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TAP Compensation for Flight Delays, Cancellations & Refund

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AirAdvisor stands as your trusted guide through the intricate compensation procedures of TAP, as well as many other carriers. In this article, we delve into TAP's compensation protocols for typical flight interruptions, from delays to cancellations, and missed connections, highlighting the expertise and assistance our professionals can offer you.

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TAP Compensation for Flight Delays, Cancellations & Refund
Nicolle Harwood-Nash
Last Updated: June 24, 2024

As Portugal's premier airline, Transportes Aéreos Portugueses (Portuguese Air Transportation), also known as TAP or TAP Air Portugal, connects various destinations both domestically and internationally.

Though this Portuguese airline prides itself on punctual service, unforeseen circumstances might sometimes lead to flight disruptions. In these instances, understanding your entitlements and the potential for TAP flight delay compensation, TAP flight cancellation compensation, and TAP denied boarding compensation, for example, is essential.

Your Rights in Case of Flight Disruption

Navigating flight hitches and potentially lodging a TAP compensation claim mandates a clear grasp of your passenger rights, which may differ based on the jurisdiction from which your TAP Air Portugal flight departs.

EU Air Passenger Rights

EU261 remains a pivotal mandate that outlines EU air travel rights. This directive ensures that as a passenger, you receive fair treatment and rightful redress during instances of flight disturbances.

Under EU261's framework, also known as EC261 2004, you're granted compensation for a slew of disruptions, including prolonged delays, annulled flights, and instances where boarding is refused. The compensation, set by EU261, is gauged by the duration of the delay due to the interruption and the distance of your travel. Under certain conditions, compensation could reach up to €600 per passenger.

Your passenger rights would be covered under this mandate should you be departing on a TAP flight from anywhere within the European Union.

Passenger Rights in the UK

Following Brexit, the UK introduced its unique set of air passenger rights, denoted as UK261. These regulations mirror the EU261, affording similar safeguards for travellers on UK-based airlines or embarking from UK terminals.

In line with EU261, the UK261 rules address various flight disruptions such as annulments, lags, boarding denials, and missed subsequent flights. UK261-based compensation is also contingent on your flight's delay duration and its overall distance. Generally, the maximum compensation you might seek stands at £520.

Your passenger rights would be covered under this mandate should you depart on a TAP flight from within the United Kingdom.

If your flight was delayed, canceled or overbooked within the last 3 years, you could be eligible for up to €600 in compensation.Check Your Flight

What to Do in Case of Flight Disruption

As a TAP passenger, if you encounter issues such as delayed flights, cancellations, or instances of overbooking, you can consider the subsequent strategies to streamline your TAP Air Portugal compensation claim:

  1. Reach out to TAP: Initiate dialogue with the TAP customer service team, accessible at their airport service counter, through their exclusive helpline for passengers, or via their official complaints form. Delve into the specifics of the setback, understand its root cause, and request a documented acknowledgment to retain a transparent record of events.
  2. Keep all imperative travel-related paperwork: Ensure you keep all your documentation relating to the flight, for instance, your boarding pass, a copy of your ticket, and any receipts that prove the expenses you incurred. Also, archive any written or electronic exchanges with the airline pertaining to the flight issue. This documentation can bolster your compensation claim with TAP.
  3. Ensure TAP fulfils basic care duties: In circumstances where disruptions leave you waiting around at an airport, TAP is obliged to attend to your primary necessities. This duty encompasses offering food, drinks, communication resources, and if needed, lodging.
  4. Utilise AirAdvisor's Compensation Checker: Access AirAdvisor's user-friendly 'Check Compensation' feature, crafted to quickly ascertain your eligibility for compensation from TAP Air Portugal. Should you be eligible for compensation from TAP, submitting your claim through AirAdvisor is recommended for a seamless process and your best chance at receiving your due compensation.

By observing these guidelines and tapping into available resources, like those on our AirAdvisor platform, you can expedite and simplify the trajectory of claiming compensation for TAP-related flight setbacks.

Things to Avoid

Navigating the intricate landscape of TAP Air Portugal compensation claims can feel like traversing a maze. While assertive steps forward can steer you towards your rightful compensation, understanding potential pitfalls becomes just as essential.

