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Compensation for a Flight LS 756 Delay

Starting your vacation to Manchester with a delay is never fun. If your LS756 flight arrives late at Franz Josef Strauß (MAN) Airport, it may be possible to claim compensation. Flight delay compensation rights for flight LS 756 are available if you meet specific criteria, and this is based on the EU 261 / 2004 Regulation. As long as flight LS756 is delayed arriving in Manchester by more than 3 hours, Jet2 is required to offer compensation.

When you need clarification as to whether or not your flight LS 756 qualifies, use our flight checker, which is completely free. Dealing with Jet2 for a compensation claim relating to flight LS756 isn’t always easy. AirAdvisor helps anyone who has been inconvenienced by an Jet2 delay when arriving in Manchester.


Your Expected Compensation for a Flight LS756 Cancellation

In cases when Jet2 cancels your trip to Manchester Airport (MAN) from Tenerife Airport (TFS), you may be entitled to make a compensation claim of 400€. Keep in mind that the flight LS756 cancellation will have to meet certain conditions for you to qualify for this reimbursement from Jet2.

It can be difficult to file a claim for compensation from Jet2 for a delay in Manchester on your own, so contact AirAdvisor for help to increase your chances of a favorable outcome.

How to check if the disruption of your flight LS756 qualifies for reimbursement


LS 756 Flight Reimbursement: Passenger Entitlement and Process

Jet2 Passenger Rights for Flight LS756

Flight LS756 Cancelled: Are you entitled to a Full Refund?

When a flight LS756 cancellation happens, Jet2 needs to provide a refund for your flight from Tenerife (TFS) to Manchester Airport. The law also requires Jet2 to offer payment for extra costs you incur, such as accommodation near Tenerife South Airport. This applies as long as the expense is directly related to the LS 756 cancellation.

For more information about an LS 756 flight refund.


Tenerife to Manchester Route Outline for Jet2 Flight LS 756

Jet2 Compensation Tips for an LS756 flight

Complimentary LS756 Claim Eligibility Checker from AirAdvisor

Everything You Need to Know About Jet2

Taking its maiden voyage in 2003, Jet2’s passenger base has grown to transport over 14 million people annually to destinations all over Europe, with some flights to Africa as well. This British airline currently flies out of 10 UK airports, taking passengers to over 60 popular and exciting destinations. Due mostly to Jet2’s success, it has been able to grow its fleet to 102 aircraft and now offers flights and tour options to upwards of 20 different countries.

Getting Acquainted with Tenerife South Airport

Tenerife South Airport, also known as Tenerife South–Reina Sofía Airport, is a significant aviation hub located on the beautiful Tenerife island. Since its opening in 1978, it has become the second busiest airport in the Canary Islands, serving hundreds of international destinations, especially to the United Kingdom, Italy, and Germany. The airport has over 150 airlines operating at its facilities, contributing to over 11 million passengers and more than 70,000 movements as of 2019. With its excellent terminal facilities and passenger flow management, Tenerife South Airport is an essential gateway for many people visiting the beautiful island.

Manchester (MAN) - The Airport’s Details

Located in Ringway, Manchester, the international Manchester Airport (MAN) opened in June 1938 under the name Ringway Airport. It is situated approximately 13.9 km; 8.6 mi south-west of Manchester city centre and covers an area of 560 hectares (1,400 acres). With three passenger terminals and a cargo terminal, it is the third busiest airport in the United Kingdom in terms of passenger numbers and the busiest of those not serving London, serving 199 destinations worldwide. The airport operates two runways over 3,280 yd (2,999 m) in length and handled a record 27.8 million passengers in 2017. It also ranks 13th globally for total destinations served, making it an essential transportation hub for the region.


Flight Compensation for Jet2 Flight LS756: Routine Questions and Straightforward Answers


How do I proceed if my LS756 flight to Manchester is delayed?

The first thing to do when you get to Manchester Airport is to ask the Jet2 representatives the reason flight LS 756 was delayed. Then, file a risk-free compensation claim with AirAdvisor.


I arrived in Manchester 2 hours late on flight LS756, am I entitled to compensation?

Unfortunately, no, since only delays of flight LS756 from TFS to MAN that are more than 3 hours qualify for compensation.


What amount of compensation can you claim for a delay in arriving in Manchester on flight LS756?

As long as the Jet2 flight is delayed more than 3 hours, the EC 261 Regulation from 2004 stipulates that you are eligible for compensation of 400€.


What other ways is Flight LS756 from Jet2 referenced?

Other than the typical LS756 flight number, you may also see this flight from Tenerife Airport (TFS) to Manchester Airport (MAN), referenced as LS 756, EXS 756, and EXS756.