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Compensatie si refund pentru zboruri anulate si intarziate Pakistan International Airlines

Ai cumparat unul sau mai multe bilete de la Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) si te-ai gasit intr-o situatie neplacuta: zborul a fost intarziat, anulat sau ti-a fost refuzata imbarcarea? Inca nu stii daca poti obtine compensatie?

Ai putea solicita pana la 600 € de la Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). AirAdvisor simplifica solicitarea compensatiei. Daca solicitam despagubirea ta, percepem o taxa de 30% din suma pe care o primesti de la compania aeriana. Cu toate acestea, vom fi platiti numai daca solicitam cu succes compensatia pentru tine.

Valoarea compensatiei de la Pakistan International Airlines

Lungimea calatoriei tale si durata intarzierii Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) determina valoarea compensatiei pe care o poti solicita.



până la 1500 km



De la 1500 km până la 3500 km



De la 3500 km

Cum functioneaza

Trimite reclamatia

Dureaza doar cateva minute! In acest fel vei afla eligibilitatea preliminara - si valoarea compensatiei.

Ne luptam pentru drepturile tale

Expertii nostri va vor verifica eligibilitatea in detaliu, vor contacta companiile aeriene, vor colabora cu autoritatile, etc.

Primeste-ti compensatia

De indata ce primim compensatia, vom transfera banii catre tine, minus comisionul nostru. Nu vei plati daca noi nu reusim.

Ce s-a intamplat cu clientii Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)

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Muhammad din Marea Britanie (Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Anularea zborului)
September 6, 2020, 10:54 pm

Hi , i bought a return flight from Pakistan Internation airline in 703£ for Manchester to Lahore and traveled on 18May to Pakistan. Paid extra 100 pounds to change return flight date for 30th June. Airline changed that flight from 30th june to 3rd July without informing me at all . Then on 3rd july i kept checking with them and flight was on time but when i reached airport , saw that flight was cancelled. Went to their different offices to ask them to either refund me the money or arrange alternative flight as i had commitment at my work place to reach at certain date. Inspite of all the mental agony and no help from airline i bought a very expensive ticket from Qatar Airways and returned to Manchester. Pakistan international airline has not refunded me any money nor showed any care or help what so ever , i left them emails and contacted via phone . Nothing worked . Now i almost lost hope but then thought to fight for my right . I paid them my money , i want them to compensate and asnwer me for this mental agoney and stress and financial burden they put me through for not any fault of my own. Kindly guide me what to do to seek justice and make airline realise for their ill treatment . Kind Regards Muhammad

Vă vom ajuta să primiți despăgubiri pentru ultimii 3 ani dacă zborul a fost întârziat / anulat sau dacă vi s-a refuzat îmbarcarea.

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