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84% of air travellers don’t know passenger rights. Spend 3 minutes to check if you are entitled to compensation.

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AirAdvisor operates based on reliable data from trusted sources to determine your eligibility and collect compensation.

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Know Your Rights

84% of air travelers don’t know or use their passenger rights when they fly. AirAdvisor is here to change that. We'll check if you're entitled to compensation, and we'll help you get it.

  • In the EU
  • In the USA
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In the EU

If you're travelling to or from an airport in the EU you're protected by the best air passenger rights. Your consumer travel rights are secured with EU regulation EC 261 that requires airlines to compensate air passengers in case of flight delay or another flight disruption.

So if your flight is canceled by airline at short notice, delayed by 3 hours or more, or you're denied boarding to an airplane without your fault, you can claim up to 600 € (£520) in compensation.

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In the USA

The USA has regulations in place to protect flight passengers from overbooking. If you're denied boarding the airplane due to overbooking (not enough available seats), you could claim up to $1,350 in compensation.

Air travellers in the US also benefit from regulations protecting passengers in cases of tarmac delays and luggage problems.

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International flights

More than 130 countries have approved the Montreal Convention. It provides for basic passenger rights of air travelers flying internationally.

The Montreal Convention requires airlines to reimburse travel expenses incurred by the passengers due to flight disruptions. That includes delayed and canceled flights, and delayed or lost checked-in luggage.

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Why people choose AirAdvisor

Free to claim

No upfront payments, we get 30% fee from the collected compensation. If we don’t succeed, your case will be closed free of charge.

We take 100% of the risk

If the airline refuses to comply, we'll hire lawyers to work on your case and will take airline to court at our risk.

Your information is secure

AirAdvisor website is secure with best encryption technology. We comply with GDPR and don’t sell personal information.

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