Equipped with the right knowledge, you can not only claim what's due but also avoid inadvertently derailing your efforts. Here are a few blunders you should be especially vigilant about:

Opting for Travel Coupons

While airlines, TAP included, may suggest travel coupons in lieu of compensation, it's judicious to be sceptical. Such coupons often bear limitations, such as potential value diminishment, and a lack of options for monetary reimbursements. Furthermore, these vouchers might come with blackout dates, restricting when you can use them.

By declining these vouchers, you safeguard your consumer prerogatives and retain the flexibility to lodge a cash compensation claim or even initiate legal actions if required.

Rashly Endorsing Documents

Endorsing documents without sufficient thought could inadvertently compromise your entitlements or bind you to subpar compensation. Often, the fine print contains clauses that might not be immediately noticeable.

Allocate sufficient time to scrutinise any offers you receive from the airline, acquaint yourself with applicable norms, and consult professionals if need be. A discerning attitude goes a long way in enhancing your chances for a favourable compensation outcome.

Conceding to Initial Proposals

In negotiations, a knee-jerk acceptance of the primary proposal might mean settling for suboptimal terms. For example, TAP might extend an initial gesture to redress a flight hiccup, but it could be a weak offer in comparison to what you rightfully deserve.

A patient approach, combined with a firm understanding of your rights, can lead to more equitable solutions.

Ultimately, to avoid settling for a less-than-optimal recourse, ensure you stay alert and have a complete understanding of your passenger rights.

Flight Delay Compensation Rights

Passenger looking for information about a possible TAP Portugal refund

Like flight compensation UK regulations, TAP delayed compensation under EU261 requires certain conditions to be met. You're eligible to file a compensation claim with TAP Air Portugal if the delay you experience when travelling on the airline goes beyond 3 hours. It's also a requirement for compensation eligibility that the cause of the delay you experience be caused by something within the airline's control, such as technical issues or scheduling errors.

The compensation for a TAP delayed flight is determined based on the journey's distance. Here's a breakdown of compensation amounts you can expect for TAP's flight delays within the EU:

  • Flights up to 1,500km: €250
  • Flights between 1,500km and 3,500km: €400
  • Flights that travel more than 3,500km: up to €600

Flight Cancellation Compensation Rights

According to relevant regulations, passengers can secure compensation for cancelled flights from TAP Air Portugal if the airline doesn't provide at least 14 days of prior notice about the cancellation.

It's crucial to highlight that compensation for cancelled flights with TAP usually won't cover scenarios that are beyond the airline's management, such as severe meteorological events. The compensatory amounts for cancelled flights are structured based on the travel distance.

Airline Refund

wo men on board talking about TAP Portugal compensation because of delayed flights

If TAP Air Portugal unexpectedly cancels your flight and fails to provide at least a 14-day advance warning, you're likely entitled to a full air ticket refund. Similarly, extensive delays that surpass the 5-hour mark also trigger this refund provision. It's prudent for you to be aware of these criteria, as these legislations ensure that you aren't financially disadvantaged due to unforeseen alterations in your itinerary.

It's also beneficial to periodically review your booking details and liaise with the airline directly if you believe you qualify for a refund.

Denied Boarding Compensation Rights

For those enquiring about seeking compensation for overbooked flight scenarios with TAP, the prevailing rules suggest that you probably have a rightful claim. Overbooking often results in a situation where more tickets are sold than seats available, leaving passengers with valid bookings stranded. Unless you willingly relinquished your reservation or instigated the denied boarding incident yourself, a financial recompense might be due.

Missed Connection Compensation Rights

Under the EU261 guidelines, TAP travellers can claim UK or EU compensation for a missed connection if a preceding flight's delay or cancellation, within the same reservation, prevents you from boarding your subsequent flight. Should this setback extend your journey by a minimum of 3 hours to your ultimate location, you have the right to pursue compensation for the missed link.

It's imperative that, to be eligible for this compensation, the missed connection arises directly from a delay or cancellation of a TAP flight.

