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Compensation for Delayed or Cancelled Flight SN2183

If you arrive at the Brussels Airport and happen to see your flight SN2183 status: Delayed or Cancelled, don’t get upset - we are here to help. Learn your passenger rights below in case your flight SN2183 heading to Manchester was disrupted.
Brussels Airlines - SN2183 (BEL2183)
250 €
Brussels Airport (BRU)
Manchester Airport (MAN)
United Kingdom
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Last Updated: June 06, 2023

SN 2183 Flight Delayed Compensation

If you are traveling with Brussels Airlines from Brussels Airport (BRU) to Manchester Airport (MAN) and your flight SN 2183 is arriving late, you could be entitled to flight delay compensation. If the delay is 3 hours or longer, the Regulation EU EC261/ 2004 obliges Brussels Airlines to pay Indemnification for Flight SN2183.

With the free flight checker for flight SN2183, the AirAdvisor team can tell you if your delayed flight circumstances meet the criteria for a refund.


Compensation for Cancelled Flight SN 2183

If your flight SN 2183 gets cancelled when you depart from Brussels Airport (BRU) to Manchester (MAN) you might be eligible for a compensation claim of 250€ if your flight with Brussels Airlines qualifies. 

Often, passengers complain that Brussels Airlines frequently declines their flight cancellation compensation claims when they handle the process without professional legal assistance. With AirAdvisor, this scenario is unlikely to occur. Moreover, AirAdvisor can help you to greatly improve the chances for a successful compensation with risk-free and zero fee.

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SN 2183 Flight Delay Compensation Rights 

 Flight SN2183 Passenger Rights

Passenger Right to Get a Refund for Cancelled Flight SN 2183 

The law requires Brussels Airlines to answer your request if you submit for a refund in case of cancelled SN 2183 flight, of your Brussels Airport to Manchester ticket and to indemnify you for any additional expenses as a direct result of the disruption (overnight stay in Brussels).

See more information about flight SN2183 refund.


See the route map for Brussels Airlines flight SN2183 from Brussels to Manchester


Flight SN2183 Compensation Tips

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Reliable Travel with Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines has quickly become a leading home carrier of Belgium, providing travellers with a convenient and reliable airline service. The airline is based at Brussels Airport and operates a modern fleet of 41 aircraft to over 85 destinations worldwide. As a proud member of the Star Alliance and part of the Lufthansa Group, Brussels Airlines boasts an international reach with a professional approach to every aspect of their service. With over 3100 employees, Brussels Airlines continues to deliver a top-notch customer experience while maintaining a pivotal role in the aviation industry.

Brussels Airport Overview

Brussels Airport, a significant 6.5 NM (12.0 km; 7.5 mi) international airport, is situated in the Flemish Region of Belgium, specifically, in the municipality of Zaventem. Being the home base for Brussels Airlines and TUI fly Belgium and employing around 20,000 people, Brussels Airport is the 24th busiest airport in Europe. More than 26 million passengers arrived or departed at the airport in 2019, reflecting the airport's massive passenger flow. The airport can boast of an impressive record of 90,000 passengers on 29th July 2016. Despite its magnitude and high traffic, the airport maintains a professional standard in its operations to ensure unmatched customer satisfaction.

Manchester Airport (MAN) Overview

Manchester Airport, originally known as Ringway Airport, is a distinguished international airport located just 13.9 km from the city centre in Ringway. Since its opening on 25 June 1938, it has become the third busiest airport in the United Kingdom and the 13th globally for total destinations served. Being the busiest airport outside of London, Manchester Airport has three passenger terminals and a cargo terminal. Its two runways, spanning 3,280 yards, cover an area of 560 hectares. The airport operates 199 destinations, and has the capacity to handle up to 50 million passengers annually. Manchester Airport is undoubtedly a cornerstone of the aviation industry.


Brussels Airlines Compensation Brussels to Manchester flight SN 2183: Questions and Answers

What do I do if flight SN 2183 from Brussels to Manchester is delayed?

Once you find the reason for the delay, you can then submit a claim for compensation risk-free with the AirAdvisor which will help you get a flight refund from Brussels Airlines.

Remember, there is no risk on your part as we work on a No-Fee basis if No-Win.

Am I eligible for compensation if my flight SN 2183 to Manchester with Brussels Airlines arrived 2 hours late?

You might be eligible for a compensation of 250€ if flight SN 2183 is cancelled by Brussels Airlines or delayed 3 hours or longer at arrival.

If flight SN 2183 is delayed, how much is the compensation?

UE 261 Regulation from 2004 says that each passenger is entitled to 250€ in compensation if flight SN 2183 from Brussels Airport (BRU) to Manchester Airport (MAN) is delayed by 3 hours or more at arrival.

In what other ways I can refer to flight SN2183 differently?

The SN2183 Brussels Airlines flight is referred also to as SN 2183, BEL2183, and BEL 2183.


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