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Compensatie si refund pentru zboruri anulate si intarziate Etihad

Ai cumparat unul sau mai multe bilete de la Etihad Airways si te-ai gasit intr-o situatie neplacuta: zborul a fost intarziat, anulat sau ti-a fost refuzata imbarcarea? Inca nu stii daca poti obtine compensatie?

Ai putea solicita pana la 600 € de la Etihad Airways. AirAdvisor simplifica solicitarea compensatiei. Daca solicitam despagubirea ta, percepem o taxa de 30% din suma pe care o primesti de la compania aeriana. Cu toate acestea, vom fi platiti numai daca solicitam cu succes compensatia pentru tine.

Valoarea compensatiei de la Etihad

Lungimea calatoriei tale si durata intarzierii Etihad Airways determina valoarea compensatiei pe care o poti solicita.



până la 1500 km



De la 1500 km până la 3500 km



De la 3500 km

Cum functioneaza

Trimite reclamatia

Dureaza doar cateva minute! In acest fel vei afla eligibilitatea preliminara - si valoarea compensatiei.

Ne luptam pentru drepturile tale

Expertii nostri va vor verifica eligibilitatea in detaliu, vor contacta companiile aeriene, vor colabora cu autoritatile, etc.

Primeste-ti compensatia

De indata ce primim compensatia, vom transfera banii catre tine, minus comisionul nostru. Nu vei plati daca noi nu reusim.

Ce s-a intamplat cu clientii Etihad Airways

Comentarii Recente

Anne Mairead din Spania (Etihad Airways Întârzierea zborului)
October 8, 2019, 8:36 pm

Around 18h before departure, I notice that someone is try to call me. I receive an email stating that for technical reasons I will not be able to leave Barcelona on August 24th; my flight has been delayed 24h. Whe I travelled on the Sunday I was informed that the Barcelona-Abu Dhabi flight on the 24th was not full but that the Abu Dhabi - Tokyo-Narita flight had overbooking. email messages can be supplied

Abhishek din India (Etihad Airways Conexiune ratată)
September 14, 2019, 6:12 pm

The Air Serbia flight to Belgrade was delayed due to which the connecting flight to Abu Dhabi was missed. Air Serbia gave me a new set of flights: Air Serbia Flight 512 Belgrade to Athens EL AL Israel Flight 544 Athens to Tel Aviv EL AL Israel Flight 71 Tel Aviv to Mumbai --- Flight 512 was late again and I missed my connecting. They gave me ANOTHER set of flights via Jeddah Aegian Air A3950 Athens to Jeddah Etihad EY312 to Jeddah to Abu Dhabi Etihad EY208 to A.Dhabi to Mumbai I was REFUSED to get on the flight to Jeddah since I didnt have immigration visa. --- So I had to book a completely new set of flights with my OWN money and got back to India. Egypt Air MS748 from Athens to Cairo Egypt Air MS968 from Cairo to Mumbai It was a horrific experience and I got back home to Bangalore 2 days later than my original day of arrival.

Mihaela din Croația (Etihad Airways Întârzierea zborului)
August 8, 2019, 3:42 pm

Hello! I'm writing in hope to to provide some satisfaction for an very ugly experience. In December 2018 me, my husband and one year old child went to Melbourne, Australia to visit my brother who lives there. We had flight from Zagreb to Belgrade , Belgrade to Abu Dhabi with 1 hour layover and from Abu Dhabi to Melbourne with 2 hours layover. When we arrived in Belgrade, they've putted us in plain where we, because of the weather conditions, waited for almost 5 hours in plain with no food. When we arrived in Abu Dhabi, our flight to Melbourne had already left so we had to wait for another 8 hours for next flight, in the morning. We've got a voucher for breakfast. We were asking for some room or anything to change our baby's clothes, to feed him, put him to sleep (after almost 15 hours and in waiting for next 20+ hours -- waiting on terminal + flight to melbourne), but they gave us nothing, said to wait on terminal. We were really exhausted even then and were waited for our next flight on terminal with little child. Ok, so we finally arrived in Melbourne (with delay of 15hours). We were waiting for our baggage for an hour, but there is no baggage for us. Where is our baggage? They didn't send it, it will arrive next morning. No sorry, no compensation or anything. Is there any possibilitiy to get some satisfaction for such an unkindly behavior? Thank you. Sincerely yours, Mihaela

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