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Qatar Airways EU261 Compensation for Flight Delays, Cancellations & Refunds

Get up to €600 for your Qatar Airways Flight Delays or Cancellations

As Qatar's leading carrier, Qatar Airways connects various global and local destinations. While the airline typically maintains prompt schedules, occasional disruptions do occur. It's vital to understand your rights concerning delays, cancellations, denied boardings, and missed connections. 4.6/5 based on 16,145 reviews

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Qatar Airways EU261 Compensation for Flight Delays, Cancellations & Refunds
Amy Lancelotte
Written By Amy Lancelotte
Last Updated: July 01, 2024

Your Flight Disruption Rights

Your rights in case of a flight disruption can differ depending on the air passenger laws in place at your place of departure:

What is Qatar Airways EU261 Compensation?

For Qatar Airways passengers, the Air Passengers Rights Regulation or EU261 ensures fair treatment during flight issues. Making an EU261 claim for flight disruptions like delays or cancellations could lead to compensation of up to €600, based on travel length and delay duration when departing from the EU on Qatar Airways.

What is Qatar Airways UK261 Compensation?

Post-Brexit, the UK established the UK261 law, mirroring EU261, protecting passengers' rights within the United Kingdom. UK261 addresses flight disruptions, with compensation of up to £520 based on delay and distance. This regulation applies when departing on Qatar Airways from the UK.

What Qatar Airways Flights Are Covered?

Since not every Qatar flight is eligible under EU261 or UK261 things can be a little confusing. To summarise, for EU261 to apply, flights must depart from the EU. Alternatively, for UK261 to apply, flights need to leave from a UK airport. This should help clarify:





London Heathrow

Sydney International Airport



Departs from a UK-based airport

Paris Charles de Gaulle

Tokyo Haneda Airport



Departs from an EU-based airport

New York JFK

Doha International Airport


Does not depart from the UK or EU

Doha International Airport

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport


Does not depart from the UK or EU

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All you have to do is submit the application and wait for the compensation to be received.

What to Do in Case of Flight Disruption

For Qatar Airways disruptions like delays, cancellations, or overbookings:

  1. Contact Qatar Airways: Engage with Qatar Airlines' customer support, whether at the airport, via phone, or through their online complaint form. Discuss the details of the issue at hand and secure a written acknowledgment.
  2. Retain essential documents: Keep flight-related papers like your ticket, boarding pass, and relevant receipts. Document interactions with the airline to strengthen your claim.
  3. Ensure basic care: If stranded, expect Qatar Airways to provide necessities like food, communication, or even accommodation.
  4. Use AirAdvisor's tool: Check eligibility for compensation using AirAdvisor's 'Check Compensation' feature. If qualified, you can then submit your claim through the platform for a smooth process.

Following these steps, especially with assistance from our experts, makes the Qatar Airways compensation claim process more straightforward.

Things to Avoid

Navigating a Qatar Airways EU261 compensation claim can be complex. While pursuing what you deserve, be aware of common pitfalls:

  1. Travel Coupons Caution: Qatar Airways might offer travel vouchers instead of cash. These can have limitations, such as reduced value, blackout dates, or no cash back. Prioritise cash claims to maintain flexibility.
  2. Think Before Signing: Avoid hastily signing documents that might limit your compensation rights. Scrutinise details, understand the terms and seek professional advice if unsure.
  3. Don’t Settle Too Soon: Instantly accepting the airline's first offer can shortchange you. Know your rights and negotiate for a fair resolution.

Always stay informed and understand your passenger rights for optimal compensation outcomes with Qatar Airways.

Qatar Airways Flight Delay Compensation and Cancellations

Flight Delay Compensation Rights

Under specific conditions, under EU261 or UK261, you can seek Qatar Airways flight delay compensation. For delays over 3 hours due to reasons like technical faults or scheduling, for example, Qatar Airways delayed flight compensation applies. These plane delay compensation amounts are based on distance:

  • Up to 1,500km: €250
  • 1,500km-3,500km: €400
  • Over 3,500km: up to €600

How Often Are Qatar Airways Flights Delayed?

According to Airport Technology, in 2023, 85.11% of Qatar Airlines’ flights arrived on time. But, for the almost 15% of passengers who do encounter a delay, the details can be harrowing and certainly worthy of an EU261 compensation claim.  

In one of the more extreme recent examples of a Qatar Airlines delay that made headlines, dozens of passengers travelling from Athens to Doha were left in a grounded plane for over 3 hours. The kicker? There was no air conditioning and outside temperatures soared above 30°C. The result was that some passengers passed out due to the excessive heat.

Athens airport attributed the delay to a sudden technical issue, and in a statement reported on by CNN, the airline only said:


Qatar Airways sincerely apologizes for the delay to passengers travelling on flight QR204 from Athens (ATH) to Doha (DOH) on Monday 10 June 2024, which was due to a technical issue.

While this apology may not help the affected passengers, making a claim for up to €600 in EU261 compensation might help.

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Flight Cancellation Compensation Rights

If Qatar Airways doesn't give at least 14 days' notice for cancellations, you may be eligible for Qatar Airways flight cancellation compensation, as per UK261 or EU261. However, Qatar Airways cancelled flight compensation typically excludes uncontrollable events like extreme weather. The cancelled flight's compensation is calculated by distance, up to €600 (£520).

