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Claim a Refund and Compensation for Flight U28194 when it’s Cancelled or Delayed

If you arrive at the Malpensa International Airport and happen to see your flight U28194 status: Delayed or Cancelled, don’t get upset - we are here to help. Learn your passenger rights below in case your flight U28194 heading to London was disrupted.
easyJet - U28194 (EZY8194)
250 €
Malpensa International Airport (MXP)
London Gatwick Airport (LGW)
United Kingdom
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Last Updated: June 05, 2023

Compensation Guidelines When Your U28194 Flight is Delayed

A late arrival at London Gatwick Airport (LGW) doesn’t have to be the end of the world. When your U2 8194 flight misses its scheduled arrival time by more than 3 hours, you might be entitled to claim flight delay compensation through easyJet.

The UE 261 Regulation enacted in 2004 is helpful for journeys from Milano (MXP) to London (LGW) because it offers protection against these kinds of travel interruptions. Anyone who experiences a flight U28194 delay can check their eligibility using our free U2 8194 flight checker since you need to meet certain criteria.

When it comes to getting payment from easyJet for your delayed entry into London, it’s not always easy. Let AirAdvisor direct you on the best ways to get U2 8194 flight delayed compensation.


Compensation Guidelines When easyJet U28194 Gets Cancelled

It’s never easy when easyJet cancels your flight to London Airport (LGW). If this happens to your U28194 flight, don’t panic about being stuck at Malpensa International Airport. Airlines like easyJet are required to compensate you 250€ for U2 8194 flight cancellations.

You might be worried about how to request a refund for a disrupted flight U28194, but that’s what AirAdvisor is here for. Know your rights when it comes to cancelled flights to Milano Airport (MXP), and use us to help you with your flight U28194 cancellation reimbursement.

Can I get delay or cancellation compensation for Flight U28194

U2 8194 Flight Remuneration: Process Outline and Required Steps

 Steps to Take When my Flight U28194 is Cancelled or Delayed

Refund Obligations of the Airline when U2 8194 is Cancelled

To keep things simple, it’s a legal requirement that easyJet covers the price of your flight to London Gatwick Airport (LGW) from Milano Airport (MXP) whenever your initial U2 8194 flight is cancelled. Compensation from easyJet also extends to other extra costs you might have because you’re stuck at Malpensa International Airport, like hotels and meals.

Consult our guide on the flight U28194 flight cancellation refund process, so there won’t be any surprises later on.

easyJet Flight U28194: Milano to London Route Plan

Tips to Get Compensation from easyJet When Your Trip is Disrupted

Use AirAdvisor’s Claim Eligibility Checker - it’s Free

EasyJet - What’s the Story?

EasyJet is a leading European airline with more than 950 routes within the UK and to upwards of 30 other countries. EasyJet’s most sought-after flights include ones to and from Barcelona, Paris, Rome, and Geneva. The company has its main base in Luton Airport, with a fleet that includes a staggering 318 planes. With extensive international networks and friendly service, EasyJet provides unbeatable options that allow passengers to travel economically.

Summary: Milan Airport (MXP)

Milan Malpensa Airport, located just 49 kilometres from Milan, has a rich history dating back to its opening in 1910. Today, it covers an impressive 262,300m² and boasts 54 check-in desks and 25 gates, making it the second busiest airport in Italy and the 23rd busiest in Europe. In 2022 alone, it handled 21,347,652 million passengers, 186,626 aircraft movements, and 721,255 tons of cargo. Despite its magnitude and passenger flow, Milan Malpensa Airport operates smoothly and efficiently, providing a seamless travel experience for all who pass through.

London Gatwick Information

Located in Crawley, part of England’s West Sussex County, Gatwick Airport (LGW) is a true example of British aviation heritage. Opening its gates officially in 1958, Gatwick continues to grow to maintain its status as a bustling international airport. Situated 30 miles (48km) from London’s Centre,  LGW ranks highly (8th) on lists of the most-used European airports. The reason it’s a key player is that in its busiest year, 2019, Gatwick transported over 46 million people. After slowing in 2020 and 2021, Gatwick is back to its old self, and the passenger numbers for 2022 were closer to 30 million. Two terminals, 115 gates, one runway, and over 240 check-in desks are what make Gatwick stand out from the rest.

U28194 easyJet Malpensa International Airport to London Flight Remuneration: Simple Answers to Your Common Questions

What are the steps when my U2 8194 journey from Malpensa International Airport to London Gatwick Airport - incurs a delay?

The first thing to do is check with easyJet the reason for the U2 8194 delay. Do this as soon as you can once you land late in London. Then, make a risk-free compensation claim to easyJet with AirAdvisor. You don’t pay a fee unless we win, so there’s no harm in seeking compensation from easyJet. Given our experience, your chances are much higher of receiving U2 8194 delay compensation when you partner with us.

My flight U2 8194 arrived in London from Malpensa International Airport 2 hours late - what are my reimbursement options?

Only U28194 flights that are late by at least 3 hours will qualify for compensation for a flight delay, as dictated by EU law. Unfortunately, when your arrival at London Airport is only delayed by 2 hours, although inconvenient, you wouldn’t meet the conditions to trigger EU Regulation 261 / 2004.

When my flight U28194 is delayed, what benefits can I claim?

Based on the UE 261 Regulation, if your Milano (MXP) flight arrives more than 3 hours behind schedule at London Gatwick Airport, you can claim 250€ from easyJet using AirAdvisor’s help.

How else will I find my easyJet Flight 2371 listed?

Aside from either U2 8194 or U28194, you may also see this same flight listed as DLA 2371 or DLA2371 for the same route from Milano Airport (MXP) to London.


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