Passenger waiting for a new flight after a TAP Portugal flight cancellation

Extraordinary Circumstances

There exist particular unique scenarios, referred to as "extraordinary circumstances", that might exempt airlines, including TAP, from offering compensation amid flight disturbances. These scenarios, generally unforeseen and outside the airline's governance, are pivotal to understand as they could influence your entitlements:

  • Severe climatic disturbances: Intense weather events like tornadoes, blizzards, or volcanic eruptions can severely hinder flight safety and operations. These natural disruptions, unpredictable in nature, can cause significant logistical challenges for airlines, impacting their ability to maintain schedules.
  • Directives from aviation authorities: Directives issued by aviation regulatory bodies due to safety concerns, industrial actions, or catastrophic events might lead to flight adjustments or halts. Such mandates prioritise passenger and aircraft safety, often superseding an airline's planned operations.
  • Political disturbances or upheavals: Incidents related to governmental instability, societal strife, or terror activities can compromise flight operations' security. In regions experiencing such turmoil, flights may be rerouted, delayed, or even cancelled to ensure the safety of passengers and crew.
  • Valid security concerns: Genuine security alarms or infringements that call for flight alterations or cessations in the interest of safeguarding passengers. In a world with evolving security threats, airlines must be vigilant and responsive to ensure travel remains safe for everyone on board.

It's vital to realise that TAP, as with most airlines, typically shoulders the responsibility of justifying these exceptional conditions. They're to verify that the disruption emerged from unforeseen events beyond their management and that every feasible effort was made to reduce passenger inconvenience.

If you're uncertain about the validity of the declared exceptional circumstances or feel the airline might be misusing this clause, it's advised to obtain further insights or engage with legal professionals. This ensures you're thoroughly informed and can assert your available rights and avenues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Finding your way through the intricacies of flight disruptions can be daunting. To help out, here's a comprehensive list of FAQs addressing usual queries regarding TAP compensation during flight irregularities, designed to shed light on your rights and potential courses of action:

What to do When Your Tap Air Portugal Flight is Cancelled?

Unforeseen circumstances can lead to flight cancellations. Upon experiencing a TAP flight cancellation, consider this path of action to ensure a smooth resolution and sound understanding of your rights:

  1. Maintain composure and seek updates: Frequently visit TAP's primary communication platforms, including their website or mobile application, to remain updated on the cancellation and potential subsequent steps.
  2. Engage with TAP: Promptly get in touch with TAP's customer service helpline. Their team can guide you about possible solutions like re-routing, compensation, or alternative flights. Ensure you have your reservation details ready to share with them.
  3. Delve into alternate flight options: TAP Air Portugal might suggest an alternative flight in lieu of the cancelled one. Discuss potential flights and decide based on your preference. Remember, during high-demand times or large-scale disruptions, choices might be sparse, so act swiftly.
  4. Investigate compensation and other avenues: Depending on the cancellation's specifics and the associated legal framework, you might have a right to claim under UK261 or EU261. TAP should elucidate your entitlements and what compensatory methods are open to you. They might also propose other remedies like travel credits, accommodation, or transit facilities.
  5. Document everything: Retain all interactions with TAP Air Portugal, including digital correspondences, bills, and other significant paperwork. This archival is beneficial for future interactions or if issues require further action.

What if I Cancel My TAP Flight? Can I Get a Refund?

The feasibility of acquiring a refund post-cancelling your TAP Air Portugal flight hinges on your ticket's conditions. Refundable tickets generally allow for either full or segmented refunds after cancellation, but it's important to always scrutinise the ticket's terms and potential charges. Tickets labelled non-refundable often don't facilitate refunds, but consulting TAP might unveil some choices.

For a clearer picture, revisit your reservation details or connect with TAP's customer service agents. Furthermore, assess if your travel coverage includes provisions for ticket cancellations, even non-refundable ones. Always archive any relevant TAP Air Portugal communications for future needs.

How Long Does it Take to Get TAP Air Portugal Flight Delay Compensation?

Post lodging your TAP Airline's compensation claim form for a flight delay, its customer service team undertakes a review to confirm your claim's legitimacy. They may peruse flight data, delay proofs, and any corroborative details you share. Once TAP Air Portugal finalises that compensation is warranted, they'll commence the disbursal process.

