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André Kern

André Kern

Befattning: Content Strategist

About Author

André is an well-established SEO expert and content strategist with an extensive career in online content analysis and creation. Building on his career as a financial investment professional, his specialisation and role as a CEO in the field of developmental psychology has equipped him to create in-depth content that is both objectively researched and easily understood across the board.

Work experience 

André began his career at Debeka, where he served as both a financial investment specialist and senior manager. Here he was not only able to deepen his expertise, but also gain valuable experience in employee management. As CEO of 4kids GmbH, he managed the operational and strategic areas, while at the same time building his skills in content creation and learning concept development.


Furthermore, André has acquired his knowledge and skills through years of practical experience and continuous education. His expertise in SEO and user experience (UX) has enabled him to create high-quality content for various industries.


With a love of words, André understands what words can do. Personal interests range from financial investments to psychology, in which he is also a writer.

Social commitment

Today André still supports social institutions that deal with child welfare and developmental psychology.


When he is not working, André likes to spend time in the mountains.

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