AirAdvisor Announces the 6 Worst Airports in the US for Delays in 2023

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AirAdvisor Announces the 6 Worst Airports in the US for Delays in Summer of 2023

US-based travelers and anyone visiting the US will be glad to learn that there is finally current data available that ranks the 6 worst American airports for delays based on chronically delayed flights (CDF).

The busy summer season is now in full swing, and our team analyzed 40,274 flights from the summer of 2022 to help predict what passengers can expect in 2023. The study data, all gathered from the US Bureau of Transportation, tells a comprehensive story of the chances of flights being delayed, canceled, or diverted, as well as how long the delay is expected to be - crucial factors to plan your next US flight.

New York City area airports feature heavily in our findings, which isn’t ideal for travelers flying in or out of this major US city. In fact, New York’s JFK tops our list, making it the worst overall for chronically delayed flights. Additional cities with high CDF instances include Orlando, Chicago, and Denver. You’ll have to read our post on the Worst 6 Airports in the U.S. Based on Chronically Delayed Flights to see exactly how these major airports stack up (or down).

We knew we couldn’t just look at individual airports if we wanted the full picture, so we took it a step further and also compiled a list of the most severely affected routes for CDF. Again, it was important to look at the percentage of flights that encountered a delay and the average delay length.

The honor of the route with the longest average delay, which was well over 90 minutes (LDA90), goes to flights from New York’s JFK to Hartsfield–Jackson Airport in Atlanta. Not exactly a title you want to win! Alternatively, the route with the highest percentage of CDF is from Chicago Midway International Airport to Albany International Airport.

Check out our in-depth post to drill down into the exact airport and route list positions, potential reasons for these chronic delays, how to book flights to minimize delays or cancelations, and our exact method and criteria. Now, it’s easy to be extra prepared for your next US flight.

Curious about AirAdvisor and what we do? Check out our About Us page to learn more about how we can help if you experience a chronically delayed flight. You can also reach us using our Contacts page.



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