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Compensation for Delayed or Cancelled Flight U28190

If you arrive at the Malpensa International Airport and happen to see your flight U28190 status: Delayed or Cancelled, don’t get upset - we are here to help. Learn your passenger rights below in case your flight U28190 heading to London was disrupted.
easyJet - U28190 (EZY8190)
250 €
Malpensa International Airport (MXP)
London Gatwick Airport (LGW)
United Kingdom
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Last Updated: May 22, 2023

U2 8190 Flight Delayed Compensation

If you are traveling with easyJet from Milano Airport (MXP) to London Gatwick Airport (LGW) and your flight U2 8190 is arriving late, you could be entitled to flight delay compensation. If the delay is 3 hours or longer, the Regulation EU EC261/ 2004 obliges easyJet to pay Indemnification for Flight U28190.

With the free flight checker for flight U28190, the AirAdvisor team can tell you if your delayed flight circumstances meet the criteria for a refund.


Compensation for Cancelled Flight U2 8190

If your flight U2 8190 gets cancelled when you depart from Malpensa International Airport (MXP) to London (LGW) you might be eligible for a compensation claim of 250€ if your flight with easyJet qualifies. 

Often, passengers complain that easyJet frequently declines their flight cancellation compensation claims when they handle the process without professional legal assistance. With AirAdvisor, this scenario is unlikely to occur. Moreover, AirAdvisor can help you to greatly improve the chances for a successful compensation with risk-free and zero fee.

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U2 8190 Flight Delay Compensation Rights 

 Flight U28190 Passenger Rights

Passenger Right to Get a Refund for Cancelled Flight U2 8190 

The law requires easyJet to answer your request if you submit for a refund in case of cancelled U2 8190 flight, of your Malpensa International Airport to London ticket and to indemnify you for any additional expenses as a direct result of the disruption (overnight stay in Milano).

See more information about flight U28190 refund.


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Flight U28190 Compensation Tips

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EasyJet – A Brief Description

EasyJet launched its first commercial flight in November 1995 and has remained a prominent player in the industry ever since. Annually, it can carry over 80 million people to and home from 30+ countries around the world, with a destination network covering more than 925 routes across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. It also provides additional travel services such as dynamic hotel pricing, car rentals, and ski packages. EasyJet continues to be an industry leader approaching 25 years of excellent service.

Milan Malpensa Airport - All About the Airport

Located 30 miles northwest of Milan, Malpensa Airport is the largest international airport in northern Italy. Opened in 1909, the airport handled 21.3 million passengers in 2022 and was the 23rd busiest airport in Europe in terms of passengers. It's the second busiest airport in Italy, after Rome Fiumicino Airport. For freight and cargo, Malpensa Airport is the busiest in Italy, handling 721.254 tons of international freight annually. Additionally, the airport is 6th in Europe for the number of countries served with direct scheduled flights. As part of the Milan airport system, Malpensa has become one of Italy's most vital transportation hubs, serving over 42.2 million passengers in 2022.

Gatwick Airport in a Few Words

London Gatwick Airport is a contender for the busiest international airport in the United Kingdom and is the eighth busiest in Europe as of 2022. It can accommodate over 46 million travellers every year and covers over 200 destinations in 90 countries. The airport’s first flight was to Paris in 1936, and after being re-purposed during the war, Gatwick underwent extensive renovations to re-open in 1958. Over 50 airlines offer routes to and from Gatwick, and its location within 30 miles of London’s centre, in addition to its excellent train links, make this airport popular with both leisure and business passengers.


easyJet Compensation Milano to London flight U2 8190: Questions and Answers

What do I do if flight U2 8190 from Milano to London is delayed?

Once you find the reason for the delay, you can then submit a claim for compensation risk-free with the AirAdvisor which will help you get a flight refund from easyJet.

Remember, there is no risk on your part as we work on a No-Fee basis if No-Win.

Am I eligible for compensation if my flight U2 8190 to London with easyJet arrived 2 hours late?

You might be eligible for a compensation of 250€ if flight U2 8190 is cancelled by easyJet or delayed 3 hours or longer at arrival.

If flight U2 8190 is delayed, how much is the compensation?

UE 261 Regulation from 2004 says that each passenger is entitled to 250€ in compensation if flight U2 8190 from Malpensa International Airport (MXP) to London Gatwick Airport (LGW) is delayed by 3 hours or more at arrival.

In what other ways I can refer to flight U28190 differently?

The U28190 easyJet flight is referred also to as U2 8190, EZY8190, and EZY 8190.


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