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Salvatore Giannavola

Salvatore Giannavola

Job/Position: Content writer

About the Author

Salvatore Giannavola is a seasoned content writer with ten years of experience crafting compelling narratives for an international audience. 

Each piece of his work is rooted in extensive research and informed by detailed data analytics, ensuring that his writings not only captivate but also educate and engage readers across different cultures. Salvatore’s depth of knowledge and adeptness at tailoring content to various audiences has established him as a leading voice in content creation.

Throughout his career, Salvatore has contributed to a wide range of content campaigns in diverse lifestyle sectors such as travel, career development, automotive, sports, health, and fashion.

Work experience

Salvatore began his career as a blogger in Italy developing some personal projects related to social trends and digital marketing, so he started to gain experience by working as a freelancer with international marketing teams, covering multiple roles as a writer, content manager, and PR strategist. 

He has created and managed editorial campaigns for companies operating in different markets, identifying the editorial plans to be implemented and managing the writing work.

He speaks English, Spanish, and Italian fluently—skills that allow him to work for different national audiences.

Over the years, he has developed solid ties with editorial teams and journalists in Europe, North America, and Latin America. This allows him to easily and promptly access first-rate communication channels for various national audiences.


Salvatore is a graduate of the Business and Marketing Administration (MBA) program. He studied economics and marketing-related subjects at the University of Catania in Italy but also at the University of Vigo in Spain, thanks to his involvement in the Erasmus Projects for students, graduating with top marks with a thesis on the development of the Sharing Economy interpreted through predictive mathematical models.

He has acquired self-taught skills and has worked since the beginning of his career in close contact with international communication teams and with specialized courses regarding creative writing, writing for the web, implementation of PR strategies on sector websites, WordPress editing, SEO content writing, and network management.

He is a creative professional with a strong propensity for results and efficiency.


He loves writing, watching independent movies, playing tennis, listening to alternative music, and above all, he is a traveler. At present, he has visited 20 countries, but his adventures are always in progress! As a citizen of the world, he is always informed about international news and trends in the communications sector. He loves languages and, for this reason, he has acquired high level linguistic certifications for the English language (IELTS C1), and Linguistic Certifications issued by the Spanish Ministry of Universities for the Spanish language.

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