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Procedures and Qualification to Claim Reimbursement for Flight W6 2208 When There is a Delay or Cancellation

If you arrive at the London Luton Airport and happen to see your flight W62208 status: Delayed or Cancelled, don’t get upset - we are here to help. Learn your passenger rights below in case your flight W62208 heading to Budapest was disrupted.
Wizz Air - W62208 (WZZ2208)
250 €
London Luton Airport (LTN)
United Kingdom
Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport (BUD)
Reviewed by a licensed lawyer.
Last Updated: June 14, 2023

Compensation that Applies when W62208 by Wizz Air is Delayed

There’s nothing worse than arriving late at Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport when you have a tight travel itinerary. Don’t panic because W6 2208 late arrivals can be eligible for compensation for flight delay. In Europe, EU Regulation 261/2004 compels Wizz Air to compensate travelers who experience a flight delay on W62208, as long as your arrival at BUD is over 3 hours late.

At AirAdvisor, we understand that navigating Wizz Air flight W6 2208 reimbursements can be tricky. It’s important to know your flight delay compensation rights as soon as you arrive in Budapest. We can guide you through the claim process with Wizz Air as long as you meet certain conditions. To start, use our free tool to check the W62208 flight.


W62208 Flight Cancelled: Your Anticipated Compensation

A cancelled Wizz Air flight will always impact your travel plans. When you get stuck at London Luton Airport with nowhere to go, you can apply for a refund for a cancelled W62208 flight.

Subject to certain criteria, W62208 flights that never take off from London Airport entitle you to 250€ to ease the difficulty that comes with the cancellation. Airlines, including Wizz Air, can be notoriously hard to deal with concerning a refund in case of LTN Airport flight disruption. The solution is to lean on AirAdvisor to get your W62208 flight cancellation compensation.

Submit a reimbursement claim for a delay at Budapest Airport

Compensation for Flight W6 2208: Entitlement and Procedure

 What to do when flight W62208 is Delayed or Cancelled

Your Refund Rights when Wizz Air W6 2208 Experiences a Cancellation

The law makes it obligatory for Wizz Air to cover the cost of your flight from London Luton Airport (LTN) to Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport (BUD) if your original flight W62208 is cancelled. To help with the disruption, you may also be eligible for other benefits from Wizz Air, like reimbursement for a hotel.

If you’re unsure of how to get a refund for flight W62208, check out our information on the flight cancellation refund process.

Wizz Air Flight W62208: London to Budapest Route Outline

Wizz Air Compensation tips for trip disruption

what amount of compensation can I claim for Wizz Air flight delays or cancellations

Wizz Air Pertinent Info

Wizz Air, a Hungarian budget airline, began taking passengers from its Budapest base in 2003. In the years since then, it has grown to serve over 37 million people annually and flies to 145 airports in 31 countries. Wizz Air is seen as one of the most up-and-coming airlines in Europe and continues to expand its operations and routes with an ever-increasing passenger base.

Luton Airport (LTN): Preliminary Details

London Luton Airport, an international airport situated in Luton, England, is an aviation hub that serves as a gateway to over 150 destinations across the world. Since opening its doors on 16 July 1938, it has grown significantly to become the fourth-largest airport in the UK, catering to approximately 18 million passengers in 2019. Housing 11 airlines that operate on 203 routes, the airport boasts of top-notch terminals that facilitate passenger flow efficiently. If you seek a professional and seamless travel experience, London Luton Airport should be on your list of airport destinations.

Overview of Budapest Ferenc Liszt Airport

Budapest Airport, with the IATA code BUD, is the largest airport in Hungary. It primarily serves the Budapest metropolitan area and has been in operation since 1985. Located just 16 km away from Budapest, it handled 12.2 million passengers in 2022 alone. The airport covers an impressive 1,515 hectares and has two passenger terminals. Notably, it is the hub for Wizz Air and a base for Ryanair, two of Europe's leading airlines. Budapest Airport is renowned for its modern facilities and efficient operations, making it a popular choice for travelers visiting Hungary and the surrounding region.

Wizz Air W62208 London to Budapest Flight Compensation: Typical Questions and Easy Answers

What should I do if my W62208 flight from London to Budapest is delayed?

The first step is to inquire with Wizz Air about the reason for the delay. Do this immediately after you land behind schedule at Budapest Airport. Then, submit your risk-free compensation claim for flight W62208 with us. Only if you receive compensation from Wizz Air do we charge a fee, so it’s certainly worth a try. You have a much better chance of W6 2208 flight delay compensation when you have AirAdvisor by your side.

My flight W6 2208 arrived at Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport (BUD) 2 hours late. Can I get reimbursement?

Wizz Air flights must be delayed a minimum of 3 hours to qualify for W6 2208 flight compensation. So if your delay at Budapest Airport is only 2 hours, European Union law doesn’t make compensation by Wizz Air mandatory. But remember that if your flight from London Luton Airport to Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport is cancelled, you may have the right to claim 250€ of compensation.

When my flight W6 2208 is delayed, what compensation can I claim?

The UE Regulation from 2004 says that if your W6 2208 flight from London Luton Airport is delayed a minimum of 3 hours arriving at BUD Airport, you are entitled to 250€.

What other ways is flight W6 2208 referenced?

W6 2208, W62208, WZZ 2208, and WZZ2208 are additional ways this London Airport (LTN) to Budapest Airport (BUD) Wizz Air flight is referenced.


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Natalia from United Kingdom (Wizz Air W6 2208 Flight delay)
April 19, 2023, 1:00 am

The flight was delayed for more than 5.5 hours. Due to late arrival (5:15am) I missed the train for my destination (Bekescsaba) in Hungary. Then it took longer to get there and I missed the openning of caltural festival. Yes, Wizz sent few mails re delay, I got them already on my way to airport. Wizz sent a food coupon, I could not use it as Wizz-app did not open due poor internet connection in Luton airport. Because poor Wi-Fi could not found food cupon.

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