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3 hours flight delay entitles you to get a compensation in the amount of up to EUR 600 (USD 700). Find more how to get it.

Flight delay compensation: air travel is not always a perfect experience, as a flight delay may happen. Did you know that you may have the right to claim up to $700 as a flight delay compensation under EU Regulation called EC 261.

Learn more information about EU air passenger rights you have and how to claim delayed flight compensation.

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Delayed flights - what are the rights of air passengers in this case?

Delayed flights are not a rarity. What you need to know, as an air passenger, is that you have the right to compensation from airlines for disturbed flights. A delayed flight can amount to compensation of up to 600 €! Even more, you can obtain it without spending any money. Find out how.

Flight delay - EU passengers rights to compensation

EU passenger rights to compensation for flight delay

The rights of air passengers are not exactly the same in all the world's countries. However, after the EC Regulation 261 has been approved in 2004, you can get delayed flight compensation for flights operated by European airlines from or to a country in the Union.

If the airplane is late, you will have to carefully keep all the documents that might be useful for a complaint and clarify the cause of the delay. There are also a number of additional benefits in the case of delayed flights, such as the right to redirect, the right to a flight delay reimbursement or service during the mentioned delay.

The easiest way to do this is to trust professionals with experience in the field, although you can initiate by yourself the process of claiming the compensation you are entitled to.

Read on to find out more about air passengers' rights and what to do in the case of a delayed flight, from placing a complaint towards the airline complaint to the right method of calculating the amount of compensation.

What delayed flights are eligible for compensation

Legislation determines which flights are compensated: Regulation (EC) 261/2004 covers all EU airspace (Austria, Latvia, Belgium, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, The Czech Republic, Malta, The Republic of Cyprus, Poland, Croatia, Portugal, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Estonia, Romania, Finland, Slovakia, France, Slovenia, Germany, Spain, Greece, Sweeden, Ireland, the Netherlands, Italy, Hungary).

You will receive compensation for any delayed flight departing from the European Union, regardless of whether the flight has a final destination as a country within the European Union or internationally. There is also real compensation for a delayed flight operated by an EU airline, even if the starting point is outside the Union (as long as the final destination is in the EU). If it seems too complicated, the simplest way is to check the flight status using a flight delay complaint form.

How much you can claim in flight delay compensation?

How much money can you get for a delayed flight?

The short answer is simple - between 250 and 600 €. The detailed answer includes a number of factors: the length of the delay, the expected flight distance if the trip involved a single flight that was delayed or there were more delayed flights, etc.

The starting point and the final destination of the flight matter a lot. For an uninitiated person, the entire dilemma may seem complicated, but we, the Air Advisor team, already have the experience to get the best result with minimal effort. If you want your money back for the delayed flight, or even more, in some cases, we're here to help you.

How many hours had the flight been delayed


Flight distance under 1500 km


Flight distance over 1500 km, on the territory of UE

Flight distance between 1500 – 3500 km, outside UE

Flight distance over 3500 km, outside UE

Between 3 and 4 hours





More than 4 hours late





The plane never reached its destination





Air passengers' rights - additional services you can claim

The rights of air passengers also cover other aspects of delayed flights.

One of the most important ones is the right to service. When an airline reasonably expects a flight to be delayed a lot beyond the scheduled time of departure, each air passenger shall be entitled to the following:

  • Free meals and soft drinks and two phone calls, telex or fax or e-mail;
  • free accommodation and transportation to the hotel and transport between the airport and the accommodation - when the airline reasonably expects the departure time to vary considerably from the scheduled departure time, for example, to take place the next day;
  • reimbursement of the full cost of the ticket or return flight to the first point of departure as soon as possible, if the delay is at least 5 hours.

The right to reimbursement or redirect counts a lot. If the flight has a delay of 5 hours or more, you may be entitled to full or partial reimbursement of the airfare. You can also request a return home flight or a flight to your starting point.

You should also know that you have another additional right - to change the flight class in case of redirection. You can fly to a class higher than the one originally booked, and in case you are changed to a lower class, you can return a part of the ticket cost.

Important - YOU DO NOT lose the right to compensation if you are offered the services mentioned above! Such measures are taken from the point of view of human behavior towards passengers and don't cover the damage caused by delayed flights in any way. Compensations for delayed flights have a broader scope than the measures taken at the moment.

Compensations for delayed flights have a broader scope than the measures taken at the moment. However, you need to be vigilant and do not accept other "bribes" at the moment - vouchers, bonuses in loyalty programs, etc.

Delayed flights in the USA

Flight delay: your passenger rights in USA

The situation is different in the case of delayed flights when they are on USA territory. USA airlines are not required by law to offer passengers compensation in case of delayed flights. Often, to partially offset the loss, airlines offer passengers travel vouchers, mileage flights and upgrades in loyalty programs, but this is not a general rule and is ultimately dependent on flight companies' determination.

