EU Flight Cancellation Compensation

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It does not matter where you are based, you may have EU cancellation rights. If your flight is eligible you may claim European law flight compensation of up to £510. We, AirAdvisor EU flight compensation experts, can help you with it. 

We can take charge of all the process, even protect your EU passenger rights flight cancelled in court. Good thing is that our service is entirely free of charge.

Learn about EU law cancelled flights, your eligibility for EU travel compensation and how much you can get. We educate you on everything you need to know about EU flight cancellation compensation.

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When your flight is cancelled it can ruin your holiday or business plans. Fortunately, there is Regulation 261/2004 that defends travellers enforcing their European Union airline passenger rights.

According to EU law cancelled flights, air passengers may be entitled to compensation of up to £510. It is possible to claim EU flight compensation even if the passenger had connecting flights or was offered an alternative flight.

Sometimes airlines are not obliged to pay any EU flight cancellation compensation. The common reason is if they inform the passengers about cancellation more than 14 days before the flight.


EU law cancelled flights: when are you eligible for compensation?

Any traveller may have EU passenger rights flight cancelled to claim compensation

EU Directive flight cancellation includes EU travel compensation rules. EU 261 flight cancellation compensation is also part of UK law. 

This means that all citizens and residents of the UK may enforce their EU cancellation rights as any other citizen or resident of the European Union. 

Only the following criteria shall be satisfied to be eligible for European law flight compensation

  • airline notified you about cancellation less than 14 days before the departure
  • cancelled flight is operated by an EU airline or was scheduled to depart from the EU
  • cancellation was due to the airline’s fault (ex., technical problems, etc.), not due to extraordinary circumstances (ex., bad weather, etc.)
  • you submitted EU cancellation claim within the deadline (for the UK, the time limit is 6 years after the flight cancellation)
  • you booked the flight in question and have the proof (ex., booking confirmation)


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AirAdvisor - defender of your EU passenger rights flight cancelled 

AirAdvisor is a well-known company that defends air passenger rights in the situation of denied boarding, delay or cancellation. We know the EU flight compensation subject inside out. 

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EU flight compensation: what flights are covered?

Flights to Europe cancelled by British Airways? You have the right for compensation!

Cancelled flight compensation EU Regulations specify flight conditions Europe when your flight may qualify for compensation. You may get compensation for cancelled flight EU only if:

  • your cancelled flight is run by an EU airline, or
  • your flight was planned to depart from the EU airport

If your flight meets the above conditions, you may get flights to Europe cancelled compensation if your flight is operated by an EU airline such as British Airways. 

According to the EU flight cancellation compensation rules, the definition of EU cancelled flight is broadened. It also includes Iceland, Switzerland, Norway and 9 outermost areas besides the UK and other 26 members of the European Union.

This means that you may get flight cancellation compensation outside EU.

Imagine that your flight departs from Saint Martin island to Miami with American Airlines but gets cancelled. You may have the right to flight cancellation reimbursement EU since Saint Martin is one of the 9 overseas zones covered by the EU law cancelled flights

The table below shows what flights are eligible under EU law cancelled flight:

Flight Journey

EU Airline

non-EU Airline

within EU



EU airport - non-EU airport



non-EU airport - EU airport



outside EU 




How much EU flight cancellation compensation can you claim?

On AirAdvisor website, you can check how much EU flight cancellation compensation you are owed

The amount of your EU canceled flight compensation varies depending on the distance of your flight. Compensation is higher for longer distances. 

Remember that you may claim your cash compensation only if you were informed about the cancellation less than 14 days before departure. This is one of the major EU flight cancellation compensation rules.

Here is a simple table showing how much EU Regulation flight cancellation compensation you can expect:


Travel Distance of Your Flight

up to £210

all flights under 1,500km, ex., London - Berlin

up to £340

all flights between 1,500km - 3,500km, ex., London - Kyiv

up to £340

all internal EU flights over 3,500km, ex. Dublin - Nicosia

up to £510

all external EU flights over 3,500km, ex. Manchester (EU airport) - Miami (non-EU airport)

Several other factors affect EU law flight cancellation compensation. They are the timing of the cancellation notice given by the airline, if you had connecting flights and if you were given an alternative flight.

You can check the exact amount of your compensation under EU law cancelled flight on AirAdvisor’s website. Use our free compensation for cancelled flights in Europe calculator


How to claim EU flight cancellation compensation?

Woman is checking how to claim compensation for her flights to Europe cancelled

AirAdvisor prepared a step-by-step guide that will help you to get your EU law compensation cancelled flights:

  1. Ask airline staff for the cancellation reason
  2. Ask for:
    • a full refund of your ticket and return flights back home, or
    • alternative flight (write down the actual arrival time of this new flight, ask for free water and meals for delays over 2 hours and for free hotel and transport for delays till the next day)
  3. Hold onto your boarding pass, e-Ticket, booking reservation, etc. You will need these documents when filling in the EU flight cancellation compensation form
  4. Collect proof of cancellation (ex., make a photo of the timetable)
  5. Hold onto your receipts if you had extra expenses as a result of the cancellation. You will have to provide them along with your EU flight cancellation compensation letter
  6. Do not sign any vouchers (usually they include a clause about waiving your EU passenger rights flight cancelled for compensation)

Getting your 600 euro cancelled flight compensation is not an easy process at all. Stop stressing about how to claim compensation for cancelled flight EU. 

AirAdvisor is there for you. In less than 3 minutes, you can pass your case to our expert team. Just fill in your flight details on our website, and we will get your EU flight cancellation compensation for you, free of charge.


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