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Claim a Refund and Compensation for Flight VY3910 when it’s Cancelled or Delayed

If you arrive at the Barcelona International Airport and happen to see your flight VY3910 status: Delayed or Cancelled, don’t get upset - we are here to help. Learn your passenger rights below in case your flight VY3910 heading to Palma de Mallorca was disrupted.
Vueling Airlines - VY3910 (VLG3910)
250 €
Barcelona International Airport (BCN)
Palma De Mallorca Airport (PMI)
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Last Updated: April 21, 2023

Compensation Guidelines When Your VY3910 Flight is Delayed

A late arrival at Palma De Mallorca Airport (PMI) doesn’t have to be the end of the world. When your VY 3910 flight misses its scheduled arrival time by more than 3 hours, you might be entitled to claim flight delay compensation through Vueling Airlines.

The UE 261 Regulation enacted in 2004 is helpful for journeys from Barcelona (BCN) to Palma de Mallorca (PMI) because it offers protection against these kinds of travel interruptions. Anyone who experiences a flight VY3910 delay can check their eligibility using our free VY 3910 flight checker since you need to meet certain criteria.

When it comes to getting payment from Vueling for your delayed entry into Palma de Mallorca, it’s not always easy. Let AirAdvisor direct you on the best ways to get VY 3910 flight delayed compensation.


Compensation Guidelines When Vueling VY3910 Gets Cancelled

It’s never easy when Vueling Airlines cancels your flight to Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI). If this happens to your VY3910 flight, don’t panic about being stuck at Barcelona International Airport. Airlines like Vueling are required to compensate you 250€ for VY 3910 flight cancellations.

You might be worried about how to request a refund for a disrupted flight VY3910, but that’s what AirAdvisor is here for. Know your rights when it comes to cancelled flights to Barcelona Airport (BCN), and use us to help you with your flight VY3910 cancellation reimbursement.

Can I get delay or cancellation compensation for Flight VY3910

VY 3910 Flight Remuneration: Process Outline and Required Steps

 Steps to Take When my Flight VY3910 is Cancelled or Delayed

Refund Obligations of the Airline when VY 3910 is Cancelled

To keep things simple, it’s a legal requirement that Vueling Airlines covers the price of your flight to Palma De Mallorca Airport (PMI) from Barcelona Airport (BCN) whenever your initial VY 3910 flight is cancelled. Compensation from Vueling also extends to other extra costs you might have because you’re stuck at Barcelona International Airport, like hotels and meals.

Consult our guide on the flight VY3910 flight cancellation refund process, so there won’t be any surprises later on.

Vueling Flight VY3910: Barcelona to Palma de Mallorca Route Plan

Tips to Get Compensation from Vueling When Your Trip is Disrupted

Use AirAdvisor’s Claim Eligibility Checker - it’s Free

Facts Regarding Vueling Airlines

Founded in 2004, Spanish-based Vueling Airlines now helps millions of passengers get to and from well over 100 different destinations every year. It began with just two routes from Barcelona and slowly expanded to destinations all over Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. From its hub in Barcelona, Vueling uses its 126 aircraft to reach 31 different countries in addition to flying domestically in Spain. Featuring a fleet size of 126 aircraft, Vueling enjoys a strong presence in Europe.

Barcelona Airport: A Snapshot

Barcelona’s principal international airport, El Prat, is an essential hub for travellers who want to explore Spain. Getting its start in 1918 when it was used exclusively by Spain’s navy, Barcelona Airport currently gets up to 45 million vacationers and business travellers annually. It boasts a variety of shops, restaurants, and other services throughout its sprawling complex, divided into two terminals. Approximately 60 airlines flying to and from 195 destinations take off from and land at Barcelona Airport.

Overview of Palma Airport in Mallorca

Palma Airport is the third most used airport in Spain, located on the Mediterranean island paradise of Mallorca. The airport began operation in 1960, continually expanding over the past five decades. In 2019 alone, Palma De Mallorca Airport handled a little less than 30 million travellers, a number that continues to grow each year due to its favourable location and convenient connection with mainland Spain. With air carriers offering both domestic and international flights to over 130 exciting destinations, this popular vacation hotspot is easier than ever to get to.

VY3910 Vueling Barcelona International Airport to Palma de Mallorca Flight Remuneration: Simple Answers to Your Common Questions

What are the steps when my VY 3910 journey from Barcelona International Airport to Palma De Mallorca Airport - incurs a delay?

The first thing to do is check with Vueling the reason for the VY 3910 delay. Do this as soon as you can once you land late in Palma de Mallorca. Then, make a risk-free compensation claim to Vueling Airlines with AirAdvisor. You don’t pay a fee unless we win, so there’s no harm in seeking compensation from Vueling. Given our experience, your chances are much higher of receiving VY 3910 delay compensation when you partner with us.

My flight VY 3910 arrived in Palma de Mallorca from Barcelona International Airport 2 hours late - what are my reimbursement options?

Only VY3910 flights that are late by at least 3 hours will qualify for compensation for a flight delay, as dictated by EU law. Unfortunately, when your arrival at Palma de Mallorca Airport is only delayed by 2 hours, although inconvenient, you wouldn’t meet the conditions to trigger EU Regulation 261 / 2004.

When my flight VY3910 is delayed, what benefits can I claim?

Based on the UE 261 Regulation, if your Barcelona (BCN) flight arrives more than 3 hours behind schedule at Palma De Mallorca Airport, you can claim 250€ from Vueling using AirAdvisor’s help.

How else will I find my Vueling Flight 2371 listed?

Aside from either VY 3910 or VY3910, you may also see this same flight listed as DLA 2371 or DLA2371 for the same route from Barcelona Airport (BCN) to Palma de Mallorca.


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