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A Delayed VY6224 Flight: Reimbursement

Flight disruptions at either FCO or LGW Airport are never fun. In cases when your VY 6224 journey is delayed arriving in London, Germany, by more than 3 hours, Vueling Airlines has a legal obligation, based on the EU261/2004 Regulation, to provide remuneration. You do this for flight VY6224 by filing a compensation claim for a delayed flight with the airline.

If you are unclear about how to get flight delay compensation for VY6224, AirAdvisor has you covered. First, consult our free VY6224 flight checker to start the process. Let us help you deal with the Vueling red tape to increase the odds of a favourable VY 6224 delay claim outcome.


Compensation Qualification for an VY 6224 Flight Cancellation

Flight cancellations definitely impact your travel plans to London. But if you’re stranded at Fiumicino Airport and unable to land at London Gatwick Airport, don’t panic. It’s possible to claim up to 250€ for the disruption from Vueling Airlines to soften the blow. Although there are certain stipulations to this flight VY6224 payout, AirAdvisor makes it easy to sort through the Vueling cancellation claim process. We can answer all the questions you have relating to how to submit an VY 6224 cancellation claim.

Does my flight VY6224 qualify for reimbursement

Reimbursement for Vueling VY6224: Passenger’s Rights and Process Summary

Vueling VY 6224 to London Passenger Rights

Vueling Flight VY6224 is Cancelled: Passengers’ Right to Claim a Refund

In short, Vueling Airlines must cover the cost of your cancelled flight from Rome Airport (FCO) to London Gatwick Airport (LGW). This is done as an VY6224 flight refund, and Vueling is also mandated to cover any supplementary costs, like a hotel stay at Fiumicino Airport, that you experience as a direct result of the VY6224 cancellation.


Vueling VY 6224 Flight Map from Rome to London

VY 6224 flight compensation tips

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Vueling Airlines: An Overview

Vueling Airlines is a Spain-based airline, predominantly operating from El Prat de Llobregat Airport, which is an area just outside of Barcelona. Focused mostly on European destinations, business and leisure passengers flock to the airline in the millions annually. It’s not uncommon for Vueling to see in excess of 30 million of them in a single year. Vueling Airlines’ popularity can be credited to its diverse routes and host of advantages, such as free in-flight entertainment, convenient travel itineraries, and top-notch customer service.

The Scoop on Fiumicino Airport

Located in Fiumicino, Italy, Rome–Fiumicino International Airport, also known as Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport, is the largest and busiest airport in the country. It serves as the primary transportation hub for Rome and has over 29.3 million passengers pass through its terminals in 2022, making it the world's 49th-busiest airport. Covering an area of 16 square kilometers, the airport comprises four terminals and is also the tenth busiest airport in Europe. As part of Italy's second airport system, it served 32.8 million passengers in 2022, while currently being the hub for ITA airlines, having been formerly serving as the hub for Alitalia. Additionally, the airport won the "Best Airport Award" in the category of hubs with over 40 million passengers in 2022, further cementing its status as a world-class airport.

Gatwick: A Quick Look

Currently serving as the second busiest UK airport, handling over 45 million passengers each year with more than 40 airlines from all around the world, Gatwick is a big draw. Convenient routes to almost 200 destinations, impressive services in two terminals, and less than 30 minutes by train from London’s centre all make this airport a worthwhile stop on anyone’s itinerary. Gatwick doesn’t just fly within Europe, either. Long-haul flights to Dubai, New York, and Cancun are all possible as well.


Answers to Common Questions Regarding Interruptions to Flight VY6224 from Fiumicino Airport to London Gatwick Airport


Always check with the Vueling Airlines staff on the ground what the specific reason was for the VY6224 delay. Next, you can submit your compensation claim with us totally risk-free.


My flight delay from Rome to London with Vueling was 2 hours. Can I get any compensation?

Since flight VY6224 didn’t incur the minimum 3-hour delay, in this case, you wouldn’t qualify for any compensation from Vueling Airlines.


How much money can I get when my VY 6224 flight is delayed arriving at London Airport?

Remember that the minimum delay required on flight VY6224 is 3 hours. Provided this is the case, the UE 261 Regulation says that Vueling Airlines must pay you 250€, assuming the reason for the delay qualifies.


How else should I expect to see my Vueling flight VY 6224 referenced?

Typically, this flight from Fiumicino Airport to London Gatwick Airport / Franz Josef Strauß Airport is referenced as VY 6224 or VY6224. You can also see it as VLG6224 and VLG 6224.