If you are stuck aboard the plane for two hours or more, you have some basic rights that staff is required to respect: the right to food, water and access to a bath. If these delays exceed 3 hours for domestic flights and 4 hours for international flights, the airline must allow you to leave the airplane unless there is a real danger to life outside the plane.

Crew members are required to inform you about the delay status every 30 minutes.

For international flights, it is best to check if you are eligible for a Montreal Convention compensation. If a delayed flight with one of the final destinations being the USA included a stop in Europe, Regulation (EC) 261/2004 changes the situation and the hope to receive compensation is higher.

Delayed flights compensation in Israel

Delayed flight compensation in Israel

Delayed flights in Israel fall under the following circumstances. In the case of a delayed flight over two (2) hours, you have the following rights. You will get absolutely free:

  • If the scheduled departure time of the new flight is the same as the original flight, you can receive meals and beverages in volume reported to the waiting time, 2 phone tones, access to fax or email.
  • If the wait is one or more days so that it becomes necessary for the hotel and transport costs to be added, they will be paid by the airline.

In the case of a delayed flight of more than five (5) hours but less than eight (8) hours, in addition to the benefits mentioned above, you are entitled to:

  • reimbursement during 21 days of the full cost of the ticket at the price at which it was procured for the part of the trip that has not been made but also for the parts already made but no longer relevant to the original plan of the journey. Also, if applicable, you will be offered a return flight to the first point of departure with the nearest airline flight; or
  • rescheduling a flight under conditions similar to the initial ones to the final destination of your trip at the earliest opportunity or at your choice at a later date, depending on the available seats on the aviation route. If you are offered a flight to an airport other than the one originally planned, the airline will pay the transfer cost to the originally decided point.

In case of a delayed flight over eight (8) hours, you are entitled to:

  • a delayed flight compensation, in accordance with the legal amount set by the Israeli Ministry of Transport. The compensation will be paid in cash, by electronic transfer, by bank check or, with the written consent of the passenger concerned, by a travel voucher within 45 days of the date when the request for compensation was made. The amount of compensation for delayed flights is calculated according to the distance to be traveled. Compensation can vary between 1250 NIS ($ 356) and 3000 NIS ($ 853). For example, for a delayed flight of 4500 km, you are eligible for 2000 NIS compensation ($ 569).

The right to compensation for delayed domestic flights means that the airline will pay 100 euros to air passengers for such flights.

For international flights, you can receive delayed flight compensation in the amount of:

a) a compensation of the Turkish Lira equivalent of 250 € for all the flights of 1500

kilometers or shorter,

b) a compensation of the Turkish Lira equivalent of 400 € for all the flights between

1500 and 3500 kilometers,

c) a compensation of the Turkish Lira equivalent of 600 € for all the flights longer than

3500 kilometers.

Compensation for delayed flights in Turkey can be paid in cash, by electronic money transfer, bank payment orders or bank checks. However, in the case of a written consent of the passenger affected by the delayed flight, the compensation may also be paid with travel vouchers and/or other services.

How to claim compensation for delayed flight?

How to claim compensation for flight delay?

In order to receive compensation you can choose one of three options:

  • Submit a complaint yourself;
  • Refer to an experienced lawyer;
  • Call on the services of a specialist, such as our team.

Annually, approximately 9 million air passengers are entitled to compensation for delayed and canceled flights, as well as compensation for denial of boarding in the context of overbooking. The problem is that almost 90% of these people do not know the rights of air passengers.

Only 2% of the passengers travelling by plane claim their compensation annually. This means that 98% either do not have the courage to claim compensation or have appealed to the wrong people and gave up, spending extra money. You will probably feel lost by comparing different information gathered from the online environment, or you will not be able to gather enough evidence of the situation when your flight has been delayed. If you do not find a good lawyer, you will add problems, and even an experienced lawyer is an extra expense…

No extra investment is needed to get justice! You do not have to destroy your mood even worse after you've suffered moral damages because of the delayed flight! We, the Air Advisor team, have worked for a long time to maximize the optimization of compensation procedures (for delayed flights, cancelled flights, denied boarding).

We know all the excuses of the airlines. We have already solved a number of similar cases to your situation. We do not ask for your money until we get the compensation for you. All you have to do is make a request and send us your flight data and we'll get in touch with the airline and take care of the whole process. If your complaint requires court examination, then our lawyers will take care of everything.

You do not have to pay anything, even if your claim has reached the court. Only after we get the compensation we will get a commission of 30 % (plus VAT).

Know your air passenger rights and apply to get compensation now!

We'll help you get compensation for last 3 years, if your flight was delayed, cancelled or if you were denied boarding.

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