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Anca Galateanu

Anca Galateanu

Befattning: Writer

About the Author

Anca Galateanu is a Writer and Translator with different skills and expertise. Specialized in Social Psychology and Pedagogy, Ms. Galateanu is a Youth Counselor with a background in socio-human sciences and educational programs for over 15 years.

Work Experience

Certified European Project Manager by the Pro-Youth Association in 2015 and certified by the College of Psychologists and the Association of Cognitive and Behavioral Psychotherapies and Adlerian Psychology and Psychological Therapy Association (2008-2019).


In 2020, Ms. Galateanu got a Verified Certificate of Achievement at Harvard University for Engagement in Education (Karen L. Mapp - Senior Lecturer on Education) and has a Master's degree in Media Communication, Public Opinion, and Informational Management with scientific sessions in organizational communication patterns.

Ms. Galateanu likes to continuously learn about cultures, systems and people, about children’s wisdom, and growing a strong passion for arts and travel.


Over the years, Ms. Galateanu volunteered for charities and environmental matters in collaboration with foundations and NGOs (Mobil Food Bank Project activities, Red Cross social campaigns, Verbyo collaboration, certified with The Black Sea Charta through MareNostrum NGO, coordinating the stage volunteers activity on events concerning sea life, pollution prevention, and environmental protection).


Anca's Motto: An unlimited interest in contributions and collaborations where we can come together and co-create to give something good and positive back to the world.

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