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EU261 Compensation - List of airlines

As a frequent traveler, you know that not all flights always go as planned. Sometimes, you may experience a lengthy delay before take-off, or even worse, a flight cancellation. This is where EU261 Compensation comes in. Under this EU regulation, eligible passengers can claim up to 600 Euros in compensation for any kind of problems, like flight cancellation, flight delay, or overbooking.

EU 261 is designed to protect rights of passengers that fly within, to and from Europe and reassure that EU regulations are always in place to help passengers in case a flight gets disrupted.

AirAdvisor team has prepared useful All-In-One guides regarding EU 261 compensation for Top Airlines. So, the next time you encounter a flight disruption, remember that EU regulations are always in place to help you claim the compensation you deserve and AirAdvisor can help you claim it risk-free.

AirAdvisor has been helping to enforce passenger rights for 6+ years and has handled more than 130,000 claims. Our clients rate us 4.6 out of 5 based on over 6,000 verified reviews.


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