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How to Claim a Passenger Reimbursement or Compensation when Flight U26921 is Interrupted

If you arrive at the Edinburgh Airport and happen to see your flight U26921 status: Delayed or Cancelled, don’t get upset - we are here to help. Learn your passenger rights below in case your flight U26921 heading to Amsterdam was disrupted.
easyJet - U26921 (EZY6921)
250 €
Edinburgh Airport (EDI)
United Kingdom
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS)
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Last Updated: May 29, 2023

Flight U26921 Trip Reimbursement for a Delay

In the event that you land at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol from Edinburgh Airport with a delay, you may have a right to claim compensation from easyJet. This right for flight U2 6921 is based on the UE 261 Regulation from 2004 and generally applies if your arrival at AMS Airport (not your departure from Edinburgh Airport) is delayed more than 3 hours.

First, confirm if your U26921 journey from Edinburgh to Amsterdam qualifies for flight delay compensation from easyJet using our free flight checker. Then, to significantly improve your chances of a successful U2 6921 compensation claim, use AirAdvisor’s platform and expertise.


Flight U2 6921 Trip Reimbursement for a Cancellation

A complete cancellation of your flight from Edinburgh Airport (EDI) to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol may also qualify for compensation from easyJet of 250€

This U26921 flight cancellation reimbursement from easyJet is subject to terms and conditions, and there is no one better to assist you with the U2 6921 claim process than AirAdvisor. When your flight travelling from Edinburgh Airport to Amsterdam Airport leaves you stranded, we’re here to help.

Make a Compensation Claim with easyJet for Delay When Landing at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

U2 6921 Travel Reimbursement: My Passenger Rights and the Process to Follow

My easyJet U2 6921 Passenger Rights

Flight U2 6921 Cancelled: Your Right to a Reimbursement

Being grounded at Edinburgh Airport without a way to get to Amsterdam because your flight U26921 is cancelled is frustrating. Legally, easyJet needs to issue a refund for a cancelled U26921 flight to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. You may also qualify for reimbursement from easyJet for associated costs, like hotel rooms, that are a direct result of the U2 6921 cancellation.


Route Map from Edinburgh (EDI) to Amsterdam (AMS) for easyJet Flight U26921


Useful Compensation Tips for Flight U2 6921

Use the AirAdvisor Free U2 6921 Claim Eligibility Checker

EasyJet’s Information

EasyJet is known for its convenient yet economical air travel service. It operates up to 1,000 routes across Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East, with London’s Gatwick and Luton airports as its main hubs. The airline currently has over 310 planes in its fleet and can accommodate more than 100 million customers in a single year. Aside from short-distance domestic flights, some of their most-booked routes include destinations from London like Florence, Madrid, Milan, Paris, and Amsterdam. By providing fast and hassle-free travel predominantly for vacationers, EasyJet is now a household name in the aviation sector.

About Edinburgh Airport (EDI)

Edinburgh Airport, located in the capital city of Scotland, has been operating since 1977 and has grown to be the busiest airport in the country and the 6th-busiest in the UK. In 2022, the airport saw an impressive 11 million passengers and over 93,000 aircraft movements. With one runway and one passenger terminal, Edinburgh Airport is owned and operated by Global Infrastructure Partners and employs roughly 2,500 people. As a vital transport hub for the area, the airport plays an important role in passenger flow and economic activity, providing a gateway to the rest of the world for the people of Edinburgh and beyond.

Amsterdam Airport - A Quick Overview

Located in the Netherlands, Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport acts as an important international hub, with over 100 airlines operating from here. Each year it handles around 70 million flight passengers, making it Europe's third busiest air hub. It has direct flights to over 300 exciting destinations all over the world, connecting nearly 90 countries. World-class amenities include shops and restaurants as well as duty-free areas for enhanced convenience. Whether travelling through or spending a layover here, Amsterdam Airport offers a top-notch service experience.


Flight U2 6921 Reimbursement for Trips from Edinburgh to Amsterdam: Answers to Common Questions

What process do I follow when flight U26921 to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) experiences a delay?

Once you land at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, speak with easyJet staff to confirm the exact reason why flight U2 6921 had a delay. Armed with this information relating to flight U26921, head to AirAdvisor to file a risk-free compensation claim because there’s no charge unless you win.

What if my flight from Edinburgh EDI to Amsterdam AMS is 2 hours late? Can I claim reimbursement?

Since the required threshold for U26921 flight delay compensation is 3 hours, a 2-hour delay upon arrival at Amsterdam Airport (AMS) would not qualify for any compensation.

What kind of payment can I expect to receive from easyJet when flight U26921 has a delay?

When you meet the minimum 3-hour threshold, a flight U2 6921 delay can qualify for payment of 250€ from easyJet. This is based on EU Regulation 261.

How is this air journey from Edinburgh Airport to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol typically referenced?

This easyJet flight may be noted as U26921 or U2 6921. It may also be referenced as EZY6921 or EZY 6921.


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Mark from United Kingdom (easyJet U2 6921 Flight cancellation)
August 15, 2021, 8:13 am

Flight with easyJet was cancelled. They haven’t given me any reason, and my return flight was with klm so I couldn’t get to Amsterdam, therefore couldn’t be on the home flight. Lost money on that too. I had to cancel my hotels in Amsterdam too. And I have emails to state easyJet cancelled my flight

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