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Amy Lancelotte

Amy Lancelotte

Befattning: Editor

About the Author

Amy Lancelotte is a writer, editor, and content strategist with seven years experience writing about travel and related topics. Born and raised in Canada, she has spent several years living and working as a digital nomad in England, Italy, and France, and has spent more time in airport departure lounges than she wants to think about.

Work Experience

Amy has been a freelance content creator since 2016. She has written and edited content on a wide range of topics, with travel being a specialty. She has worked with major clients in the travel space and helped several startup companies increase their web presence and build an online brand.


Amy graduated with an Honour Bachelor of Commerce from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. She uses her business knowledge along with extensive writing and editing experience to help online businesses grow through accurate, helpful, SEO-optimized content.


Amy loves travel and has visited more than 30 countries spread across three continents. Living and working in multiple countries has given her a passion for air travel and an interest in international aviation.


Apart from travel, Amy likes to spend time outdoors camping and kayaking. She is also a dedicated fan of Liverpool FC and enjoys staying in to binge-watch reality TV.

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