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Last Updated: June 07, 2024


We provide our services under the “No-Win-No-Fee” rule. You do not need to pay anything to AirAdvisor. When we collect compensation from the airline we transfer it to you deducting our commission.

Our success fee is 30% out of the collected sum at the pre-trial stage or 50% of sums collected via the legal action of through external lawyers (VAT is not included, however in some cases VAT will not be applicable). For your better understanding please consider all possible sums of compensation and our commission:

Compensation sum

AirAdvisor’s commission

EUR 125

EUR 37.5

EUR 200

EUR 60

EUR 250

EUR 75

EUR 300

EUR 90

EUR 400

EUR 120

EUR 600

EUR 180

Foreign currency exchange rate

Usually, airlines pay compensation in EUR. By default, AirAdvisor transfers compensation to you in EUR. If you ask for a payment being made in another currency, then we will try to satisfy your request. In this case, we agree that the foreign currency exchange rate and accompanying payments are calculated in accordance with terms and tariffs of AirAdvisor’s bank or payment system.

Bank commission

A client bears expenses pertinent to paying out collected compensation by AirAdvisor to its clients. AirAdvisor always tries to choose a method of payment that involves the smallest bank commissions and other costs among those AirAdvisor is aware of. All extra expenses and costs that arise due to the client’s request to execute payments in cash, transfer compensation to another bank account, transfer via a certain payment method etc. are born by the client. Also, all additional accruals and commissions from the client’s side (e.g. client’s bank commissions) are to be paid solely by the client.

AirAdvisor transfers compensation within the time specified for standard payments. If a client requests an urgent payment then we will try to satisfy such a request, however, costs of urgency are born by the client.

Some banks may require payment of an EUR 30 transfer duty that is born by a client.

Legal costs

If during a collection process it is necessary to pay a court fee, state duty, notary fees etc., then AirAdvisor will pay all such expenses at its cost.

In case the assignment of claim, the power-of-attorney or any other document must be submitted to the airline, civil aviation authority or court as an original document, Member agrees to sign and send the relevant document to the address designated by us without delay and at his/her own costs. 

Fees for B2B clients

If AirAdvisor and its corporate client (B2B) conclude a contract for collection of compensation and such a contract provides for other terms than specified herein, the terms of such a contract shall prevail.

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Flight Compensation Calculator

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No Win, No Fee

No Win, No Fee

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