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Anton Radchenko

Anton Radchenko, Esq.

Job/Position: Founder

About Anton Radchenko

Anton Radchenko, Esq. is a licensed attorney in the state of New York (admitted in 2012 to the Second Division of the New York Supreme Court and in good standing). Mr. Radchenko has more than 12 years of professional experience in international law and aviation law. 

Work Experience

Mr. Radchenko held different roles with a top tier law firm Asters LLP in Europe and as a Vice President of Legal and Corporate Affairs with a Group of aviation companies in the Middle East. Mr. Radchenko was entrusted with contracting with the US Government on various government projects and compliance with USG regulations.


Mr. Radchenko was awarded a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship by the US Department of State, which allowed him to obtain a Masters Degree in International Law from University of Iowa College of Law, Iowa, USA. Mr. Radchenko combined legal education with work as Research Assistant for Professor John C. Reitz and Professor David Orentlicher.


Mr. Radchenko loves travelling and is passionate about consumer protections in the field of international aviation.

Give back

Aside from his practice and being originally from Ukraine, Mr. Radchenko also dedicates his efforts to humanitarian aid to Ukrainian people who suffered from the Russian War.


When not working, he likes travelling, fishing and playing soccer.

Featured in media


7 major airports' strikes in Germany caused Lufthansa to cancel over 1,300 flights and affected other airlines

7 major airports' strikes in Germany caused Lufthansa to cancel over 1,300 flights and affected other airlines

On Friday, February 17th, 2023, Lufthansa announced that it would be cancelling more than 1,300 flights scheduled for that day following a call by the Verdi labor union for full-day strikes involving airport workers at seven German airports, including Frankfurt, Munich, and Hamburg. As a...

Anton Radchenko, 01.01.1970

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What to do when Flight is Cancelled

What to do when Flight is Cancelled

The aviation industry often faces challenges that force airlines to cancel flights. These cancellations can cause significant disruptions to travel plans, resulting in frustration and inconvenience for passengers. While some reasons for flight cancellations are within the airline's control, others...

Anton Radchenko, 01.01.1970

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