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Is the turbulence zone dangerous?

Is the turbulence zone dangerous? It is known that a small shake is useful for the body. Maybe it`s true if only you are not on the plane. All passengers know the concept of turbulence. For most, it is a terrible phenomenon. This zone causes awful pictures of wrecking in the head and a tide of...


How far in advance should you arrive at the airport? Here's some useful tips

One of the biggest fear for all travellers is to be late for the plane and miss all the arrangement. Some of you maybe have already such an unpleasant experience and now looking for advice on how do not get into such a situation. Or perhaps you are in the process of packing your staff and wondering...


AirAdvisor initiated a petition to the President of Ukraine

Vote for a petition for the protection of your rights!If you or your relatives or friends were suffering from flight delays, support our useful initiative. Do notbe passive, tell the STOP a terrible service оf Ukrainian air carriers and get an air compensation of up to$ 700 the next time you have a...


Airlines food. All you need to know about in-flight meals

For most people, a long flight is like a disaster, so airlines are trying to reduce this discomfort. One of the important factors of service and comfort is food, which not only saturates the body but also distracts from the painful flight. In this article, we present you our research what helps you...


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