Indemnisation pour vol Windrose Airlines retardé ou annulé Windrose Airlines

Windrose is a Ukrainian charter airline established in 2003. Main flights are carried out to countries of the Western Europe, Middle East, CIS and Asia countries including Egypt, Turkey, Sri-Lanka, UAE, Austria, Bulgary, Finland, Italy, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Montenegro, Greece and cities of Ukraine.

Windrose is the first Ukrainian airline that agreed to pay compensation for a flight delay under Ukrainian law at the pre-trial stage.

Negotiation during the process of collection of flight compensation is carried out by the airline's legal department that helps to communicate with the airline on a professional legal level.


Nous vous aiderons à obtenir une indemnisation si votre vol a été retardé/annulé ou qu'on vous a refusé l'embarquement ces 3 dernières années.

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