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Compensation that Applies when VY8749 by Vueling Airlines is Delayed

There’s nothing worse than arriving late at Barcelona International Airport when you have a tight travel itinerary. Don’t panic because VY 8749 late arrivals can be eligible for compensation for flight delay. In Europe, EU Regulation 261/2004 compels Vueling to compensate travelers who experience a flight delay on VY8749, as long as your arrival at BCN is over 3 hours late.

At AirAdvisor, we understand that navigating Vueling Airlines flight VY 8749 reimbursements can be tricky. It’s important to know your flight delay compensation rights as soon as you arrive in Barcelona. We can guide you through the claim process with Vueling as long as you meet certain conditions. To start, use our free tool to check the VY8749 flight.


VY8749 Flight Cancelled: Your Anticipated Compensation

A cancelled Vueling flight will always impact your travel plans. When you get stuck at Manchester Airport with nowhere to go, you can apply for a refund for a cancelled VY8749 flight.

Subject to certain criteria, VY8749 flights that never take off from Manchester Airport entitle you to 250€ to ease the difficulty that comes with the cancellation. Airlines, including Vueling Airlines, can be notoriously hard to deal with concerning a refund in case of MAN Airport flight disruption. The solution is to lean on AirAdvisor to get your VY8749 flight cancellation compensation.

Submit a reimbursement claim for a delay at Barcelona Airport

Compensation for Flight VY 8749: Entitlement and Procedure

 What to do when flight VY8749 is Delayed or Cancelled

Your Refund Rights when Vueling VY 8749 Experiences a Cancellation

The law makes it obligatory for Vueling Airlines to cover the cost of your flight from Manchester Airport (MAN) to Barcelona International Airport (BCN) if your original flight VY8749 is cancelled. To help with the disruption, you may also be eligible for other benefits from Vueling, like reimbursement for a hotel.

If you’re unsure of how to get a refund for flight VY8749, check out our information on the flight cancellation refund process.

Vueling Airlines Flight VY8749: Manchester to Barcelona Route Outline

Vueling Airlines Compensation tips for trip disruption

what amount of compensation can I claim for Vueling flight delays or cancellations

Introducing Vueling Airlines

From its main Barcelona base, Vueling Airlines has been ever-expanding since its founding in 2004. It now has hundreds of routes, covering beaches, winter getaways, and exciting city breaks. With Vueling, it’s easy to get flights to all your favourite European cities, and particular highlights in its network are Paris, London, Berlin, Milan, and Rome. With a strong emphasis on quality service, competitive prices, and a huge network throughout Europe, it’s easy to see why Vueling is becoming increasingly popular each year.

An Introduction to Manchester Airport (MAN)

As an international airport located in Ringway, just a stone's throw away from Manchester's city center, Manchester Airport has established itself as one of the world's leading travel hubs. Having opened its doors in 1938, this multi-award-winning airport now welcomes over 29 million passengers through its three terminals each year, with flights to more than 110 destinations in 42 countries. With two full-length runways and over 30 airlines operating, Manchester Airport handles an impressive 587 flights per day, as well as more than 50,000 tonnes of cargo each year. A true global gateway, Manchester Airport is an essential hub for both business and leisure travellers, and is obliged to comply with EU Regulation No 2111/2005.

Learn About Barcelona Airport

Close to Barcelona, in Spain’s Catalonia region, El Prat Barcelona Airport flies to over 190 destinations and hosts north of 50 million yearly passengers. With passenger numbers this high, it’s understandable that BCN is among the most-used European airports in Europe and second in Spain. Due to the large passenger numbers here, the airport is equipped with excellent services, like restaurants and boutique shopping, and handy Wi-Fi. The airport’s three runways and two well-organised terminals are busy hubs of activity day and night.

Vueling VY8749 Manchester to Barcelona Flight Compensation: Typical Questions and Easy Answers


What should I do if my VY8749 flight from Manchester to Barcelona is delayed?

The first step is to inquire with Vueling Airlines about the reason for the delay. Do this immediately after you land behind schedule at Barcelona Airport. Then, submit your risk-free compensation claim for flight VY8749 with us. Only if you receive compensation from Vueling do we charge a fee, so it’s certainly worth a try. You have a much better chance of VY 8749 flight delay compensation when you have AirAdvisor by your side.


My flight VY 8749 arrived at Barcelona International Airport (BCN) 2 hours late. Can I get reimbursement?

Vueling Airlines flights must be delayed a minimum of 3 hours to qualify for VY 8749 flight compensation. So if your delay at Barcelona Airport is only 2 hours, European Union law doesn’t make compensation by Vueling mandatory. But remember that if your flight from Manchester Airport to Barcelona International Airport is cancelled, you may have the right to claim 250€ of compensation.


When my flight VY 8749 is delayed, what compensation can I claim?

The UE Regulation from 2004 says that if your VY 8749 flight from Manchester Airport is delayed a minimum of 3 hours arriving at BCN Airport, you are entitled to 250€.


What other ways is flight VY 8749 referenced?

VY 8749, VY8749, VLG 8749, and VLG8749 are additional ways this Manchester Airport (MAN) to Barcelona Airport (BCN) Vueling Airlines flight is referenced.