaw is cancelled entirely would you be eligible for 250€ as per EU Regulation 261.

What compensation can I expect if my LOT Polish Airlines LO 642 flight is delayed for 3 hours or more?

As per the EU Regulation 261, your LO642 delay might qualify for compensation of 250€. Remember that the 3-hour delay is determined based on when you land in Warsaw, not when you take off from Henri Coandă International Airport.

What other ways is flight LO 642 referenced?

Flight LO 642 can also be written as LO642, LOT 642, and lastly, LOT642.


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Tiberiu from Romania (LOT Polish Airlines LO 642 Flight cancellation)
July 15, 2022, 11:03 am

The flight was supposed to depart at 14:35 Bucharest time. At first the flight was displayed as "delayed" for about 10 hours (time spent on Otopeni Airport waiting to board). At about 0:00 AM they announced the flight was canceled and we were offered another flight next morning at 6AM. Due to this event I lost my connecting flight from Warsaw to Berlin and had to wait another 9 hours on Warsaw Airport. I arrived to Berlin with a total of delay of 24 hours.

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