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Compensation Expectations for an W65721 Flight Delay

Any journey from London (LGW) Airport to Palma de Mallorca (PMI) Airport can be stressful. Add a delay of flight W6 5721, resulting in a missed Wizz Air or other airline connection, and things get worse. If an W65721 delay occurs, you may have options to claim flight delay compensation. This right requiring Wizz Air to compensate you is dictated by the EU 261/2004 regulation and applies as long as you land at Palma De Mallorca Airport (PMI) Airport at least 3 hours behind schedule.

To start the process, use the AirAdvisor W6 5721 free flight checker to see if your Palma De Mallorca Airport late arrival qualifies. Then contact us to start your Wizz Air compensation claim.


Getting Compensation for an Unexpected W6 5721 Flight Cancellation

When your flight starting from LGW and going to PMI is outright cancelled, what recourse do you have with Wizz Air? Depending on a few factors, this W6 5721 cancellation may entitle you to 250€ in disruption compensation.

Wizz Air likely won’t be in a rush to issue this cancelled W65721 compensation, which is why AirAdvisor helps passengers just like you. You’ll have a better chance when you’re stranded at London Gatwick Airport using us than if you go it alone.

Submit an Wizz Air claim for a delayed flight from London Gatwick Airport

Flight W6 5721 Compensation: Passenger’s Rights and How to Take Action

 Passenger’s Rights for Flight W6 5721 to PMI Airport

Your Right to Claim a Refund When There is a Flight W65721 Cancellation

Any airline, including Wizz Air, is legally obliged to provide a flight W6 5721 refund for your London to Palma de Mallorca journey if the flight is cancelled. You can also submit an Wizz Air compensation claim for additional costs you have to pay while stranded in London. This includes expenses directly connected with the W65721 cancellation, like a London Gatwick Airport hotel stay.


Flight W6 5721 by Wizz Air: London to Palma de Mallorca Route

Flight W6 5721 Helpful Compensation Tips

Compensation amounts when flight W6 5721 is cancelled or delayed

Wizz Air At A Glance

Founded in September 2003, Wizz Air is a low-cost airline based in Hungary. It offers passengers a convenient and budget-friendly flight option with countless routes connecting more than 140 exciting destinations in 31 countries across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Every year, more than 35 million passengers trust the airline for their journeys, taking advantage of its low prices and reliable services. With hubs at Budapest Airport and London Luton Airport, Wizz Air is a top choice when you want to take to the skies.

Gatwick Airport - About

London’s Gatwick Airport is one of the largest international airports within the UK, located 30 miles south of the central part of London. The airport, in its current configuration, opened to passengers in 1958, and in 2019, it transported just over an astonishing 46 million people. Today, it is a main hub for international flights reaching destinations all over the world. Vacationers and business travellers can easily connect with the rest of Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Africa. In all, Gatwick offers flights to more than 175 exciting cities in 90 countries.

A Peek at Mallorca Airport

Palma de Mallorca Airport, on the beautiful Mallorcan island in Spain, has been in operation since 1960. For years, it was a small airport servicing only a handful of planes each year. As tourism here grew, the airport expanded rapidly, and now between 28 and 29 million passengers use this gateway to the island every year. The airport experiences a drastic increase in passengers from April to October, peaking at up to 35,000 flights per month during the summer. Over 50 airlines have routes to Palma, and vacationers from 130 cities or more can get a direct flight to this island paradise.


W65721 from London Gatwick Airport to Palma De Mallorca Airport Flight Compensation: Questions and Simple Answers


My Wizz Air journey to Palma De Mallorca Airport (PMI) from London was delayed; what should I do?

When you land in Palma de Mallorca, ask Wizz Air exactly why flight W6 5721 was delayed. Next, you should submit a risk-free compensation claim using AirAdvisor. We’ve successfully helped many passengers claim with Wizz Air for flight W65721 disruptions. There’s no fee unless the W6 5721 claim outcome is positive.


What compensation can I claim from Wizz Air when W65721 has a 2-hour delay?

With a two-hour delay on W65721, Wizz Air is not required to offer any compensation. Only if your flight from London (LGW) Airport to Palma de Mallorca is cancelled entirely would you be eligible for 250€ as per EU Regulation 261.


What compensation can I expect if my Wizz Air W6 5721 flight is delayed for 3 hours or more?

As per the EU Regulation 261, your W65721 delay might qualify for compensation of 250€. Remember that the 3-hour delay is determined based on when you land in Palma de Mallorca, not when you take off from London Gatwick Airport.


What other ways is flight W6 5721 referenced?

Flight W6 5721 can also be written as W65721, WZZ 5721, and lastly, WZZ5721.