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At AirAdvisor, we’re on your side. The foundations of the work we do are based on a passion for advocating for air passengers’ rights, and we are proud to have assisted over 250,000 travelers across 58 countries

Our dedicated team communicates in 13 languages, helping us reach and help as many air travellers as possible. This page is more than just a look into our reviews, it offers you a detailed insight into why AirAdvisor is trusted by so many.

"AirAdvisor, it's about more than simply winning cases. It's about winning trust, each and every time."

Check Out Our Latest Reviews - AirAdvisor is Rated 'Excellent' 4.6 Based on 15,453 Reviews

Boasting countless reviews with an impressive average rating, AirAdvisor consistently delivers on its promise, leaving a trail of satisfied passengers who've experienced our dedication firsthand.

Why You Can Trust AirAdvisor

Securing air travel compensation is convoluted and tedious. It comprises a multitude of legal processes, requires a bunch of documentation, and a healthy dose of negotiation. It's a maze that can be daunting for travellers to navigate at the best of times coupled with the fact that we live in an era when scams are common, trust is hard-earned, and the outlook is grim.

But the good news . . . AirAdvisor is a standout in the world of air travel compensation, known for its reliability. It's not uncommon to hear about fly-by-night operations making empty promises, but the core of our work integrity and genuine service.

Beyond thousands of reviews, here's why AirAdvisor is worth your attention:

  • Expertise at the Helm: Our founder, Anton Radchenko, is a licensed US attorney with a solid track record spanning over 12 years, emphasising our deep-rooted expertise in the field. You can verify his professional credentials with registration number 5078464.
  • Reputable Affiliations: There's more to AirAdvisor than just being another name in the industry. Our noteworthy affiliations underscore our credibility and commitment to excellence in air passenger rights.

  • Guaranteed Client Security: We offer Professional Liability Insurance of 1 million USD, reinforced with cyber insurance. We prioritise the protection of our clients, covering both service and financial risks.

Our credibility isn't just based on words. It's based on tangible evidence. While our strong reviews highlighting over 15,453 genuine client opinions say a lot about our commitment and efficacy, they're just the tip of the iceberg.

Hear it From Our Happy Customers

We reached out to several of our valued AirAdvisor customers, inviting them to share a detailed review of their experience, right from their time at the airport to the moment they received their payout.

Michael John

"After a 4.5-hour delay in Malaga with my family, we were left frustrated with no communication or support from the airline. That's when I stumbled upon the EU compensation law. Turning to AirAdvisor, we submitted our claim and hoped for the best.

Their entire process was surprisingly straightforward. We didn't have to engage beyond the initial application, yet a few months later, our compensation showed up in our bank account. Their service fee? More affordable than many others I've seen. The convenience and seamless experience made it all worth it. Given our experience, I'd wholeheartedly recommend AirAdvisor."


Octavian Paul Chivulescu

"I remember being at the airport when another firm tried to woo me. Their fees? A whopping 50% plus VAT of my Wizz Air compensation! I wasn’t about to agree to that. A quick online search led me to AirAdvisor. Their commission was far more reasonable. To my surprise, soon after, €277 appeared in my account. AirAdvisor truly deserves a recommendation."


Jorge Alberto Games Gutierres

"I had a claim against KLM. From the very start, AirAdvisor was right there with me. They kept me informed every step of the way, making the entire process feel so personal and attentive. I can’t thank AirAdvisor enough for their supportive role in my compensation claim journey."


Gabrielle Dufort

"I stumbled upon AirAdvisor by chance, and I'm so glad I did. Everything progressed so fast, and I was kept in the loop at all times. Within a month, everything was settled. My only wish? That I had kept evidence of my past delays. But for now, a big thank you to AirAdvisor for their professionalism."


Ulrich Schaeffer

"After a flight cancellation, I couldn’t really grasp Eurowings' explanation. It felt more like an excuse. But amidst all this, AirAdvisor stepped in. Even though the compensation wasn’t massive, I’m grateful to AirAdvisor for managing to secure something for me."


Celso Modino Aller

"In the beginning, I was quite unsure about these companies that claim to help stranded passengers. But with AirAdvisor, it was different. They made everything seem so simple, especially when dealing with airlines that barely communicate. I can't express how grateful I am to AirAdvisor for their assistance."


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People Also Ask

Still have questions? You might find the answers here:

Is AirAdvisor a scam?

No, AirAdvisor is a legitimate and reputable company with expertise at the helm, reputable affiliations, and guaranteed client security.

How big is AirAdvisor's fee?

AirAdvisor operates on a No-Win, No-Fee basis. If successful, we take a 30% commission. If legal action is needed, the fee is 50% to cover legal and court costs. We are one of the most cost-effective providers in the market.

Is AirAdvisor the cheapest claims management company?

Yes, AirAdvisor's prices are historically lower, often 5% cheaper than competitors. An average family can save up to €120.

Is AirAdvisor actually legal?

Yes, AirAdvisor operates within legal frameworks to claim passenger compensation.

Is AirAdvisor safe to use?

Absolutely. We operate on a Success Fee basis, led by a licensed US attorney, with over 7 years in business and a 4.6 out of 5 rating from over 15,453 client reviews. While some delays are inevitable because of airline and court backlogs, we strive for timely service.

How does AirAdvisor work?

We review and validate claims, submit them to airlines, and handle rejections. If airlines don't cooperate, we involve lawyers for legal action, and if necessary, enforce court decisions through bailiffs.

Is AirAdvisor an airline or connected to any airline?

No, AirAdvisor works with many airlines to resolve complaints but isn’t affiliated with any airline. Our goal is to ensure passengers receive fair compensation.

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