Bogdan Romashko

Bogdan Romashko

Job/Position: Lead SEO Specialist

About Bogdan Romashko

Tech-savvy Business Development professional with a high emphasis on achieving the results. Passionate about travel. Experienced in building marketing strategy and leading teams to success.

Bogdan has a proven track record of driving growth and revenue through creative and innovative marketing campaigns:

  • 12 years of SEO experience
  • 10 years of web development experience
  • 8 years of online marketing experience

He is an excellent communicator and has a talent for developing and maintaining strong relationships with clients and stakeholders. His leadership skills have been instrumental in guiding teams to achieve their goals and objectives.

Bogdan is also highly analytical and data-driven, which has allowed him to develop effective marketing strategies and make data-informed decisions. He is always seeking out new opportunities to improve processes and achieve better results.

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