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TAP Lost Baggage Compensation: How to Claim Reimbursement for Damaged & Delayed Luggage

TAP Lost Baggage Compensation: How to Claim Reimbursement for Damaged & Delayed Luggage

Joanna Teljeur
Written By Joanna Teljeur
Last Updated: April 22, 2024

This year, TAP Air Portugal was ranked number 11 in AirAdvisor’s Best European Airlines 2023. But with about 2,500 flights per week, they were still found to be one of the European airlines most likely to have a delay. So, what about baggage loss, damage, and delay?

Well, according to SITA, baggage mishandling rates doubled between 2021-2022 and seem to be a growing problem. Fortunately, as a passenger, you’re entitled to compensation for baggage mishandling if you follow some specific guidelines! So, keep reading because we’re going to show you exactly how and when to file reports and claims so you can get compensated by TAP for damaged and lost luggage.

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Key Points

  1. You can claim up to approximately €1555 in compensation for baggage mishandling with TAP.
  2. TAP reports that they have a 95% success rate in finding lost baggage and returning it to passengers within 48 hours of reporting the problem.
  3. In order to get the money you’re owed for baggage mishandling compensation, you need to follow certain filing guidelines or TAP will deny your claim.

Your Rights as an TAP Passenger

As a passenger of TAP, your rights concerning baggage mishandling are governed by the Montreal Convention that sets liability limits on how much airlines are required to compensate you for damaged and lost baggage. The maximum liability limit is set according to SDRs (Special Drawing Rights) which are the combined value of several currencies that currently equal about €1,555.

For flight delays or cancellations with TAP, your passenger rights are covered under European Regulation (EU) 261/2004.

What Causes Lost Baggage

  • Shortages in baggage handlers
  • Issues with machinery or technology on the plane
  • Conveyor belt malfunction
  • Outdated technology

Know the Difference Between Reports vs. Claims

A report: For baggage mishandling, you must file a report first. If you skip this step, you may not be eligible for compensation.

A claim: In order to receive compensation from TAP, you need to submit a claim after you file a report for damaged or lost baggage.

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How to Report Lost & Delayed Baggage with TAP

If you land at your final destination and you don’t find your checked baggage on the carousel, then you should proceed by taking these steps within 24 hours of your arrival:

  1. Locate the Customer Service Desk or complete TAP’s Lost and Found form. (The digital form is not available in the UK, Italy, or Brazil.)
  2. Inform the agent of your missing baggage
  3. Fill out a Property Irregularity Report (PIR)
  4. Keep the PIR code because you can use this to trace the status of your luggage as well as file a claim later.

What happens after you file a lost baggage report?

According to TAP, most delayed or lost baggage is found within 48 hours of it being reported. But, if 72 hours have passed, and you still don’t have your baggage, you will need to complete a Baggage Inventory Form.

You have up to 5 days from the time you reported your missing bag to submit this form.

While you’re waiting to hear from the airline, you can track your baggage status on TAPs baggage tracer. Also, if you want to add more information or change any details about your luggage, you can do so on the baggage tracer.

Essential purchases because of missing baggage

Understandably, if you’re away from home, you might have to purchase some basic essentials like clothing or toiletries because of your missing baggage. If you do make these purchases, keep copies of all your receipts.

Submit your claim to TAP using their online form. Choose “Complaints”, complete the fields, and upload your receipts.

Make sure that you submit your claim within 21 days from your arrival.

What to do next

At this point, TAP will look for your lost baggage. If they aren’t able to find it, they will send you a link that you can use to file your lost baggage claim.

If your luggage is found, then you will get an email from TAP providing you with details about your luggage delivery.

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Filing a Claim with TAP for Lost Baggage

When to file your lost baggage claim with TAP

Under the rules of the Montreal Convention, baggage is considered lost if it has been missing for more than 21 days. So, before you file a compensation claim with TAP, make sure you wait until the 22nd day to make your submission.

TAP Filing Deadlines

To file, navigate to the Claims page and upload the requested documents.

Documents needed for your claim

  1. Property Irregularity Report
  2. Your passport or official government issued identity card
  3. Bag tag
  4. Flight itinerary
  5. Receipts from any purchases

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Damaged Baggage

If you find that your checked baggage is damaged when you collect it, then report it to TAP immediately. In most cases, you can do this at the Baggage Service Office in the reclaim area.

Reporting Damaged Baggage with TAP

  1. Take your damaged bag to the Baggage Service office
  2. Fill out a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) and keep a copy as well as the PIR number
  3. Remember to take photos of your damaged bag

After you file your report, then you can begin the damage claim process.

Filing a damaged baggage compensation claim

Remember to submit your claim within 7 days of reclaiming your bags.

Damaged baggage claim supporting documents:

  • Property Irregularity Report
  • Bag Tag
  • Your itinerary or boarding pass
  • Official photo ID

What TAP will not cover in damaged luggage claims

As with most airlines, TAP will not cover:

  • Signs of regular use
  • Small rips, scuffs, or scratches
  • Damage from faulty packing
  • Damage from poorly constructed baggage

What to do next

After you file your claim, you will have to wait for TAP to contact you about their decision. You can also contact them by using the claims page options.

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About TAP

Based in Lisbon, Portugal, TAP (Transportes Aereos Portugueses) was founded in 1945.

They have a 100-aircraft fleet and serve 34 countries around the world.


Here at AirAdvisor, we’re hoping to bring you baggage claim services sometime soon. But for now, we wanted to give you enough information to allow you to successfully file baggage compensation claims on your own.

Aside from staying within filing deadlines and keeping track of details, you’ll also want to be very patient as the final decision about claims can take months in some cases. In the end, you should be able to get the compensation you’re entitled to.

We assume all legal costs

All you have to do is submit the application and wait for the compensation to be received.

People Also Ask

What do I do about a lost baggage report if I already left the airport?

If you didn’t receive your baggage after your flight, and you weren’t able to report it at the airport, then you should make the report online no more than 24 hours after your arrival.

What do I do if I accidentally took someone else’s suitcase from the baggage reclaim area?

If you have mistakenly claimed the wrong luggage, then contact TAP’s Lost and Found department and let them know. You can also go to their Contacts page and file a report about your missing luggage.

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