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Steps to Claim Remuneration if Your Flight SK 1416 is Cancelled or Delayed

If you arrive at the Copenhagen Kastrup Airport and happen to see your flight SK1416 status: Delayed or Cancelled, don’t get upset - we are here to help. Learn your passenger rights below in case your flight SK1416 heading to Stockholm was disrupted.
SAS Scandinavian Airlines - SK1416 (SAS1416)
250 €
Copenhagen Kastrup Airport (CPH)
Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (ARN)
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Last Updated: April 28, 2023

Compensation for a Flight SK 1416 Delay

Starting your vacation to Stockholm with a delay is never fun. If your SK1416 flight arrives late at Franz Josef Strauß (ARN) Airport, it may be possible to claim compensation. Flight delay compensation rights for flight SK 1416 are available if you meet specific criteria, and this is based on the EU 261 / 2004 Regulation. As long as flight SK1416 is delayed arriving in Stockholm by more than 3 hours, SAS is required to offer compensation.

When you need clarification as to whether or not your flight SK 1416 qualifies, use our flight checker, which is completely free. Dealing with SAS Scandinavian Airlines for a compensation claim relating to flight SK1416 isn’t always easy. AirAdvisor helps anyone who has been inconvenienced by an SAS delay when arriving in Stockholm.


Your Expected Compensation for a Flight SK1416 Cancellation

In cases when SAS Scandinavian Airlines cancels your trip to Stockholm Airport (ARN) from Copenhagen Airport (CPH), you may be entitled to make a compensation claim of 250€. Keep in mind that the flight SK1416 cancellation will have to meet certain conditions for you to qualify for this reimbursement from SAS.

It can be difficult to file a claim for compensation from SAS Scandinavian Airlines for a delay in Stockholm on your own, so contact AirAdvisor for help to increase your chances of a favorable outcome.

How to check if the disruption of your flight SK1416 qualifies for reimbursement


SK 1416 Flight Reimbursement: Passenger Entitlement and Process

SAS Passenger Rights for Flight SK1416

Flight SK1416 Cancelled: Are you entitled to a Full Refund?

When a flight SK1416 cancellation happens, SAS Scandinavian Airlines needs to provide a refund for your flight from Copenhagen (CPH) to Stockholm-Arlanda Airport. The law also requires SAS to offer payment for extra costs you incur, such as accommodation near Copenhagen Kastrup Airport. This applies as long as the expense is directly related to the SK 1416 cancellation.

For more information about an SK 1416 flight refund.


Copenhagen to Stockholm Route Outline for SAS Flight SK 1416

SAS Compensation Tips for an SK1416 flight

Complimentary SK1416 Claim Eligibility Checker from AirAdvisor

Overview: Scandinavian Airlines

Copenhagen-based SAS Scandinavian Airlines travels to roughly 110 destinations scattered around Canada, the USA, China, Japan, and major European cities. Kastrup International Airport in Copenhagen is the main base for the airline, which has more than 125 planes in its well-maintained fleet. Major hubs like Stockholm and Oslo also provide connections to other parts of Scandinavia as well as the more popular long-haul destinations like London, New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. SAS is a reliable and comfortable choice providing a truly global airline experience.

Copenhagen Airport: Details

The main gateway for many travellers to and from Denmark, Copenhagen is an available stop on the itineraries of more than 60 well-known and worldwide airlines. Almost 30 million passengers pass through Copenhagen Kastrup’s gates every year. Using the abbreviation CPH, Copenhagen Airport has been going strong since 1925, showing no signs of slowing down. It’s easy to get here using the train from the city centre, and its two main connected terminals (a third is hardly used) are a breeze to navigate.

An Introduction to Stockholm-Arlanda Airport

This Swedish hub began operation in 1962 and is now the third-busiest airport in Scandinavia, after Copenhagen and Norway’s Oslo. Over 25 million passengers pass through each year, travelling in and out of Sweden for both business and leisure. The airport boasts three runways for maximum efficiency and four modern terminals. With 20 domestic destinations served and 87 international routes available, Arlanda is a major airport connecting Scandinavia to the rest of Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia.


Flight Compensation for SAS Flight SK1416: Routine Questions and Straightforward Answers

How do I proceed if my SK1416 flight to Stockholm is delayed?

The first thing to do when you get to Stockholm-Arlanda Airport is to ask the SAS Scandinavian Airlines representatives the reason flight SK 1416 was delayed. Then, file a risk-free compensation claim with AirAdvisor.

I arrived in Stockholm 2 hours late on flight SK1416, am I entitled to compensation?

Unfortunately, no, since only delays of flight SK1416 from CPH to ARN that are more than 3 hours qualify for compensation.

What amount of compensation can you claim for a delay in arriving in Stockholm on flight SK1416?

As long as the SAS flight is delayed more than 3 hours, the EC 261 Regulation from 2004 stipulates that you are eligible for compensation of 250€.

What other ways is Flight SK1416 from SAS Scandinavian Airlines referenced?

Other than the typical SK1416 flight number, you may also see this flight from Copenhagen Airport (CPH) to Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (ARN), referenced as SK 1416, SAS 1416, and SAS1416.


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