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Компенсація за затримку рейсу та відміна рейсу Blue Air

Ви придбали один або кілька авіаквитків у Blue Air і опинились у неприємній ситуації: рейс затримали, скасували чи відмовили в посадці? Ви все ще не знаєте, чи передбачена компенсація у вашому випадку?

Ви можете вимагати до $700 від Blue Air. AirAdvisor зробить всю роботу за Вас. Подача заявки абсолютно безкоштовна. Ми отримуємо 30% комісії від суми, яку ми отримуємо від авіакомпанії, тобто лише в разі успішного стягнення.

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Catalin-Valentin з Румунія (Blue Air Скасування рейсу)
December 11, 2020, 1:58 pm

I waited in the airport an hour over the scheduled flight, only after to receive the news that the flight has been cancelled due to bad weather. And our options were to take a bus offered by Blue Air to Sibiu and take the plane from there to Bucharest, or reschedule for the next day.

Doroscan Plesa з Ірландія (Blue Air Затримка рейсу)
November 9, 2020, 9:54 am

We supposed to land on the airport from bacau at around 7 in the morning bat because the airport from bacau wasn’t finished properly,they didn’t have the semnals for foggy conditions to land ready,and outside was foggy we flight over bacau around 2 hours,after we flight to Bucharest stayed in the plan for couple of hours, flight back to bacau airport flew again on top of the city for one hour and finally arrived at destination at 3 pm.I forgot to mention I hade a little girl 2 years old with me.

Vlad з Румунія (Blue Air Скасування рейсу)
October 19, 2020, 11:08 pm

I have bought my ticket through kiwi app in march 2020. In may 2020 they sent me a notification about the flight cancelation, i said ok, i have to chose another alternative from kiwi, and after a week or so they sent me another notification ' Changes has been reverted, no action needed'. I was like ok..great then. to bementioned the flight was on 10.10.2020. After all that I went to lisbon in my vacantion and when I had to get back home I get to the airport and my flight is nowhere on the screens and at the infodesk they have nothing to say about that. After all that I was forced to stay another 2 night in order to get a affordable flight for Bucharest and I have to pay with my own money and after all that they say I deserve no refund. And my 2 night at hotel were like 29 euro and I want them back too.

Ми допоможемо вам отримати компенсацію, якщо за останні 3 роки ваш рейс був затриманий, скасований або вам було відмовлено в посадці на рейс.

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