Qatar Airways Refund

If Qatar Airways cancels your flight without a 14-day notice or delays it over 5 hours, you can likely claim a full ticket refund. Knowing these rules ensures you aren't financially hurt by unexpected changes. When considering how to get a refund when a flight is cancelled, be sure to regularly check your booking and engage with the airline if eligible for a refund.

Denied Boarding Compensation Rights

In cases of overbooking with Qatar Airways, you might be eligible for involuntary denied boarding compensation. If you're left stranded due to more tickets sold than seats and didn't voluntarily give up your seat, you can claim Qatar Airways denied boarding compensation, under EU261 and its UK counterpart.

Passenger of Qatar Airways

Missed Connection Compensation Rights

Under EU261 and UK261 rules, if a Qatar Airways flight delay or cancellation causes you to miss a subsequent flight within the same booking, and delays your arrival by at least 3 hours, you can claim Qatar Airways missed connection compensation. To qualify, the missed connection should stem directly from a Qatar Airways delay compensation scenario.

Extraordinary Circumstances

For airlines like Qatar Airways, certain "extraordinary circumstances" can exempt them from providing compensation for flight issues. Key examples include:

  • Extreme weather: Events like tornadoes or volcanic eruptions, which jeopardise safety.
  • Regulatory orders: Commands by aviation bodies due to safety or other major concerns.
  • Political unrest: Issues like government instability or terror threats can alter flight plans.
  • Security alerts: Genuine threats leading to flight changes to ensure passenger safety.

Qatar Airways must prove these disruptions were unforeseeable and beyond their control, ensuring they took steps to minimise passenger distress. If skeptical of the claimed reasons, consider consulting our legal experts.

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How to Fill Out the Qatar Airways EU261 Claim Form

You might be eligible for compensation after a Qatar Airways flight, but compensation typically isn’t automatic. You’ll need to submit an official EU261 compensation request. So, how do you complete the EU261 compensation form?

You can usually do this on the official Qatar Airways website. They’ll have a section there with the necessary forms for you to fill out online. But it can be quite complicated to figure out the forms and enter everything correctly if it’s your first time, so be thorough.

What to do if the Qatar Airways Claim Form Isn’t Working

If the EU form on the Qatar Airways website isn’t working or won’t load for you, don’t worry. Just visit the AirAdvisor EU261 Claim Help Center and fill out the form on our website instead. You can complete the EU 261 compensation form online and enjoy all the benefits of our airline compensation experts working around the clock to help with your case. This should ensure that your claim is successful and you get a swift payout.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating flight hiccups is often perplexing. Here's a condensed FAQ list regarding Qatar Airways compensation:

What to do when your Qatar flight is cancelled?

The first thing to do is stay updated. Check Qatar Airways' platforms, such as their site or app, regularly. Then contact the airline for re-routing, compensation, or other flight options. Have your booking info on hand. They might offer another flight option. Be decisive, especially during peak times. Also, you could be eligible for Qatar Airways flight cancellation compensation, so make sure you save all correspondence and receipts for any follow-ups.

Does Qatar Airways pay EU261 compensation?

Yes, any airline that runs flights in and out of Europe (including Qatar Airways) has to obey EU 261 and payout in the relevant situations.

Should Qatar Airways compensate under EU261 for strikes?

There are certain things that EU261 doesn’t cover. Unfortunately, strikes by non-airline staff are one of those things. So you won’t be able to claim if there was a strike that caused your flight delay or cancellation unless it was a Qatar Airways-specific strike.

What if you cancel your Qatar Airways flight? Is a refund possible?

Whether you can secure a refund depends on your ticket type. Review your ticket's terms or contact Qatar Airways to understand refund possibilities. Check if your insurance covers cancellations and keep all related correspondences.

How long does it take to get Qatar Airways flight delay compensation?

After submitting a delay compensation claim to Qatar Airways, they'll take some time to verify its validity. It could take several weeks to months for you to receive your monetary compensation. If delays occur, check in with the airline periodically.

How much time do you have to claim against Qatar Airways?

The claim period for disruptions like delays or cancellations varies based on regulations. For many, a 6-year window applies. If you believe you're owed compensation, act quickly for a more efficient resolution.

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Recent Comments

Hema from Germany (Qatar Airways QR 664 Flight delay)
May 15, 2024, 5:01 pm

Dear sir, Im Muhaniram ge Don Hema, who came from Germany to Sri Lanka recently ( 6th of May) for a urgent family matter. My ticket number - 1579094674707/ seat no- 19K. This was departed from Frankfurt to Qatar at 17.15 am and it came without a delay. But it was to be departed from Qatar at 1.25 am on the 7th of May but it is very sad to say it got cancelled. We had to wait about 8 hours due to a technical issue ( QR 664). They did not give us accomodation nor any other facility, we were just waiting in lobby area. It was very tiresome to wait like that, and they provided one meal from the food court. I was very late to come to Sri Lanka and I have to pay so much extra to the taxi driver in Sri Lanka for waiting time as well. I need justice for this and expect Qatar airways would consider this request and give us compensation for this. Thank you

Dorota from Luxembourg (Qatar Airways QR 68 Denied boarding)
February 5, 2024, 11:20 am

The flight was finally cancelled after 9 hours of waiting for the final decision of the airport authorities.

Conor from United Kingdom (Qatar Airways QR 20 Flight cancellation)
February 4, 2024, 8:21 pm

Was supposed to land in Sydney at 7pm on Thursday and instead arrived on Saturday at 7am

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