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Flight SK 1463 Delay of Trip Compensation

Let’s assume that you arrive late from Oslo Gardermoen Airport to Copenhagen Airport on flight SK1463. What recourse exists to claim flight delay compensation from SAS Scandinavian Airlines? Subject to a minimum 3-hour delay in arriving at Copenhagen Airport (CPH), SAS is legally obligated to provide compensation for the SK 1463 flight delay due to the EU 261/2004 Regulation.

Unsure of your compensation entitlement from SAS Scandinavian Airlines? Use AirAdvisor’s free SK1463 flight checker to confirm. Plus, AirAdvisor is the ideal partner when you claim compensation for a flight delay against SAS. Benefit from our experience to increase the odds of a favourable SK1463 claim result.


Flight SK1463 Trip Cancellation Repayment

No one enjoys having their flight from Oslo (OSL) Airport to Copenhagen (CPH) Airport cancelled. In cases when flight SK 1463 never gets off the ground, it may entitle you to a 250€ payout from SAS.

When flight SK 1463 is cancelled, getting SAS Scandinavian Airlines to honour their legal obligation for your Oslo to Copenhagen Kastrup Airport can be challenging. That’s why AirAdvisor’s multitude of experience with cancelled flights like SK 1463 is an asset you want in your corner.

 Submitting your Copenhagen Kastrup Airport Flight Delay Compensation Claim Against SAS

SK1463 Travel Compensation: Your Rights as a Passenger and Process

Know Your SAS SK1463 Passenger Rights

Cancellation of Flight SK1463: A Passenger’s Entitlement to a Refund Claim

Stuck at Oslo Gardermoen Airport due to an SK1463 cancellation? You should expect a refund from SAS Scandinavian Airlines. The airline is legally required to provide a refund in case of cancelled flight SK1463, which was supposed to take you to Copenhagen Kastrup Airport. Supplementary expenses, like the cost of Oslo Airport (OSL) overnight accommodation, may also be reimbursed by SAS.


Route Outline from OSL (Oslo) to CPH (Copenhagen) of SAS Flight SK 1463


Useful Tips to Get Compensation for SK1463 Flight Disruptions

AirAdvisor has a Free Claim Eligibility Checker Tool for Flight SK1463

About SAS in a Few Words

Scandinavian Airlines, commonly called SAS, has been connecting people since 1946. Throughout its illustrious history, the airline has routinely transported over 29 million passengers a year and offers flights within Scandinavia, to Europe, and to North America. They also offer long-haul, full-service flights to Asia. In all, with SAS, you can get to as many as 118 cities located in 32 different countries.

Oslo Airport: A Short Overview

Oslo’s Gardermoen Airport began operations in 1998 and has remained Norway’s busiest airport since then. With close to 3 million people passing through its one main terminal each month, it is able to transport over 27 million business and leisure passengers annually. As an international hub for air traffic, the 40 airlines with direct routes to Oslo connect people from all over the world with the city. The airport also has flights to nearly 30 domestic destinations and is a base for Norwegian Air and Scandinavian Airlines.

Get the Facts About Copenhagen Airport

Featuring three terminals, one of which is seldom used, Copenhagen Kastrup Airport is known as Scandinavia’s busiest. In 2019, more than 30 million air travellers either landed or took off from the airport, which connects Denmark with other countries in Europe, North America, the Middle and Far East, and Africa. The country’s flag carrier airline, Scandinavian Airlines, calls this hub home and is only one of 61 airlines with direct routes to Copenhagen.


Flight SK1463 Compensation for Trips from Oslo Airport (OSL) to Copenhagen Airport (CPH): FAQs


How does the process work to claim compensation when my SK 1463 flight to Copenhagen Airport experiences an unplanned delay?

Upon landing at the Airport in Copenhagen, head immediately to the SAS Scandinavian Airlines representatives and ask them to confirm exactly why flight SK1463 experienced a delay. Then, proceed to file a risk-free compensation claim for SK 1463 with Air Advisor. It’s risk-free because if you don’t win, you don’t pay a fee.


When my SK1463 flight arrives at Copenhagen Airport 2 hours behind schedule, what can I claim?

The minimum required flight SK 1463 delay threshold is 3 hours in order to be eligible to receive flight delay compensation. A Copenhagen Kastrup Airport arrival delay of only 2 hours wouldn’t trigger any compensation. 


What amount of remuneration should I expect to get from SAS when flight SK1463 encounters a delay?

A minimum 3-hour delay can entitle you to a 250€ payment from SAS Scandinavian Airlines due to the UE 261 Regulation.


In what ways is my SAS flight from OSL (Oslo Airport) to CPH (Copenhagen Airport) typically referenced?

The iterations include SAS1463/SAS 1463 and SK1463/SK 1463.