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Compensatie si refund pentru zboruri anulate si intarziate Air Transat

Ai cumparat unul sau mai multe bilete de la Air Transat si te-ai gasit intr-o situatie neplacuta: zborul a fost intarziat, anulat sau ti-a fost refuzata imbarcarea? Inca nu stii daca poti obtine compensatie?

Ai putea solicita pana la 600 € de la Air Transat. AirAdvisor simplifica solicitarea compensatiei. Daca solicitam despagubirea ta, percepem o taxa de 30% din suma pe care o primesti de la compania aeriana. Cu toate acestea, vom fi platiti numai daca solicitam cu succes compensatia pentru tine.

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De indata ce primim compensatia, vom transfera banii catre tine, minus comisionul nostru. Nu vei plati daca noi nu reusim.

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Irina din Franța (Air Transat Anularea zborului)
June 3, 2021, 2:41 pm

Flight cancelled due to COVID19. Airline did not notify us - we were checking on regular basis (due to the Covid19 pandemic we were afraid it would be cancelled) the website of the Air Transat, and this is how we found out our flight was cancelled.

Irina din Franța (Air Transat Anularea zborului)
May 17, 2021, 6:22 pm

We booked our 4 tickets via travel2be, on 26 Feb 2020. we received all 4 electronic tickets: ILLET : I followed on Transat website the news about cancellation of flights due to Covid 19, and our flight was cancelled. I saw on the website of Transat that all cancelled flights due to Covid 19 would have the possibility to be automatically rebooked within 24 months and that we all as passengers affected by those cancellations, do not need to do anything further. This will be done by Transat automatically, Our Booking No on Transat was PXXXXC, and on 7 May as well a on 18 May I made screenshots of exactly our flight on Transat and the announcements that it is cancelled and our travel credit will be kept for 24 months. Now I am unabl to find my reservation - it says it does not exist on Transat any longer. and there is no booking also on Travel2be. I am furious and want compensation for this - we are EU citizens and due to Covid we could not fly, we are protected by the EU regulations. Please kindly help me and let me know what I could do to get this money back. I do not wish to fly w this company any more. Many thanks!

Dominic din Canada (Air Transat Întârzierea zborului)
December 27, 2019, 10:07 pm

We boarded plane in Athens around 10:45am for an 11:20am flight home to Toronto, and there was no air conditioning. We waited for maintenance crew to fix issue. We started to proceed to runway but had to stop and return to gate. We waited about 3 hours before they took us off plane by bus to go sit in airport to wait for next step. Waited in airport about an hour before they boarded us again and we left Athens at 4:40

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