Компенсація за затримку рейсу та відміна рейсу Royal Air Maroc

Ви придбали один або кілька авіаквитків у Royal Air Maroc і опинились у неприємній ситуації: рейс затримали, скасували чи відмовили в посадці? Ви все ще не знаєте, чи передбачена компенсація у вашому випадку?

Ви можете вимагати до $700 від Royal Air Maroc. AirAdvisor зробить всю роботу за Вас. Подача заявки абсолютно безкоштовна. Ми отримуємо 30% комісії від суми, яку ми отримуємо від авіакомпанії, тобто лише в разі успішного стягнення.

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Sean з Великобританія (Royal Air Maroc Скасування рейсу)
December 29, 2020, 4:31 pm

The flight was cancelled at the time of boarding, and I stayed overnight at a hotel provided by the airline. I left on the next flight on the following day, arriving at the final destination 24 hours later than scheduled.

Oladele з Великобританія (Royal Air Maroc Скасування рейсу)
December 17, 2020, 6:48 pm

I got to the airport and was told that my flight was cancelled due to operation issues. I cannot believe it, No notice or anything. I only checked my junk email upon my return home and they had just sent me an email today the 17th; the day I am supposed to be travelling. I want my full compensation. i am so livid right now.

victoria з Великобританія (Royal Air Maroc Скасування рейсу)
November 13, 2020, 12:06 pm

I had a flight scheduled to depart on 12.09.2020 from Freetown Lungi Airport to London Heathrow, change at Casablanca Mohammed Airport at 05:10. There has been no previous communication between me and Air Maroc, so I turned up at Lungi Airport at 03:30 am. At arrival, I was unable to check-in as the flight was not on display. I was then advised to wait for further notice by the ground air hostess. We waited and waited but the flight did not turn up, I tried to contact Air Maroc call center on several occasions but there was no response. I had even asked my daughter in London to try to phone them, but she also got no response. After waited till 14:00 pm I decided to go to the Air Maroc office in Sierra Leone only to find out that the office was closed. All attempt communication failed which left me hopeless and there was not much I could do. I had to borough money from friends to buy a new ticket back to the UK (26days later), in addition, I had to rent out a room to stay for the additional days as I did not have enough money for a hotel. This, of course, has cost me emotional and financial distress and I am very disappointed that to this day, I am unable to reach anyone from Air Maroc.

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