Compensatie si refund pentru zboruri anulate si intarziate Condor

Ai cumparat unul sau mai multe bilete de la Condor si te-ai gasit intr-o situatie neplacuta: zborul a fost intarziat, anulat sau ti-a fost refuzata imbarcarea? Inca nu stii daca poti obtine compensatie?

Ai putea solicita pana la 600 € de la Condor. AirAdvisor simplifica solicitarea compensatiei. Daca solicitam despagubirea ta, percepem o taxa de 30% din suma pe care o primesti de la compania aeriana. Cu toate acestea, vom fi platiti numai daca solicitam cu succes compensatia pentru tine.

Valoarea compensatiei de la Condor

Lungimea calatoriei tale si durata intarzierii Condor determina valoarea compensatiei pe care o poti solicita.



până la 1500 km



De la 1500 km până la 3500 km



De la 3500 km

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Dureaza doar cateva minute! In acest fel vei afla eligibilitatea preliminara - si valoarea compensatiei.

Ne luptam pentru drepturile tale

Expertii nostri va vor verifica eligibilitatea in detaliu, vor contacta companiile aeriene, vor colabora cu autoritatile, etc.

Primeste-ti compensatia

De indata ce primim compensatia, vom transfera banii catre tine, minus comisionul nostru. Nu vei plati daca noi nu reusim.

Ce s-a intamplat cu clientii Condor

Comentarii Recente

Mihaela din România (Condor Anularea zborului)
September 7, 2020, 3:14 pm

I was supposed to fly from Bucharest to Las Vegas in March with Condor, but due to the coronavirus, the flight was cancelled and we rescheduled it for September. This flight was also cancelled and we were told that we will receive all our money back in 10 working days. The problem is that the only money we received was the difference of money from the March flight to the September one : 80 euros. The rest of money, 1100 euros have not been refund, even thought we were announced about the flight cancellation two months ago.. After calling Condor several times, making a lot of claims and waiting for answers, I received only the explanation which says that they were in partnership with Thomas Cook until 26th of September 2019 and as we booked our flights on 23rd of September, we should receive t he money from Thomas cook. Which did not happen and we did not receive any answer to any of our claims - as we were told to make in order to get the money. Can you help us get our money back ? When I call Condor they keep telling me that they cannot do anything, that we have to wait for an answer from Thomas cook... and time passes and nothing happens. Please let me know what we can do

Nicoleta din Germania (Condor Întârzierea zborului)
August 22, 2020, 4:58 pm

Am decolat cu zborul 1510, după 25-30 de minute din cauza unor defecțiuni tehnice ne-au pus alt zbor la dispoziție după 7 ore de așteptare. (3 persoane: Nicoleta, Roberta, Cristina)

Rajestri din Trinidad și Tobago (Condor Întârzierea zborului)
August 31, 2019, 7:01 pm

We were told that due to the tropical storm warning the cabin crew was stranded in the DR so we had to pick them up there, before going to Barbados to refuel the plane. However there were no bad weather conditions on the 27th so they couldve found a better way to the destination. Also the staff were so rude. I had to ask for service. People right next to me did get served but i got ignored the whole time. i was given no meal at the time that we were waiting and when i asked they just ignored me. My luggage got stuck at Frankfurt. i had to wait the entire evening at the airport to find out what happend to it. Because of the delay it got sepparated from my flight. I had to wait the next day to get it. This was a great inconvenience For me. Most of this couldve been handled far more professionally if the cabin crew and check in crew were more attentive. Worst flight i ever had!

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