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Compensation for Delayed U2 2279 Flight

You may be entitled to compensation if the easyJet flight U2 2279 that departs from London Airport (LTN) and travels to Palma De Mallorca Airport (PMI) is delayed. This is because easyJet is required to provide flight delay compensation if upon arrival in Palma de Mallorca the delay lasts longer than 3 hours under Regulation EU EC261/ 2004

Our staff at AirAdvisor can help you figure out if you're entitled to reimbursement for your U2 2279 flight. If you fulfill the requirements, you can use our free flight checker for flight U22279 as a helpful tool to help you apply for compensation from easyJet.


Compensation for Cancelled U2 2279 Flight

You may be able to receive 250€ if your flight U2 2279 from London Luton Airport (LTN) to Palma De Mallorca Airport (PMI), is cancelled by easyJet. 

Our clients have told us that if they attempt to manage their compensation claims for cancelled flights without legal representation, easyJet routinely rejects them. However, if you submit your claim through AirAdvisor, it is doubtful that this will occur. You have greater chances to get your money back with zero risks. 

 Late Arrival at Palma De Mallorca Airport with easyJet. Claim Compensation

Passenger Rights and What To Do to Claim U2 2279 Flight Compensation

 Flight U22279 Passenger Rights

Passengers on Cancelled Flight U2 2279: Know Your Refund Rights

easyJet is required by law to respond your request for a refund of your London to Munchen ticket and to cover any additional expenses incurred as a result of the cancellation of your flight U2 2279 (such as overnight accommodation in London).

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easyJet Flight U22279 Route Map from London to Palma de Mallorca

Compensation tips for easyJet disrupted flight

Delayed or cancelled flight how much compensation you can claim from easyJet

EasyJet: An Introduction

easyJet is a British low-cost airline that has been in operation since 1995. With its headquarters located at London Luton Airport, the airline has grown to become the second-largest budget airline in Europe. Its parent company, EasyGroup, manages a fleet of 326 aircraft and operates on 927 routes across more than 34 countries. With a workforce of approximately 13,000 employees, easyJet has established 29 bases across Europe, allowing it to provide affordable and accessible air travel to millions of passengers every year.

Luton Airport (LTN): Basic Overview

London Luton Airport, an international airport that opened its doors on 16 July 1938, is the 4th largest airport in the UK, handling a staggering 18 million passengers in 2019. Home to a total of 11 airlines, passengers can fly to 154 destinations across 42 countries, with 203 routes in operation. The airport boasts multiple terminals, efficiently managing passenger flow and maintaining a high standard of service. Located just over 30 miles from central London, London Luton Airport is easily accessible and provides a gateway to the rest of the world.

Palma Airport: The Important Details

Palma Airport is on the largest of Spain’s Balearic islands, Mallorca, off the eastern Spanish coast. Opened for commercial flights in 1960, this airport, also called Son Sant Joan Airport, is the primary gateway to exploring this stunning Mediterranean paradise. Popular almost exclusively as a tourist destination, Palma Airport is a travel hub for nearly 30 million international and domestic vacationers. Direct flights to the airport arrive from Africa, North America, Spain, and Europe. During the summer, at its height of busyness, Mallorca Airport transfers over 100,000 passengers per day using its two terminals.


Frequently Asked Questions About U2 2279 Flight Compensation on easyJet's London-Palma de Mallorca Route


If flight U2 2279 from London Luton Airport to Palma De Mallorca Airport is delayed, what should you do?

Inquire with easyJet about the cause of the delay and submit a claim for compensation risk-free. Even with easyJet, our knowledgeable team has extensive experience advocating for your claim. You have nothing to lose because we operate on a No-Win, No-Fee basis.


Can I receive compensation if my U2 2279 flight arrived at Munchen Airport 2 hours later than scheduled?

EU regulations do not provide passengers with compensation for delays of less than 3 hours upon arrival. But if your U2 2279 flight was cancelled or arrived Munchen Airport with a delay of longer than 3 hours, you may be eligible for compensation of up to 250€.


What amount of compensation I can request for my flight U2 2279 if it was delayed?

If your arrival in Palma de Mallorca is delayed by 3 hours or more, you are eligible for a compensation of 250€, according to EU 261/2004 Regulation.


How else can I identify the flight U2 2279?

U2 2279 as well as U22279 or EZY2279/EZY 2279, are some alternative references for this particular easyJet flight.