Receiving the actual compensation might span a few weeks to multiple months. If TAP remains unresponsive or there's a compensation delay, it's wise to re-establish contact and check your claim's progress. Timely submission of any further details they ask for can speed up the proceedings.

How Much Time Do I Have to Make My Claim Against TAP?

The window for lodging a claim with TAP Air Portugal as a result of flight disturbances such as delays, annulments, denied boardings or missed connections is guided by specific norms and guidelines. The exact duration often relies on the claim's nature and the laws overseeing your air traveller privileges. Typically, under EU261, a 6-year span is granted to register your claim against TAP.

As best practice, if you deduce that you might be owed compensation from TAP, it's best to act promptly. Swiftly processed claims can facilitate a quicker resolution and ensure all potential regulatory timelines are met.

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Recent Comments

Austin from United States (USA) (TAP Air Portugal TP 1710 Flight cancellation)
May 19, 2024, 7:02 pm

I arrived on my connecting flight from Porto to Newark around 10:30am. Upon arriving I went to my gate for flight UA0145 that was suppose to board at 11:30am. We were delayed with no explanation until around 1:30pm to which we were told the plane had hydraulic issues and was taken out of commission. I had to go through customs again, grab my bags, and then wait in line for over 4 hours to get details on a new flight, hotel accommodations, etc. the earliest flight I could get was at Lisbon Airport the next day (05/20/24) at 10:25am. A completely different airport. I was rebooked on a new flight that was suppose to leave at 9:30pm to Lisbon but is currently delayed over two hours. This has been a huge inconvenience and I have never had this happen on any airline I’ve been on, it is also against my rights under EU Regulation 261/2004

Austin from United States (USA) (TAP Air Portugal TP 1710 Flight cancellation)
May 19, 2024, 6:12 pm

Flight was first delayed a couple hours once I got to Porto. We all stood around and waited for an update. We were told there was a hydraulic issue and the flight was cancelled. I spent the entire day in the airport until I had to get a different flight the following day to Lisbon and then to Newark. And the new flight from Porto to Lisbon was also delayed by over two hours.

Amy from United States (USA) (TAP Air Portugal TP 232 Flight delay)
May 7, 2024, 12:33 pm

As best as I can remember, when we left IAD on 3 September 2022, the pilot made an announcement toward the beginning of the flight that we would not being able to land in Lisbon before a certain time. I don't recall the reason why. So they were going to take us up over New York "for a bit of sight seeing" instead of flying directly out over the Atlantic. We spent additional time in the air, going over New York and then circling Lisbon a bit. We were concerned about missing our connecting flight to Florence due to the delay, and the crew assured us that our flight would wait for us to land and get through the additional security and customs. By the time we did though, our flight to Florence was closed and they refused to let us board. I can't remember if the plane was actually gone or if they just denied us boarding. After waiting in the customer service line for over an hour (there was only one agent to handle probably 30 people looking to rebook flights), we discovered there were no other flights available that day. First, they tried to split up our group of 4 and put each pair on separate roundabout routes through Switzerland and other out of the way countries, which would have had us in Florence after 2 more days. But we said no and opted to get as close to Florence as we could instead. They got us on a flight to Bologna the following day. TAP offered us hotel vouchers. However, we had to wait about 4 hours for the desk to open up and then discovered the line to get a voucher was another 2 hours. So we finally left and paid for a hotel ourselves. Our luggage was also still at the airport so we were left with whatever we had carried on the plane. Our travel mates had to purchase a new set of clothes for the next day. All in all, we missed the whole first day of our vacation and a night in our Airbnb. We paid for a hotel out of pocket. Our mates bought clean clothes to wear. Plus, we had to pay for and take an additional train from Bologna to Florence. It was emotionally distressing for our entire group (which included 2 others, but they paid for their own travel). We were more tired and frustrated when we finally reached our destination and we felt like TAP dragged their feet at every moment of this ordeal. Offering us ridiculous itineraries, making us wait 6 hours for a hotel voucher, and not even acting as though they cared about us. This was our friends' first vacation oversees like this, and their experience was really tainted by this ordeal.

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