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Susan Murphy

Susan Murphy - Professional Content Writer

Befattning: Content Creator

About the Author

Susan Murphy is a seasoned and dynamic writer and marketing expert with over 9 years of experience developing content for company websites and business blogs in various industries. She is well-versed in content research, writing, rephrasing, proofreading, curating, editing, and managing content for B2C and B2B clients.

Work Experience

Susan Murphy started as a copywriter at FullDeck before moving on to PrideStaff, a digital media company, where she published over 1,500 articles for multinational clients across various niches, including gaming, travel and hospitality, automotive, sports, outdoors, DIY, real estate, music, and personal finance and supervised a team of writers for 3 years. Right now, she writes for AirAdvisor sharing detailed insight into travel and passenger rights in collaboration with legal and paralegal staff to deliver the most well researched articles.


Susan Murphy owns a Master of Arts Degree in Linguistics from the Prestigious California State University. Before that, she acquired a Bachelor of Arts (VA) in Journalism at California State University.


Susan Murphy is a book freak. She loves to read all kinds of novels, especially fictional literature pieces. Her passion for reading also ties in with her love for writing.

Give back

Apart from writing, Susan dedicates her time to working with an NGO that caters to kids in underdeveloped countries that lack access to water, food, education, and other basic amenities.


When not working, She spends quality time with her family, goes hiking, and reads.

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